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Breakout Bounce Trading Strategy

Avery T. Horton Jr., The Rumpled One

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1.87 · 3 REVIEWS
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Dec 27, 2019,
Registered user

TRO, The Rumpled One, Avery T Horton = Con Artist

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I would like to warn every forex trader about Avery T Horton. aka TRO aka The Rumpled One.

He is a con-artist operating out of the Pacific North West of USA.

This man has absolutely no track record of profitable trading strategies although produces many strategies that don't work and are all unproven.

He has been banned on many forex sites for soliciting his indicator business under the guise of taking donations from traders.

None of these indicators work at all and he will not show any record of trades using the suggested methods.

If you question him in any great detail about the profitability of the indicators or the methods he uses he will cleverly deflect you and trick you into believing his methods are not the problem but you yourself are not taking responsibility ALTHOUGH if you ask him to get specific and trade the indicators himself and show some sort of profitability for any period of time you will not receive any.

Avery has a history of being a con - artist and has been trading for a LONG time. He has been leeching off good people by selling his indicators and methods that don't work for decades. This man is scum.

Luckily for the world he is getting older and more senile and will hopefully give up and just be unable to operate.

This is not a hate message towards Avery but his youtube channel and message board is just a horrible place for any forex trader to end up and be led a bs circle of methods and 'donate' money to Avery for something.

Believe me everyone, this guy is not a good dude, he might sound like he knows something but its just the length of time he has been mucking around with forex going no where.

One of his big discoveries is 'horizontal lines'. This is how he debunks all other methods to some how push his methods onto a higher platform. Believe me... if you learn his method, dissect what is going on, see some big problems with everything he does, question him, receive no logical answers, you are not alone, this guy is a con-artist... nothing of what he does works.

You might also want to know why? Avery is just jealous of other con-artists. His logic is that all these other forex con artists are doing it why shouldn't I?.... I am a hustler. These gullible people need to be taken advantage of because they are 'suckers'...

Personally. I do not see this as a fundamental way humans should act. It is unethical and TRO should shut down the youtube channel and the c***** message board and do some hard labour in jail and reflect on how long he has been operating as a piece of c***.

SHUT IT DOWN TRO The Rumpled One - YOU SUCK - you are a con-artist and you were not brought up right from your family. Change your thinking and become a better person.
May 16, 2009,

Not exactly sure what the issues are of various reviewers. I have checked out Avery and found that I could tap into his knowledge without paying 500$ upfront. All it takes is some time to search for someones whereabouts. You can find TRO on , a fine website full of good ideas. Avery's ideas are against the grain; he is definitely not into pulling a leg or two. Free indicators, ideas and the Two Percent club on paltalk have done the trick for me. However, caveat emptor, you will have to do your own due diligence as I did. Given the right attititude towards trading you cannot go wrong, unless you don't want to be unsuccesfull that is. Given the profit that one can get using his ideas, even spending 500$ is a steal. Really.

I would like to encourage those who have spent 500$ wilst feeling bad about it to go and check TRO out on the website and the chatroom.
Avery T. Horton, Jr,
Nov 18, 2008,

If you had any questions about the method, you can contact me for FREE.

Methods don't have to be complex or complicated to be profitable.

I was asked to write the eBook by marketers because some people want everything in one place. They don't want to search the internet and piece it together.

If you learn the system, you can make your money back in a week or less.

I am easy to contact on the net. Feel free.

Aspiring Trader,
Apr 11, 2008,

Be careful with this one. It looks real good, promises the world, and makes you think that it will change your trading and your financial life. I have bought a lot of forex systems and ebooks. but this one is without a doubt the lamest of all. You think for $500 bucks you are getting good system. But all you get is a stupid trading technique that you can find for free on the internet. Its poorly written, only 1 or 2 examples of how to trade the system and when you get to the end of the book, you feel like you cant believe that thats all there is to it. This guy says you can make a fortune trading this method. I dont think so. I have bought ebooks for $20 that were better. Dont waste your time - - or money on this one.