1. H

    Instaforex keep rejecting withdrawal

    Instaforex interms of payment are really painful experience.already 12 withdraw always rejected.all advice given was to use the same depo i used.YET there is no such system in withdraw process. I am really unhappy with this condition of rejected withdrawal.Finance dpeartment Instaforex is lame...
  2. D

    If i help me withdrawln from Instaforex, I will share 20%.

    My balcace, so i can not withdrawln from instaforex, if i help me withdrawln it, i will share 20% all.
  3. S

    My profit is taken away by InstaForex

    my profit is taken away by instaforex
  4. M

    InstaForex - Keeps blocking my withdrawal

    In the InstaForex organised "Bangla Forex Forum" I'm Abdullah Al Mamun made a real trade with bonus funds every month in exchange for a regular post, and in my three real trading accounts, I had a good profit. 1558731, with the bonus fund, I had profiled $ 5,600 net profit, but when I asked to...
  5. W

    Instaforex total scam. Do not waste your time

    Hello. I want to warn you that do not waste your time with this culprit person who is claiming to run instaforex. It is not a company. Only a no of culprit running the website and some greedy people are attached with them from different location of world which they called their offices (totally...
  6. G

    Looking for the justice (Instaforex)

    Hello people, I read a lot of negative comments on Instaforex on this website. I have the same problems with them like you. But I have a simple question. Has anybody tried to solve it through the police or court? Or cysec? Do you know about something like that? What was the result (if there was...
  7. A

    InstaForex new $8000 Scam

    Hello, I want to tell you about my account (39302) in InstaForex. they have deleted all the history of my account containing $8000 profit. I have opened this account on Monday, November 10 2008, and deposited $100. at the same day, the first order was opened and aftar that I have opened and...
  8. M

    INSTA Forex doesn't process the requested withdrawal

    Since the end of May I try to get my deposited money from INSTA. Many emails have been sent and the only thing I can see is the incompetence of the support. Ekaterina Surkova was the only person who at least tried to solve the problem. But now I don't even get an answer anymore. It's been...
  9. Candlelight Vigil

    Instaforex - another scam "CANCEL ERROR ORDERS"

    Hello FPA, It's a pleasure to meet you!!! This is my first post in and it is about an update on Instaforex' trustworthiness as a broker choice. During the month of August I have made a deposit of 50$ with Instaforex in order to test their trustworthiness. At the end of the month I've had...
  10. N

    Instaforex are scammers!

    Today i entered a trade and after a while, I was profiting so I wanted to exit my trade. To my surprise, I was disconnected from my trading platform. I couldn't exit my trade. My account no is 50231132.
  11. L

    Get out of Instaforex as soon as possible

    Get out of Instaforex as soon as possible if you can. For all other, don't even think of opening an account with them. You'll kiss your money goodbye. Think about it, any broker who offers big bonuses to open an account has to make money somewhere else.
  12. L

    Instaforex converted all my balance to their bonus fund

    I received an email from Instaforex Antifraud department, saying that my equity was crossed below the bonus fund that I received, since that moment all funds are considered as bonus funds. In other word, all my balance, all my profit has became their funds now. Instaforex want me to deposit...
  13. T

    InstaForex Steals, Scam, Fraud

    On thursday they released a press statement at the link below Cooperation with Liberty Reserve terminated Here is the message on the link: ====================================== Dear customers, We have to inform you that cooperation with Liberty Reserve has been terminated as the...
  14. D

    do not trade with insta forex!! they are a scam!

    i made my extremly profit on the day that the chf was spiked...after a few day i sudenly saw a deduction from my account by " chf correction".. they told me that if someone gain a profit by a news, the profit is not allowed. i tried to ask them part of my profit, because i trading for living...
  15. T

    Instaforex Have Stolen My Bonus And Disabled My Account

    Dear Fellows, I Made Account In Which Is Platform Of Instaforex And Then I made Account Of Insta Forex Through After Posting I Got Bonus in Second Month Which Was 180 dollars. I Started trading And in First 24 Hours I earned 62 dollars. And I...
  16. P

    SCAM ALERT: INSTAFOREX deliberately cancelled four sell stop orders to wipe out my account

    Hello, on the 21st of this month, I placed sell stop orders for hedging my trades but the trades were deleted at the point of execution. I tried to check the reason for the cancellation, because my equity and free margin then was about $1000, but could find none. The company claims I had...
  17. S

    Unethical and unprofessional practices of team on my accounts

    I wish to draw your attention to unethical and unprofessional practices of team on my accounts. I have an IB account number (A/C No: 2038674) and Trading account 259261 with them. During the time I commenced partnership business with the company, the idea of having three clients...
  18. B


    Please Reply all who experienced this ! Opened account on September 12, 2014 and start trading with my EA. at end of 3 day Insta Forex Cancelled all my trades and profit of $9986.64 ! I have all proves, Journal from MT4, Statements . Contacted support, but got transferred to antifraud...
  19. W

    Instaforex Problems?

    Does anyone have any experience with Instaforex? We have had multiple accounts with them for several years and were able to liquidate most of those accounts back in 2012 after moderately successful trading on a managed account with TradeGainer. We have some small amount of funds remaining...
  20. S

    Instaforex scam with me i'm in massive pain and tension

    What happened with me I start trading few weeks ago and give it full attention and due to my this trading activity i leave my other important works i continue my trading several weeks and take too much pressure and finally my hard work bring reward and i had earned 49$ with total 12 or may be...