InstaForex - Keeps blocking my withdrawal


In the InstaForex organised "Bangla Forex Forum" I'm Abdullah Al Mamun made a real trade with bonus funds every month in exchange for a regular post, and in my three real trading accounts, I had a good profit. 1558731, with the bonus fund, I had profiled $ 5,600 net profit, but when I asked to withdraw just $ 111 profit from $ 5600 profit Only then, their Antifraud department blocked my account with all profits. They gave me a reason to stop blocking my accounts - “Verified with Fake documents of my account”. When I started trading in that 1558731 account, that account was fully verified by their Verification Department by those documents.I want to know them through You the account 1558731 was Verified but They did not block my account when I was Trading there,when I was Profiting there,They didn’t blocked & tell me the Documents was fake, and why? But whenever I wanted to withdraw some profits, why did They block my Verified 1558731 account with Profit ? Why would the Antifraud department block my account and tell my documents to be fake even after their Verification Department has fully reciprocated with my documents? Then did their Verification Department verify with my fake the documents? In this way my three- 1558731,7617075,15119929 accounts have Blocked their Antifraud department with a lot of profits.I told them that if I upload my new smart card and bank statement copy, they will start those profitable accounts unblock ? They did not give any solution to me. Their Verification Department Verified My Account with the same Documents but Their Antifraud Department said This Documents Fake & also Permanently Blocked My Profitable Accounts !!!


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