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Updated: Sep 7, 2018
4.081 · 20 REVIEWS
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4.081 · 20 REVIEWS
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IntelliForex Support,
Apr 29, 2011,

Precise statistics for managed account programs offered by IntelliForex is available on the IntelliForex web-site.

We've stopped accepting new accounts for managed accounts in autumn 2010.

We welcome clients for our award-winning trading signals and CMMA products.

The IntelliForex Team
Feb 3, 2011,

Bad news again.
Maestro managed account is constantly losing money.

And...again, the Intelli4x website does not faithfully report losses incurred.
At the time of my previous post I still hoped they would do a quick update.
But now they closed the year 2010 without reporting the gross returns after august 2010 !!!!!

This, on my opinion, is malicious and I wrote them to correct the information that otherwise constituted false and misleading advertisement.

Look at the performance page of their Managed Account for the proof (today 2011-02-03).

I would really like to have FPA official opinion on this matter.
Does this unfaithful reporting constitutes a violation of any kind?

Since the choice of a system (including the choice that I did) is based on the incomplete and inaccurate information that they provide, is this a form of scam?

FPA, please advise.

Many thanks.

Review Moderation Team Note: Please start by opening a thread in the Scam Alerts Folder in the FPA's forums. You can post screenshots and other evidence there.

2010-10-20 2 Stars IntelliForex suspended the F1 managed account.

In their email they stated that during April 2010 they've tried to re-optimize the F1 trading system, however results didn't meet their internal risk/performance requirements.

Asked what was wrong in the automated strategy of the system they replied that it was due to "relatively large stop-losses with the relatively small profit targets. Several stop-losses achieved eroded the previous profits gained."

They proposed me a choice between 2 substitute systems to replace F1.

I asked why those systems would be any better than F1 and I was told that "These 2 programs are multi-system (contain both manual and automated trading strategies) which results in a large probability of profit."

For this reason in August 2010 I then signed up to "Maestro", and in only 2 months the management lost me another 542USD.

What bothers me most is that, as it happened before, also this time the drawdown is NOT reflected on the website that still only reports the positive (?) results of August.

I am wondering:
1) are their managed account systems really good enough to regain my losses ? (I am not even talking about making profits, which actually was the very first reason I subscribed to their services).

2) when will they start providing customers and potential customers with a timely and accurate report of their systems performance?

Maybe it is me that I just hoped in a radical improvement but for performance and policy I still feel their systems deserve only 2 stars.

2010-02-05 00:00 2 Stars This is an update to a previous post of mine.
2 months later after my complaint on FPA, Intelli4x support emailed me offering explanations.

They admitted that the managed account had a different real performance from the results promoted for the F1 system.
And they added a note on this regard on their website.

From their email text:
"Results provided in the Trading System Analyst and other trading system's performance related pages would be actually achieved in case if F1 managed program was traded only by F1 trading system. Indeed there is the discrepancy between the F1 trading system and F1 managed account this is why we've added corresponding notice to the description of this managed account, please see below: http://www.intelli4x.com/en/managed-currency-accounts.html "

They also stated that from summer 2009 their policy changed and they will email clients to notify them about future changes in managed accounts systems or management.

I therefore consider resolved the issue of improper performance advertisement and that of lack of communication about changes in account management.

Nevertheless the performance of the F1 system is still well below expectations, moreover if we consider that it is almost a year that the system is running without profits.

The support email contained also a promotion for their CMMA that seems to allow a customer to try different systems on different portions of an account.

I will see in the future if this new systems things will improve the situation, but at the moment all the automated systems usable with CMMA are registering losses for 2 Dec and Jan up to -24,41%.

I appreciate their effort on improving the systems with multiple strategies and in giving customers more choice, but I would appreciate even more if the choices themselves were about systems simply more profitable.

All considered I saw an improvement in their service but I still hope for more.

2009-08-23 2 Stars Before subscribing to their managed accounts I asked their performance.
Support team has been quick to answer by email.

They warned that F1 Gold managed account program had faced a drawdown about -8% and -5% in January and February.
But wrote that IntelliForex-F1 Platina was having:

"Feb 2009 Return (1-24 February) -8%
3-Month 10.22 %
6-Month 128.71 %
Avg Monthly Return 19.90 %"

I have then subscribed to Intelli4x F1 Platina managed account in late Feb, this year and put funds in middle March.

Now, at the end of August, I lost 250USD. Disappointed with the results some time ago I checked their website just to find out that they were still boasting big net profits.
Surprised with the difference btw THEIR propaganda and MY real losses I complained by email.

They replied that because of poor performance they changed the system with which the managed account was run.
So while the perfomance posted on their website was only related to one system, the managed account have been run on different systems which explains the difference in results.

It did not seem to me enough as an explanation and it also implied something that I did not like so I replied them back that:

1) it did not seem to me ethical to change the system one has subscribed to without giving any notice to the clients;

2) it still sounds deceiving to new potential clients who see positive results and are lured by that, while after subscription you are left at the will of the managers who seem to have power to change systems without giving notice to the clients or report the true trade results of those changes to the general public.

I give them the benefit of the doubt, in that they are doing those changes to truly improve the performance on the managed accounts, but still this does not take out their responsibility to notify to clients and community the real performance of their management.

Never heard from them since.
South Eastern US,
Jul 23, 2009,


I sent Intelli4x a lengthy email and also pointed them to my earlier post so that they could read my comments for themselves. To their credit, they have now reversed their policy on removing performance results of poorly performing systems from the Track Record section of their website. Both the results for the NR system and the Cable system have been put back on the Track Record page. I feel like this was the right thing to do and will give prospective customers a better feel for what other traders have experienced as they traded Intelli4x's portfolio of systems. It gives a much better view of their collective results. This is obviously much more transparent than just putting a note in your news section about the systems being shut down with a link to check out the performance of those shut down systems. Also, I am paraphrasing here, but essentially they said that the reason they took the results off the page in the first place was related to the user interface....essentially they did not feel that there was enough room for all the systems to be listed. However, they appear to have found a solution to this problem as the user interface looks fine to me.

However, they are planning to leave the results of the Intraday SE on the performance page even with all the confusion that surrounds that system's results. This matter with the Intraday SE system is so complicated....it was started in December 2008, suspended in January 2009, and then put back out on the site recently (see below) but with results showing back only a few months. They tried to explain this in their email to me, but I just can't understand....I could not follow their explanation. If they are saying what I think they are saying, the system has the same name, but it is now based on a different "logic" than what was used at end of 2008 and thus no reason to put the results for December 2008 forward? So, here is their explanation for you to read for yourself so that I am being completely fair:

>>>>>Regarding the SE system: this system is powered by Intraday system, however logic is different vs. what was used in the end of 2008. As you know we've suspended the Intraday system in June and decided to turn on IntraDay SE [with the new logic] live after having live trading results from several month. Still both systems are correlated (ID and ID SE) but as one of them are suspended, it does make available ID SE, especially having excellent live trading results. Again, if we wanted to "play" or "cheat", etc. we could easily name it with any other name available, etc.<<<<<<<<<

My reading of this is that this introduces yet another twist into how much latitude they have given themselves in regards to how they report their results. Yet something else that you need to be aware of.

In terms of reporting their systems history based only on the currently traded set of pairs vs. reporting actual results with the pairs that were traded at the time, they did not address that issue in their email to me and thus my assumption is that they will continue to show current and historical results for a given system only with the pairs that are currently traded, not with what was actually experienced by traders as the pairs changed along a continuum.

Also, I wanted to make sure that I am clear on this point. My post below is not to draw attention to the "performance" of Intelli4x.com or my personal performance. I only wanted to mention the performance of the NR system so that I could make my point more strongly about the results being removed from the website. Generally, it has been a tough summer for most signal services and managed funds. In their email to me they were arguing about a whole of things that I am not upset about about and have not made any complaints abouts...it was a little weird. My debate with them is only about how they report their results, not the results themselves.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that I am setting up a piece of software that will allow for the tracking of Intelli4x.com and other websites. Essentially the software will go out to the sites everyday and take a snap shot of all of their various website sections so that it will be easy to see how things have changed over time. I will keep a historical record of what was on the various links on their website on any given day. I am not planning to just use this with Intelli4x.com, but also with a couple of other websites were I have noticed some things.

In closing, I want to say that I don't think Intelli4x.com is a bad company, as a matter of fact there are a lot of things that I think they do better than anyone else out there. But the policy that they had in place on reporting results (which to their credit they have now partly changed) was not good for the consumer. I am still hopeful that they will change the policies on introducing of new systems or at least provide more info on what they mean (live trading, back test, walk forward...what are they?) and their policy on removal of pairs and how the historical results get reported when the pairs are removed. I am moving them back up to 2 stars...hopefully my future post out here will just be about the actual performance of the systems.


OK, quick update as of today 7.15.2009. The performance of their entire portfolio has been pretty bad since I joined 2 months ago, but you would not know that by looking at the current Track Record on their website. You can file this update under the category of "Games Vendors Play To Make Their Results Look Good". That is what I want to focus on in this update.

I wanted to provide this update to let everyone know that the results that you see on their website...well, lets just say that further explanation is required and you can make your own determination from there. I had heard from another trader who traded with Intelli4x in the past that they play games with how they show their results. Well, I did not listen, and I paid the price as I have now experienced / verified this for myself. Please see below for a list of the games that these vendors play.

(1) Once they shut down a system, they will only show the results for that system for a few weeks or months before they remove it from the Track Record part of their website. I have already experienced this as the NR system that I started with and which went belly up losing almost 1000 pips in just a matter of weeks, is now completely missing from their website and you can't find the result anywhere on the site. Also, the 'Cable' system, which had been shut down before I started trading with them, but whose results were showing on the website at the time, well those results have completely disappeared from their Track Record as well. This makes it impossible to see this company's "collective results", the collective body of work. This is totally dishonest in my opinon because all they have to do to continue to look good is to keep deleting off the systems that have performed poorly, and keep adding new systems which are performing well (I will get to the adding of new systems scheme in just a moment). Please read #2 below.

(2) Also, when Intelli4x removes a specific pair from one of their systems, the historical track record is changed to show the results of the system with the remaining pairs only. The Track Record that then shows in their Track Record section is not accurate for any period of time accept for during the period of time from the point the change was made and forward. This is totally dishonest, because the reason the pair was removed in the first place was very likely due to the fact that it underperformed and dragged down the results. This has got to be some kind of joke. But wait, I'm not done here...it gets worse...read on. Read #3 below.

3) This morning I went out to their website to check out the results and not only did I notice that the poor results for the above mentioned systems had been completely removed from public view, but I also noticed that they had slotted in a new system called Intraday SE. I have been following this website and the results on it for many months now (before I started trading with them), and there was never a system in that track record called Intraday SE, but now it suddenly pops up with great results for the past few months to offset the results of the other systems, some of which had just been slotted in themselves). Also, I have been trading all systems in their portfolio, and I have never heard of this. Yet, if you look at the website, it appears that this system was being traded since May, and low and behold, the results have been wonderful. And so I did a little more digging and I found in their news section that this IntradaySE system was actually released back on December 11, 2009. However, in that same news feed, it shows that the IntradaySE system was
Dec 2, 2008,

OK, I admit, my last post was apparently a bit premature and I was in a really bad mood. Although it took a couple of days, they got back to me and extended the 6 months performance guarantee, plus a "free time-limited subscription to all new IntelliForex systems which will be launched in the nearest future" (whatever that may be). Have been following their intraday signals for the past few weeks which show quite a remarkable accuracy. The swing signals seem to be improving slightly and are in positive territory, although it's still a long, winding road to get back to where it was in early 2008.

We shall see.....


2008-11-20 1 Star Subscribed in December 2007 and was deeply impressed by the performance until April 2008.Seems their swing system couldn't handle the increased volatily. Was stupid enough to subscribe for another 6 months in May '08 and the performance has been declining ever since. Check out their performance page to see what I mean. Best of all: After my subscription expired in Nov, I reminded them of their performance "guarantee" but they just keep ignoring my mails. No business ethnics and poor performance so I wouldn't see a compelling reason to recommend them. Just a bunch of scammers....

2008-03-20 5 Stars I've tried numerous providers before, without much success. I subscribed for a trial with Intelli4x back in Dec '07 and converted it into a regular subscription in Jan this year. The performance rocks! I've followed every single of their longer-term signals (now called "Swing") and made up to 1,200 pips a month. Actually, my performance was "better" than what they publish on their site because I sometimes secured profits mid-way while they keep hanging on until either the stop or the target has been triggered.

In a nutshell: The performance record they post on their site is 100% correct, the system is simple to follow (just entry, SL and target), their recent introduction of SMS service is fantastic (although I wish I could chose whether I want the intraday signals to be texted as well. You sometimes end up getting 20 or 30 messages a day). It would certainly be great if they had more than the current 5 pairs (sadly, USDJPY is not one of them) but I was told in an email that they will soon introduce more pairs).

No complaints whatsoever, these guys rock! And, no, I don't work for them nor do they pay me!
Oct 15, 2008,

I recently completed the 14-day trial and lost in excess of 300 pips--the two successful trades during this time resulted in very marginal gains. The customer service was very responsive and gave prompt answers to inquiries. Their useage of the GMT time can be disconcerting to the US-based traders.

If they are get it together and retune their trading systems to accurately reflect market conditions, they just might recapture their 5 star rating--but not at this time
Sep 22, 2008,

Just for the first day trial, I lost 400 pips for just one day. There is no profit gained for even one trade!!! How can I put real money to bet on it?
Aug 10, 2008,

something going wrong there, after I join they have 3 month now already more then -500 every month , this service try to trade contertrend in a trending time and the winner most < 25 pips but the loser > 60 thats not a good rr, they give me 3 month more signal service for free , but I lose a lot of money.
I don't know the performance before looks good and the review here also, so I try but now I must say forget it , the last 2 1/2 month have good marketcondition why a service lose only, that a bad system
Jun 28, 2008,

i sus for trial.gr8..the customer support is gr8
and the results in the site is 100%
May 31, 2008,

Gente muy honesta, su performance es REAL.
El mejor servicio que conozco de se
aguss caracol,
Valencia Spain,
May 30, 2008,

first week of my 2 weeks free testing. Excelent service. Only I would like to say that mails should arrive a bit early. Slipagge for the moment acceptable but I would like to see inprovements in mail delivering. Trusfull results. You can see his trak record is excelent, No significative DD and consistent profits month by month. Only 5 negtive months out of 28. Hope to have a long relationship with this guys. Good job.