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Updated: May 26, 2020
Instant Trading EU Ltd
1.495 · 190 REVIEWS
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2018-08-02:  Cysec had fined Instant Trading EU (one of the companies behind InstaForex and ForexMart)  €130,000.  The fine was for  non-compliance with article 36(1) of the Law, as it did not act fairly, honestly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of its clients and also for non-compliance with article 36(1)(d) of the Law and paragraphs 15 and 16 of the Directive, as it failed to ask clients to provide the necessary information regarding their knowledge and experience, to assess whether the investment service or product is appropriate is appropriate for them.

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August 2016:  The Brazilian Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) has issued an alert against InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.
January 13, 2015:  The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers.  InstaForex is on that list.  CLICK HERE to verify.

Scam Alert!

The FPA has confirmed a scam case against InstaForex.

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Scam Alert!

InstaForex is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  We urge traders not to open accounts with Insta Forex. If you already have an account open with them, we urge you to withdraw all of your funds immediately. If InstaForex refuses to process your withdrawal, we recommend contacting your bank and local police to see if you can file charges for internet-based financial fraud.

June 9, 2014:  The Ontario Securities Commission has issued an investor warning about InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.
January 16, 2013:  The Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission has issued a warning against InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.
NOTICE:  October 2013: InstaMarkets is no longer licensed by the Belize IFSC.  InstaForex's representative claims this was a voluntary resignation of its license.  Others have reported that Insta was thrown out of Belize.

2011-01-26:  The CFTC filed a lawsuit against 14 offshore forex brokers, including InstaForex.  CLICK HERE to verify.

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InstaForex is a forex broker. Insta Forex offers the MT4 and MT5 trading currency platforms. offers over 105 currency pairs, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, shares, oil, gold, silver and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size:0.01
Maximum Leverage:1000:1
Minimum to Open Live:$1
Address:Kalingrad, Russia, +443300109336
Regional offices:
Regulators: CySEC #266/15, SVGFSA #IBC22945, BVI FSC #SIBA/L/14/1082
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms:MT4, MT5, WebTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Cryptocurrencies:(5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD:(130+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
Deposit Methods:Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, American Express, Bitcoin, Diners Club, JCB, Litecoin, Local Bank Deposits, Local Bank Transfers, PayCo, UnionPay, WeChatPay
Withdrawal Methods:Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Alipay, American Express, Bitcoin, Diners Club, JCB, Litecoin, Local Bank Deposits, Local Bank Transfers, PayCo, UnionPay, WeChatPay

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1.495 · 190 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Toronto, Canada,
Jun 18, 2013,

HI All,

I am in the middle of a terrible experience with instaforex. I made a $200 trade on the AUD/USD on June 12 at 21:30 EST right after the Unemployment news release. At 1:1000 leverage I closed the position after about 40 pips profiting $800. I had tried trading the news a bit before but this was my best success. Now Instaforex has claimed I vilolated CLAUSE 5.12 stating that a trader can only earn 10% after a news release. I did not benefit from any glitch or market gap. I made my trade after the news release and after the market started moving.

Several times I lost 100% of my account trading news releases and now they deducted $780 of my profit saying I violated this clause. This is the most unethical practice I have ever heard where instaforex can deduct profit at their own discretion if they decide that you earned to much on a news release.

Seeing as there are news releases all day I am now convinced that Instaforex looks at traders who made profit on a certain event and try and retrieve their money.

I am contacting everyone and looking at legal action as well as disputing my deposits through my payment processor stating services not rendered.

Any help would be appreciated.
marco deri,
venice, Italy,
Jun 5, 2013,

They said the withdrawal are restricted for 6 months and instaforex will deduct 50% my from the account without any explanation.
, Indonesia,
Jun 5, 2013,

widrawal all your money now before 2 late!!
they lost huge $ since LR shut down

iam instaforex IB. they freeze all my group acct and dnt get any commision from that acct. actually i bring them huge deposit client.

i warn you because i know them
italy, Italy,
Jun 5, 2013,

Hi Since November 30 2013 the withdrawals will be available in my account and then I will receive only 50% of my money.
these are real people like me that have the same problem with Instaforex
tuhin mahmud,
dhaka, Bangladesh,
Jun 2, 2013,

thief. they stolen clients fund deposited via liberty reserve. plz stay away from this scum and busket broker.
Sani Adu,
Lagos, Nigeria,
May 30, 2013,

Never ever go within 1000 feet of this broker if you value your fund. They are the scum of the earth. Imagine trying to recoup their losses from Liberty reserve from their clients, through convoluted linguistic jargon. Who are trying con. So long your firm exit i would continue to blacklist it, Be aware you have a huge number of client from my country , definitely would start from their.Ode
Michael Emeagi,
Lagos, Nigeria,
May 26, 2013,

Please all traders intending to open an account with this broker should have a quick change of mind. They are the biggest scam broker i have ever come across. First, they are not ECN! They are fraudulent market makers!
I have an EA that trades new releases. The EA was doing well and I gave copies to some of my friends who trade on instaforex too; but on small account - less than $200 precisely. When my account started growing very well, instaforex started cancelling my successful trades. They will quote one useless clause on their agreement, sometimes they say you are fradulent and the antifraud department will investigate your trade. I wonder when news trading became fraudulent. The most amazing thing is that I take identical trades with the friends I gave the EA and we make the same amount of loss/profit in pips, but they dont cancel their successful trades like they cancel mine, just because they trade small accounts. The cancellation of successful trades became more rampant when I added the account to their pamm system.

Apart from successful trade cancellation, they tweak their platform, their fixed spread is not fixed as they appear. They increase it without you knowing. I have experienced a slippage of over 30pips! On one occassion, I was trading Australia cash rate and the trade was going my way. I had already secured some pips waiting for it to hit my target. Their dealing desk people just closed the trade! I was watching the platform, the current price was about 10pips or more from my secured profit price. They closed it because they knew it was going to hit my target. That was not all, later in the day, they cancelled it.
My question is do they cancel unsuccessful trades and return back your money to your account? Never!
An ECN that allows a minimum deposit of less than a dollar - that should send the signal. They are fraudulent and not true ECN. I don't blame them, the body regulating them is weak.

If you need sincere brokers, go for NFA, CFTC and FCA regulated brokers. Anything outside these, you are going to give your money away to fraudsters like instaforex.

I will never stop telling retail traders on review site to stay away from instaforex. I went through hell while trading with them and I don't wish anybody to experience that. People want to trade to earn a living not to be ripped off the little money they have.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
gary lawson,
uk, United Kingdom,
May 8, 2013,

  1 trader has found this review helpful
Toronto, Canada,
May 4, 2013,

This is actually my account over on their official sponsored forum and this is the link basically outlining them "possibly" applying false slippage to my account.

Basically this shows that the price feed latest candle opened below my take profit and then touched, but my trade did not close. I even checked to make sure that the slippage was set to 0 pips.

If you see in the forum comments, the rep first gives me an inaccurate email, not sure if this was accidental or on purpose, but later on corrected it. sent an email regarding this issue, but still yet to hear a response.

my advice to you is that you should probably use your own custom scripts to handle take profit and stop loss. do not let the server see your stop loss and take profit limits. just let your own script handle it.

and to instaforex representatives:

don't bother telling me to send another email disputing this issue because i already have as instructed by your rep, but still yet to receive a response so why don't you just go dig up that email and get back to me instead of telling me to send it again.
India, India,
Mar 26, 2013,

I have deposited funds in my trading account using moneybookers. After that when I was talking to their support team, I did not feel comfortable and realized that they are not good. So I requested them to cancel my deposit and refund the money to my moneybookers account directly. But they asked me to wait for the deposit to happen and then i should make a withdrawal.
When i made a withdrawal, they said it will take about 7 hours, and later they started saying that they have a right to hold the funds for 45 days as per their policy.
My deposit and withdrawal is from the same moneybookers account, so there is no question of money laundering or anything.
They just said that they have a clause where they can hold funds for 45 days if it is an money laundering case. When i tried to explain that there is no money laundering involved and it is very clear case, they said they don't need to give any explaination.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Medo Joe,
Cairo, Egypt,
Mar 21, 2013,

I'm using instaforex for 3 years now. I am a club member of instaforex and I have their debit MasterCard. I'm what they may consider an elite member of their company and I don't piss them off. What I mean by pissing a broker off is like when you open too many trades at the same time and close them in less than 2 minutes. Or when you make a big sudden profit and then withdraw it all along with your initial capital (the run-away-with-it-all theory makes them feel you're not gonna come back and/or you're exploiting their service). Or when you start exploiting the major news announcements to make quick pips. Or when you give them hell for some lousy bonus that they most likely set some strict annoying rules about anyway. I would like to say the same exact thing a friend here outlined but seems no one noticed: If you do boring trading style, your broker CAN'T pick on you. It's just that simple. Stop doing abnormal trading activities because when you do, the agreement between you and the broker is on the broker's side. They will win the case and that will lead you to lose either a bonus or a hefty profit. I trade their normal MT4 charts along with their Forex options without problems. The only thing I hate about their options trading policy is that if option expires at the same open price you don't get refunded, They consider it a loss. Which sucks! But I can live with that. I'm making a few hundred dollars a week and sometimes I withdraw every two days without trouble. Sometimes the withdrawn amount arrives into my card in a few hours so.... Can't say they treat me bad at all. Sorry guys for the long review.
london, United Kingdom,
Mar 12, 2013,
Registered user

I joined this broker sometime around January. Their customer service was ok, I made a deposit of $170 on my account via my credit card, just to test their services. I made a profit of $240. I then ask for a withdrawal of $66 which I received.

This gave me confidence in this broker; well I lost all of my remaining balance of $174 in the month of February.

So I had to add fund to my account, so on the 1st of March, I made a deposit of $400, in steps of $200 all from my credit card over a one week period.

The reason for this being I lost my account balance of $200 I initially deposited, so I deposited another $200.

To stop losing I changed my trading strategy & increased my leverage from 1-200 to 1-1000. I took more risk to recover my losses.

Luckily my trading strategy paid of this time and I made a gain of $213 and increased my account balance to $513, so I recovered my losses quicker because of my increased leverage.

I asked for a withdrawal of $220 on the 5th of March. I used an EA on the 6th of March to trade the Asian session and due to an error my account balance of $293 got wiped out.

Confident with my new strategy, I funded my account with $100, I recovered my $293 loss after 2 trades using a leverage of 1-1000 on my $100 balance.

All of a sudden, I received an mail from Instaforex telling me that they have refunded my $220 withdraw back to my account for me to trade with. Read below the exact wording of their email.

“Your trading account 5189474 was replenished through a credit card processing center.
Recently you made a withdrawal request to a third party payment system

Please note that we allow withdrawing funds to a third party payment system 45 days after the date of last credit card deposit in order to protect your money from Internet fraud.

Your withdrawal request was cancelled and requested amount was credited back to your trading account for you to use it during the restricted period.

We are sorry for inconvenience this may cause you.
If you have any questions, please contact us by”
Best regards,
Automatic Notification Service
InstaForex Companies Group

Afterwards I also received an email from their antifraud department accusing me of fraud. That I have to send a scanned coloured copy of my proof of id to them once again, I did send them a proof of id when I opened my account.

They then went ahead to disable my trading platform I have proof of open trades in profit of $558, I cannot close this trade because they’ve stopped all trading on my account.

I believe am a victim of scam by this broker, they claim they are safe guarding my fund from internet fraud, but in reality they as sitting on my fund and wont release it. They claim this fund was refunded to my account to use in the restricted period, but I cannot even trade because my account is disabled.

I no longer trust this broker with my money. As part of my money management, I withdraw my profit at the end off every trading day if I made a profit, but they want me to wait 45days to make a withdrawal. I told them the same account I used for my 1st withdrawal is what am using for my 2nd withdrawal so there is no cause for alarm, also it’s the same credit card I have been using since I opened my account with them, kindly check your records.

They have ignored any sense of reason because a client they expected to lose has made some profit.

I have written to them that they should close my account and send me all available funds in my account. But they’ve since stopped communicating and their excellent customers services has gone from good to bad.

My account balance is currently $629 and Equity is $487, I want them to refund my equity so I say good bye to this broker

I ask for help in recovering my funds from this broker; they are not open & honest to deal with.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Manila, Philippines,
Mar 6, 2013,

I been trading with them for more than a year now and I use a simple trend following system and I follow all the basic rules in the company and so far so good...the only problem I encounter with them is occasional re-quotes...but still I cannot brand them as scam....there are probably traders that try to do technical cheating that will cause their account to get suspended or banned...If you trade with legitimate strategies and just do simple trading activity then I guess you will not get any problem with these broker....I am speaking in my own experience....
Breda, Netherlands,
Mar 4, 2013,

Never ever have I had any problems with Insta forex in the 5 years trading with them. Witdrawals are handled with care and speed. Only thing I see here and which has nothing to do with trading is a possible double bomus claim made through the same IP adress on the exact same computer. I know for a fact their policy is only one bonus account claim per family. So when you can't do anything better that this I would say stop this scam warning and focus on for example those brokers who cheat on price actions.

I have multiple platforms to compare prices. Their are thieves out there but Instaforex is not one of them.

Review Moderation Team Note: We suggest you reread the Scam Finding against InstaForex carefully. There are many possible explanations for the case that resulted in the Scam Finding against InstaForex. If the company had provided any evidence, as they promised, it is possible that the Scam label could have been avoided. Since InstaForex chose to provide no evidence. Not one IP, not a pair of trade logs showing hedged trades, not a single item other than a statement of "I already proved it." from their representative.

Under those circumstances, the FPA was left with no choice but to accept the word of 2 individuals who provided proof that they were separate people.

If your money was confiscated, a broker claimed you cheated, promised evidence, and then provided no evidence, we would expect that you would consider them to be a scam.
Surabaya, Indonesia,
Feb 26, 2013,

I almost 1 year in instaforex. I have no problem with them.
the deposit, bonus, and withdrawal is very good and profesional. I am very surprised finding this , that here, instaforex suspected as scam. How is that?

Review Moderation Team Note: Please read the Scam Investigation carefully. The FPA was on very good terms with InstaForex when the complaint came in from 2 traders. InstaForex's representative accused them of cheating and promised to provide evidence to prove they were really the same person. The traders both provided evidence. InstaForex never gave a single piece of evidence, but the representative kept stating that she had already proved they were the same. The FPA tried very hard to convince InstaForex to give evidence, but none was supplied. In the end, the FPA had no choice but to label InstaForex a scam.
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Feb 3, 2013,

Instaforex stole my money and my friend's. The first happened like 3 months ago. They took the money to a PAMM account illegally. All the trade was lost. The second case is they took my other friend's money..the same way. The third case they took 2 accounts of mine each US$1400 to trade on a PAMM account illegally, this time the thief was used my own name..All trades was lost. And I ask Instaforex to trace the IP, and ask my money back. The same answer: According to the point 7.6.4. of Insta Service Ltd. public offer agreement the Client is responsible for keeping confidential information, which he receives from dealer. The Client also assumes risk of any financial losses that may be caused by unauthorized access of third-parties to the client's trading account. So, we reccommend you to keep your personal data more carefully in further.

My conclusion... This company is totally scam....and we have to find the way to put the company to the international court, to be shut down.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic,
Jan 27, 2013,

I created an account but never funded.

Since then i get at least one newsletter per day, trying to sell me some kind of bonus so i deposit.

I contacted support 4 times to cancel those newsletters, still receiving it.

Not really sure who would ever put money on a site, who behaves like an online casino. Aggressively pushing bonuses to get customers to deposit.

As Poker Pro this concept is very familiar, every Poker site or online casino does that. The goal is always the same, the client should lose their money to the house then (via Rake in Poker, or Odds in Casinos)
Seremban, Malaysia,
Jan 23, 2013,

Customer service is good but the connection is very poor, big spread and too many requotes. Don't trade with them. Terrible broker.
, Malaysia,
Jan 7, 2013,

Instaforex – beware margin account is not protected and you can lose above your account balance

Is this irresponsibility and a breach of the contractual agreement and the licence agreement?

Dear Fellow Traders

Background – on 2 Jan’13 00:29, I have 3 open sell transactions (GBPUSD) in my account. A withdrawal of US150x was then made and the bonus amount of US$39x was deducted. They were recognized by the System and both amounts were deducted from the account balance. After the withdrawal, there was still enough equity margins and no other transactions could be made as the System was shut down for the holidays. The System was reactivated sometime around 2 Jan’13 09:00 and the 3 sell transactions were stopped out resulting in a loss of US$39x. The earlier withdrawal of US$150x (bonus excluded) were added back and my account balance is now reduced to US$111x. Separately, if the withdrawals had not been accepted by the System, the open transactions would not have been stopped out and the net position would be in profits as the price subsequently dropped.

I just encountered a situation where my open trades were not closed by broker’s MT4 system resulting in a loss which is above my account balance. As a result, my margins for these trades (US$12x) were also wiped off and my resultant net account balance is US$39x negative.

The broker’s office was closed from 31 Dec’12 8pm (UTC + 2) to 1 Jan’13. It was only reopened for business on 2 Jan’13, 9 am (UTC + 2). By then the price had moved significantly and that’s when the above open transactions were closed at losses after wiping off the margin. Due to the negative balance of US$39x, my withdrawal earlier in the day was held back and used to compensate the US$39x loss.

Isn’t the broker aware that the Asian market is in session earlier. Is it fair for the broker to pass on the risk to the traders just because the broker shuts down its system for the holidays. Now who should bear the risk and loss incurred by us traders!

The leverage amount and maintenance of margins are fundamental requirements in forex. What’s the purpose then of determining the leverage amount and computing the `free margin’ continuously if they are not complied. These parameters once determined and set upfront are to assist the trader to manage the quantum of his trading lots in relation to the equity and some form of capital protection in the margin floats. But if the trader can lose his margin and on top of that additional losses like in my case, who should bear the responsibility!

Have contacted their support a few times and they do not acknowledge them. Their reply is:-

Broker’s Reply - According to Agreement point 3.15.5. In normal market conditions the Company guarantees, that after the closing of the last position on the account the balance and assets of 0% - 10% margin will remain, which is necessary for maintaining that last forced position closing. The Company reserves a right to recover the negative account balance of a client with the funds on the second client's account, if the balance has turned negative in the result of a strong price movement (as a rule, in cases described in the paragraph 5.9.)

The Clause above states that in normal market conditions, the Company guarantees …………… the 0%-10% margin will remain……… . What’s the meaning of `guarantee’ and in `normal market conditions’. It would defeat the purpose if they fail to ensure the 0_10% amount is maintained. Might as well don’t guarantee. Legally, the above clauses seem to contradict but the word `guarantee’ itself would take precedence and should be binding.

I say the broker has a moral and legal responsibility and should bear the losses. Would anyone like to share his views and experience. Would we be able to check with the Ministry that issues the license. I believe these should be spelt out in the license or the financial laws of the country in which the license was issued to the broker.

Note – separately, if the withdrawal (and bonus amount) had not been recognized by the System the above stop-out would not have happened. For consistency, the withdrawals (and bonus) should be added back and taken into account to determine whether there had been a stop-out. Otherwise, we have the current scenario of win lose, ie the broker wins and I lose.

Thank You
Ahmed Elasam,
Khartoum, Sudan,
Dec 30, 2012,

I traded with them for 2 years , they are fine in both deposit and withdrew .
i don not have any problem with them
i give them 5 stars and they deserve them
LAGOS, Nigeria,
Dec 28, 2012,

If the profit will not be booked.the loss should also not be booked.As a client of Instaforex,i received no prior alert to close poisitions into the holiday.Having made analysis i fond out GBPJPY would slip to 135.20 on Dec25th.I expected that right after the holiday market will open showing this position but this broker did profit wasn't booked despite a sudden gap in the marke on Dec 25th to 134.80 i sold ffrom 136.00 to 135.20 as my tp.this broker once market opened suddenly booked me into the reverse and not to my profit tha occured duing the holiday.It's a standard rule that any price movement during the holiday would first be obeyed once market opens before the new day market's movement is published.with this instaforex wiped out my equit of $1100 instead of booking me up to $700 profit.i spoke with customercare but no explanation was given.if the loss will be suddenly booked which wasnt a loss.why was the gap not allowed in my favor.i feel this broker wants her client to loose money than make money....
roney jose,
kochi, India,
Nov 16, 2012,

One of the worst scamsters and robbers of all time in forex history.I joined last year with an initial deposit of 150$ and made 400$ in profit .when i requested for a withdrawal of 550$.They simply deleted my profits stating errors in price and price correction and credited back my initial deposit.When i called up the support,they quoted some clause in the client agreement.But when I asked her about the statement they used to send me with the trading profits ,she didn't have an answer.It is high time such companies need be banned from the forex community.
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Nov 9, 2012,

I trading with instaforex almost for 2 years, and I didn't get any problem with this broker, so I think this broker was fine
Sabah, Malaysia,
Oct 27, 2012,

Hi guys,

As of this review is written, it is dated 29 Oct 2012.

I have been using this broker since last year September I think. I have had no problem with them when it comes to both deposit and withdrawal.

Been reading about many reviews but most of the reviews from Malaysia are okay with the broker.

So my conclusion?

If a local depositor is available in your country, then use them. It is much easier and more convenient to deposit and withdraw funds.

However, I have to agree with the connection problem. Their connection is a bit weak.

Hope this helps.
ahmed taha,
Giza, Egypt,
Oct 21, 2012,

I have experienced something with Instaforex I thought it is worth to be mentioned,,I found a mistake in my rebates calculation and sent email to support by the end of friday definitely after end of working hours,I received confirmation for being checked by saturday morning and the corrected rebates were credited to my account by sunday morning,,that was impressive,,also I would like to mention that for a large capital company there may be multiple withdrawals to one system at the same time which may cause delay,,and if you cancel the delayed withdrawal and use another system or debit card for the same request,, it is processed within hours,,so it does not look like scam for me.
, Lithuania,
Oct 20, 2012,

Yesterday this company stole amount of $15234.75 from my trading accounts. The sum has been accumulated as positive Swaps during the time period February 28th, 2012 through to October 19th, 2012. And this is not the first issue: on April the sum of $367.92 has been annulled in my trading account, but I ignored this as insignificant issue. Now, I cannot be silent, because $15234.75 is too much to ignore... I think, the traders' community should be informed about this SCAM company.
I'm giving 1 Star to the "InstaForex" company.
Denpasar, Indonesia,
Sep 20, 2012,

If u open trade, dont b surprised if u cant close it during peak time.
Amazingly, eventhough I already place a stoploss/target, it doesnt execute during peak time.

Another SINFUL thing it has. It doesnt like WINNING traders. So, if you have good strategy and wants to carry out trading, better trade elsewhere.

I have so many experiences, I cannot get my fund back after so many winning. They already provide so many damn excuses. The most common one is "it's our regulation to cancel any profit and not proceeding fund"

pakistan, Pakistan,
Sep 14, 2012,

It is only malafied intentions of broker as when you order withdraw your amount got minus from your account and came into transition till withdrawls time and they use 2 too 5 days transfering this money and u even cant trade. i will never recommend this broker to new traders beacuse of their delayed tectis of wthdrawl using money by them. They canceled all my IB brokers profit . in short they are BIG SCAM.
Islamabad, Pakistan,
Sep 9, 2012,

i have traded with this Company but I never got any withdrawal.Then i enetered their Bonus for posting campaign and made Bonus 60 $ and with that Made 49.20$ trading NFP news But They cancelled all my bonus and profit without any reason.
Mombasa, Kenya,
Aug 11, 2012,
Guest forex broker has failure to payout my withdrawals twice between July 2012 and August 2012. No explanation has been given so far.
, Philippines,
Aug 6, 2012,

Well after 2 months and a long cgat seesion with the help desk they finally found my $300 and it was added to my account 1 day later.
So after 2 months the matter is resolved and closed to my satisfaction just to let you know! still stupid the way the want you to prove you deposit after you have a skrill transfer wich you can only transfer money with if you are verified! so this over verification does cause lots of hickups and problems and i am sure i am not the only one haveing this issue. anyway matter resolved and trus somehow restored. more curious about withdrawal though hehehehe

2012-08-03 2Star All is well after first deposit. but after i want to deposit again after i blew my account my own stupidity :-) the took my $300 us and dont reply to any mails concerning my money. service desk sucks big time! have serious doubts about their operation and will move elsewere if they dont act quickly! been waitig for a reply for 2 months now!
, Canada,
Jul 27, 2012,

Instaforex works fine, I do 4 withdraws in the last 2 months. only the latest was longer (3 days instead of 1, but in their range of 1 to 6 days, so its ok)
the execution speed is too slow for the europe server.
I also suffer an issue with the SMS, I never receive the SMS message for the instawallet system, but this doesnt impacts the trading and money withdraw.
they solved a problem with my rebates in less than 1 day.
open an account through a rebate web site, 30% of my profit come from here!
I dont know why they are flagged as a scam broker, specially for a 2008 case... we are in 2012 now!
, Malaysia,
Jul 25, 2012,

i use instaforex and another broker,dnt hv any problem with them ; a satisfied client
Singapore, Singapore,
Jul 23, 2012,

I have requested for fund withdraw on 19, July and according to their web, fund withdraw by moneybrooker will take 1-7 hours.But I am still waiting and today is 24th July. Their custom service told me that the information had been passed to their finance department to process. I have to wait and there is nothing I can do. I will update it later on if there is any progress.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
Jul 12, 2012,

Hi, based on good reviews from other sites, i have decided to deposit in this s*** broker InstaForex thru wire transfer, and it says in their website wire transfer takes 2-4 days. O.K. now it has been 14 days and my account balance is still zeeeero. I have been in contact with their customer support almost every day for the past two weeks and all their replys were: what is your accont number, when did you, which method, send me scans,how did you......... and after these loads of questions they all answer me this: WAIT

I know InstaForex is classified as SCAM in FPA but it is just my luck that I did not land in FPA on the right time.
Now I just want my money back (I am dreaming you know) but what can I do, I am really pissed.
I think InstaForex is gonna go out of business in the nearest future.
Guys, watch out and don't let this happen to you.

, Viet Nam,
Jul 6, 2012,

Hello everyone,

I have an account with insta from Oct-2011 and till now, all my withdrawals have been paid very fast (WM is my payment system using with insta) I got paid more than 20 times ( just about 200 USD / time), have never got any problems with them but I will still keep updating information here.
, India,
Jul 1, 2012,

I have been trading with them around 2 years, they are good really good, Everyone knows all the brokers are here only to make money, i got good experience with these guys and comparing to other brokers the servers are not bad.. i use to face problems only during high volatility, i think its normal issue, and i don't know why this FPA review on Instaforex as scam.,?? any ways friends its my opinion Instaforex is good and my ranking is 3 out of 10

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Click Here to read about how InstaForex confiscated money from 2 traders and broke their promise to provide evidence during the FPA's Scam Investigation.
, Slovenia,
Jun 28, 2012,

I'm now over 6 months with InstaForex and never had any bigger issues. Sometimes the trade execution took up to 10 seconds to close a trade but with EA's that use TP you don't have those issues. Other things are OK

2012-02-02 5 Stars I'm trading with them for some time now and they are great. Sometimes the execution could be better but it's not a huge issue.

And this broker was marked as scam only because of the FREE bonus issue? C'mon be a little more serious.

Review Moderation Team Note: Please read the SCAM finding more carefully. This broker was marked as a scam because they took money owed to traders and failed to provide evidence promised to the FPA during a scam investigation.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Jun 18, 2012,

Terrible Broker. Terrible, terrible service.
, Japan,
May 17, 2012,

The money which paid in is not reflected.
scam scam scam scam

Apr 28, 2012,

Insta fx is almost fine to trade,but sometimes not convenient in recovering passwords.
, Lithuania,
Mar 8, 2012,

Terrible broker , i deposited 100$ in them made 60$+ profit and they removed 60$+ profit send 3 letters to finance department ,anti fraud , support and nobody answered what a poor broker should be if they remove 60$- usd profit ?
, Switzerland,
Feb 2, 2012,

They made a mistake with my deposit, now I want my money back and they are giving me trouble to get it. Stay away, no other broker ever made me something like that. Just take a look how they are "regulated".
KL, Malaysia,
Jan 24, 2012,

hey guys, check this out..
I get this from instaforex customer support

Review Moderation Team Note: How nice of InstaForex to post links to libel on their website.

They also fail to mention that InstaForex had an advertising contract with the FPA at the time the FPA Scam Investigation began. At first, they promised to cooperate and provide evidence. After they refused to provide a single piece of evidence, there was a scam finding, the ad contract was cancelled, and the FPA refunded the unused portion of the ad contract.

So, instead of blackmailing InstaForex for money, the FPA demanded that InstaForex pay money owed to traders or provide evidence to show that the money wasn't owed. InstaForex promised evidence and then gave none.

Instead of only putting scam findings against companies that don't buy ads at the FPA, the FPA cancelled an ad contract and refunded unused ad money to InstaForex.

InstaForex is a scam. The anti-FPA page on their site shows that they are also liars.

KL, Malaysia,
Jan 4, 2012,

Deposits are very fast for me (less than an hour). Have been using them for over a year....Customer support is good...
, Viet Nam,
Dec 30, 2011,

Their bonus is scam. I deposit 100 USD, i recceive 30 $
I trade two order. They remove my bonus and don't send e-mail report for me. I had risk with 3th order
JAKARTA, Indonesia,
Dec 7, 2011,

Perhaps, this is usefull for client ifx sending complaint to "Russian Association of Financial Market Members " / ( RAFMM ).
Paris, France,
Dec 5, 2011,
Registered user

My experience with Instaforex is a bit different as I'm not just a trader, I also run a forex website.

To make a long story short, I'm an affiliate of many brokers including Instaforex. Recently, I discovered that 268.68€ in commissions disappeared from my account. When I called them, their customer service representative said that they were cancelled because the commissions were earned from my own trading account. This is simply 100% false.

I wrote to their "antifraud team" (at the suggestion of the Instaforex customer service rep.) and never got an answer.

Basically, they kept my 268€ in their pocket. This is nothing more than theft! These guys have clearly demonstrated their dishonesty and ruined what would otherwise have been a win-win relationship.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS! There's plenty of other brokers out there that don't need to resort to games and scams like this.
M. Faiz,
Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia,
Dec 4, 2011,

They not close my position after the price hit tp. They just want me to lose the trade after my technique make good profit. Lucky for me only trade using small lot.
Cairo, Egypt,
Dec 3, 2011,

Excellent broker, instant execution to all payment and withdrwals i have been using them along with a rebate system WWOOOW verty great combination

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instaforex a good and legitimate company?

InstaForex has been fined by Cysec for several reasons, including that "it did not act fairly, honestly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of its clients.

InstaForex has been sued by the US CFTC.  InstaForex has been the subject of warnings by at least 4 other government regulators around the world.

The FPA does not consider, or any related site to be a good or legitimate company. 

You can not only see many client complaints about InstaForex on their review page, but also read many trader complaint threads about InstaForex in the FPA's forums.

Can I withdraw an InstaForex bonus?

Getting bonus money or else profits from a bonus at InstaForex is not always easy.  Even if a trader follows all the rules, InstaForex can accuse a trader of cheating, cancel the bonus, and confiscate all profits.  InstaForex can do this without presenting any evidence.

In 2008, two FPA members were accused of cheating while using an InstaForex bonus.  InstaForex not only removed the bonus, but also confiscated the profits that both traders had made.  InstaForex's representative to the FPA promised to provide evidence to back up this cheating accusation.  She never provided a single piece of evidence.  Instead, she just kept emailing her claim that they cheated and said that her repeated unsupported claims of cheating qualified as proof of cheating.  The FPA does not consider repeating an accusation dozens of times to be evidence that the accusation is true.  The clients were never paid for the profits InstaForex took from their accounts.

Even without a bonus being involved, it is possible for InstaForex to confiscate profits based on an unsupported accusation of cheating.

The FPA is not surprised that Cyprus fined InstaForex for being unprofessional, unfair, and dishonest in dealing with its clients.  The FPA is only surprised that it took so long before this was done.

Is InstaForex regulated?

Even in March of 2020,'s website still claimed that the InstaVector branch of the company is registered with the Russian Federal Financial Markets Service.  The FFMS was disbanded in 2013.

InstaForex was regulated in Belize.  It is not regulated there any more.  Some people claim that the Belize IFSC threw InstaForex out.  InstaForex claims they voluntarily gave up being regulate there.

InstaForex is regulated by CySEC in Cyprus.  InstaForex has also been fined by CySEC for being dishonest and not acting in the best interests of its clients.

Outside of Europe, InstaForex is regulated by the BVI FSC, which is not known for being a very strict regulator. 

InstaForex is also registered with the SVG FSC, which specifically does NOT regulate forex, binary, or crypto trading.