1. crownfisz1

    InstaForex Binary scammed me

    Good Day , i here by want to bring to your awareness that i have been scammed by instaforex binary soo many times but the issues am bring iss the issue of January 30 and February 28th 2020... Firstly on January 30th i was having $4.00 on my balance and suddenly $2 was deducted due to their...
  2. A is a big scam

    My account at is 80777742. I registered at forum.there i have post whole month and they give me only 13 $.i trade and earn 52 $ profit.then i submit a withdrawal request.instaforex blocked my trading account.and when i ask them about reason.they replyied that there...
  3. A

    Forex Affiliate Links InstaForex Broker 2.000$ Forex / Binary Options No Deposit Bonus

    What makes InstaForex a good choice is that it is a reliable binary options trading platform so the trader would not have to dread anything if he decides to choose this platform. They offer a 24/7 consultancy support. The exclusive online support facilitates the trader to get all the help that...
  4. H

    Instaforex keep rejecting withdrawal

    Instaforex interms of payment are really painful experience.already 12 withdraw always rejected.all advice given was to use the same depo i used.YET there is no such system in withdraw process. I am really unhappy with this condition of rejected withdrawal.Finance dpeartment Instaforex is lame...
  5. D

    If i help me withdrawln from Instaforex, I will share 20%.

    My balcace, so i can not withdrawln from instaforex, if i help me withdrawln it, i will share 20% all.
  6. S

    My profit is taken away by InstaForex

    my profit is taken away by instaforex
  7. I

    Unfolding the mystery behind Instaforex real owners and activities

    Everyone knows Instaforex, the infamous, two-sided, Forex company. Heads : a forex website, in business since 2007, boasting hundreds of thousands, sometimes several million customers, a worldwide presence through offices and partners, prestigious sports sponsorship contracts, luxury cars and...
  8. M

    InstaForex - Keeps blocking my withdrawal

    In the InstaForex organised "Bangla Forex Forum" I'm Abdullah Al Mamun made a real trade with bonus funds every month in exchange for a regular post, and in my three real trading accounts, I had a good profit. 1558731, with the bonus fund, I had profiled $ 5,600 net profit, but when I asked to...
  9. G

    Looking for the justice (Instaforex)

    Hello people, I read a lot of negative comments on Instaforex on this website. I have the same problems with them like you. But I have a simple question. Has anybody tried to solve it through the police or court? Or cysec? Do you know about something like that? What was the result (if there was...
  10. N

    Instaforex are scammers!

    Today i entered a trade and after a while, I was profiting so I wanted to exit my trade. To my surprise, I was disconnected from my trading platform. I couldn't exit my trade. My account no is 50231132.
  11. L

    Get out of Instaforex as soon as possible

    Get out of Instaforex as soon as possible if you can. For all other, don't even think of opening an account with them. You'll kiss your money goodbye. Think about it, any broker who offers big bonuses to open an account has to make money somewhere else.
  12. L

    Instaforex converted all my balance to their bonus fund

    I received an email from Instaforex Antifraud department, saying that my equity was crossed below the bonus fund that I received, since that moment all funds are considered as bonus funds. In other word, all my balance, all my profit has became their funds now. Instaforex want me to deposit...
  13. pactrader

    Cant withdraw from Instaforex

    I live in Pakistan and i traded with some brokers. Two months ago I started to trade with instaforex. I thought, that this company is a good broker. I made some profit, but i can`t withdraw money. I am very angry by reason of this. Support service is constantly asking me to wait for some more...
  14. FxMaster

    what the hell is this ? Beware of fraud: facts about ForexPeaceArmy
  15. S

    Insta Forex is scaming

    Hi, I have an account in Insta Forex. I invested 330 USD in my account for trading and they gave me 30% bonus(99USD) and it became 429USD equity in my account. i traded in my account in EURO/USD and i earned 400USD as profit and when i sent request of withdrawal my 330USD+400USD profit, they...
  16. E

    Insta Forex has refused to fund my account for no reason

    Hello forex peace armeny i want to lay a complain about insta forex,i funded my account today in the early hours of the day at about 11:16am my time and my method of payment was done via liberty reserve, here is proof of my payment Dear Emuesiri, You have successfully sent a payment from...
  17. pirates

    Resolved - Insta disconnect my account Until Stop Out

    Case Closed
  18. S

    Insta rejected my claim

    on 6/21/2011, my account was in hack.hackers been open and close freely post up an account to be mc. i am writing to express my disapointment on insta decision of rejecting my claim for the acc 7114949(USD8 k) and 271110(USD 1k) i certify that; investigation has been made by...
  19. W

    Newbie , help needed

    Hi All Please find 3 screenshots taken about two minutes apart , two are from insta forex , I would like to know why they drop the price and 10 sec later it is back up again , as this in a couple of trades has gone below my margin and sold me out. , As on the easy forex graph I don't see all...
  20. R

    i am victim of forex scamers Instaforex Company

    Hello All, Hope you are fine and doing well, My name is Richard Charles, i work in UAE but basically i am from Pakistan and i am victim of forex scamers "company name: Instaforex Company" who claims they are best broker in Asia and winner of many awards and value their clients. I am telling...