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BestFxTraders.com (Robert Aguilar) Review

Updated: Nov 14, 2018
4.038 · 24 REVIEWS
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
BestFxTraders.com (Robert Aguilar)

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4.038 · 24 REVIEWS
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Austin, TX,
Sep 1, 2009,

I just wanted to say that I have been with Mr. Aguilar for a few months and my account is doing well. I chose to go with the conservative
Robert Aguilar,
Houston, TX,
Aug 19, 2009,

Hello this is Robert Aguilar

I just wanted to come on and give an update about my company. I did have a trader called 007 last year. I let him go at the end of the year. I am loyal to no trader, only results. I have two other traders I promote now with good track records and they are doing well so far. Just wanted to let everyone know best FX is doing fine in 2009. I have two new brokers that I work with, and the sign-up process to invest is fairly simple. My job is to research and try to find the best Forex traders and offer them to the public. Their job is to trade 100%, and my job is to interface with the client so they can concentrate on trading. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact my office or e-mail me anytime.
Thomas Curtis,
Feb 1, 2009,

I have been with Best FX Traders since early 2008. I am now at about 29% drawdown. His main trader either doesnt trade at all for half the month or goes down about 1-2% per trade on average.
Aug 20, 2008,

I started an account in early June with 007 and my account is up over 8% at this time. They do what they say they will do unlike many other forex managed accounts.
Aug 4, 2008,

update of my previous post

opening an account w/ PFG requires a good deal of patience and resending of application forms. but I managed eventually...

007's performance is strong for a day-trader who plays it safe with leverage (roughly 1 lot for 30 grand on account) - no get-rich-quick scheme, only decent business here!

2008-05-08 No rating I got inspired by the reviews and tried to open an account. I've submitted all papers and POA to Robert, but despite reminders he didn't forward the POA to the PFG Best, the broker (and the broker was waiting only for the POA to set up the account).

UPDATE 2008-05-09 I just wanted to amend my previous comment after I exchanged a couple of emails w/ Robert (he contacted me based on my original comment here)...

it boils down to the broker - pfx best - he's using that misplaced half of the documents I submitted. the broker never got back to me asking for the allegedly 'missing documents'.

Roberts faults is the lack of follow-up (w/ me and the broker) which he attributes to his new baby in family at that time.

after 3rd reminder I gave up on Robert and opened managed account w/ FXCM instead.

I can't rate (as I can't assess the performance), but the customer service (rather lack of thereof) is a flop
Aug 3, 2008,

I have been following 007 in my account since 2007, and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results. His risk management is totally disciplined and his results are consistent with a careful, low risk approach. If you are expecting to get rich overnight from a managed Forex account, perhaps you should try your luck at the casino instead. Consistent incremental gains and compounded growth is the only way to go. 007 Has met all my expectations, and some. Highly recommended for canny speculators.
Sergio Rocha,
Jul 23, 2008,

I have had acct with 007 at PFG since april. it is currently down around 8% after over 3 months. This may a time to start giving a serious critique of a trader, so not very positive review, got off to very positive start and then gave it all back and now regularly below initial capital. Certainly nothing special.

2008-04-08 4 stars I have posted about a dozen ratings on these pages. And as far as I can recall this is the only that is really positive.
Flat every day, so far no large draws. Lots of currency pairs. Only running one month, up 3%, so a bit early to tell, but indeed the trading is how it should be.
Robert also professional.
Jul 23, 2008,

I looked into this Oanda statements claim. I have an Oanda demo account and the statements are definitely questionable from these guys. Just look at the daily USD interest columns why are they quoting a pair price level when its not interest from a traded pair. Some trades were definitely modified by Robert or his trader. I should warn everybody how easy it is to change past statements especially when it is in word format like that. Definitely questionable ethics when claiming past performance off of these statements. Perhaps one can ask if these statements were provided for audit?
Robert Aguilar,
Houston Texas,
Jul 3, 2008,

I have been watching these posts for months. I really did not want to post and even did not when one of the clients blamed my new beautiful baby coming into the world on why his account set up was slow. This last post must be addressed because it is absolutely false.

007 gave me the 6 months Oanda report and I opened up a demo account at Oanda to verify what their reports look like. It is absolutely authentic. Go ahead and open a demo or real Oanda account and place a few trades. When you print up the reports you will see that the reports are exactly the same as the format on my site. Don't you think if 007 wanted to make up reports he would do it on higher than a 1k account, longer than 6 months track record and keep it on 3 leverage (like he does at PFG) instead of 10 leverage making us give the deleverage explanation? I have seen many fake reports from wanabe traders who want me to raise them money and 007
Jul 1, 2008,

I would like to update my review, and give them 1 stars. I crawled through their site and looked through all trading statements. The statements taht state "Inception to January 2008 Daily Trade Reports" are from Oanda. I downloaded these statements and have confirmed they were 100% doctored and fabricated, I would like to welcome everyone to download these statements from their site and see for themselves. Please note the statements that they are updating since then have been real, but it is still VERY unethical and dishonest to post fake trade reports from previous years. If anyone from FPA wants to confirm this they can email me and I can point you to the direction of these statements!

I just want everyoen to get a heads up, although they are not lying about their current results, they should not have fabricated their old records.


2008-05-28 2 Stars I have a test account here as well. Another losing day today lost over 2%, drawdown peak to valley is almost 19%. It was advertised as low risk and low drawdowns... so far i am getting the opposite...I will give it another few months, as i know bad months do happen.. but he has almost erased all the of the gains this year...so we will see