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Updated: Apr 18, 2016
3.564 · 8 REVIEWS
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3.564 · 8 REVIEWS
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Margaret Bennie Australia,
Gold Coast, Australia,
Sep 3, 2012,

The lessons are free and as one other reviewer put it, he could easily charge for the quality content. You get good quality material from this website. I think he is one of the few good guys left.
Jun 24, 2007,

I got some lessons from Tradeology.com which are excellent trading hints and Mark doesn't put pressure on anyone to buy his Products.
Russian Federation,
Aug 4, 2006,

Thank Mark. Very good lessons. Easy to use and understand. It is possible to make alerter based on this technique /strategies.
Jul 10, 2006,

I agree with John. His free stuff is better than most stuff you buy. I have recommended it to clients of mine that desire a solid base education and has limited funds. His Sure Fire Forex works excellent. The markets have to be trending before it works. This is what you have to be looking for. Fibos don't work in any choppy market, so his e-book would be no exception. If you have questions, Mark is very good at returning e-mails. He and his system are top-notch. I highly recommend it if you are a beginner and need some education in trading just to get you started.
Abhijit Banerjee,
Jun 29, 2006,

Mark does indeed start with Fibonacci, but there are a lot of other stuff that comes along in due course. As most of us who have been around for a while will agree, you cannot reinvent the wheel - Mark simply provides a number of tools that are tried and tested, leaving it up to the reader to decide what suits him/her the best. The service could very easily have been a subscription based one and is good value for money. There is also no pressure to buy anything
Frank Gardener,
Jun 19, 2006,

I purchased this system and did not like it as it teaches you to trade using Fibonacci Retracements. I am not a maths oriented person. I asked him for a refund and he did refund straight away. I purchased another system based on Fundamental News Releases. This system is working fine for me and I am going quite strong with that system.
Apr 21, 2006,

Scam. Don't bother and keep your money for something that works in real market conditions and not cherry picked ones by Mark. He uses his free email service as a selling platform, which is just as weak. Moving averages and Fibonacci retracements are the core of his education, you can learn that for free over the net if you can be bothered to use Google.
Apr 5, 2006,

I think this is a worthwhile site. After you sign up, Mark McRae sends many different articles and videos of different strategies through gradual autoresponder email. I doubt any strategy is sufficient as a true stand-alone system, but many are helpful and can be good building-blocks for your own system. The best part is the price...free! I'd say it's as good or better than some of the low cost ebooks out there, so I'll give it 5 stars because it's free.