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Updated: Feb 1, 2024
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4.286 • 7 REVIEWS

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usa, USA,
Apr 20, 2015,

I see good reviews and awesome returns but in the few months I have done this I am losing.....
Dec 7, 2009,

I've been trading the Pallada EA with the Expert Advisor EA attached. Tradeways includes it for free with their semi automatic package. The fully automatic EA seems to do a great job of catching the main signals, it does not get the re-entry trades, you have to been in front of the computer to catch those and I have not watched the system long enough to judge there success rate. I am live with EU, GU and USDJPY. Very happy with the results so far. I am also testing 5 other pairs. The only thing I cant seem to get is their optimization manual they mention on the website. I have two EU presets, I am using the "normal" one right now. Does anyone here have the manual and or more presets. Overall though so far a great product
Diego Alvarez
Dec 2, 2009,

I've started trading Pallada this summer, and first month results were not very good because of my market conception. But i've decided to follow Pallada rules accurately and to be more patient - next month i was in 500 points profit! There were many auto experts i've bought before, but they were only loosing my money, and after another big loss i made a decision to start trading manually. Many people are trying to find great auto EA, and this is their mistake. It is impossible! Robot is not able to replace human brain, there are hundreds of moments everyday, when only human can make a correct decision. If you dream about thousands of pips, that some imaginary robot EA will earn instead of you each month, Pallada is not for you. But if you want to understand Forex specifics and to start making real money by yourself, Pallada is exactly what you need. Im am satisfied with Pallada, i have all my money back (money that i spent on different auto EAs over a period of 2 years ) and my results are better day by day. Now everything depends only on me.
South Africa,
Nov 30, 2009,

I first got Pallada 2009 and then added the EA which is a separate add on from another supplier I think in Russia. This must be the most under rated system ever. I think the programmers and current users know it. And says:" who cares?" But because its not marketed the way other over rated systems are so no one knows about it. The Pallada 2009 on its own is easy to use but still takes the same effort as normal manual trading. Its a nice signal generating system from which you can make loads if you sit and wait. Between 500 and 1000 pips easy per month. I say easy if you put in effort and time. But with that also the stress, the management and the time. Adding the EA is something else. You put it on and forget it. And it doesn't care what the market is like. It will tick over and make pips. Mine is set at a very small margain and running only on EURUSD. It comes with that and USDGBP which I took off. Seems like they spend more time on EURUSD because it hardly makes a mistake.The other pair didn't do well on my demo and thats why I dont use it. EURUSD is live and perfect. The main plus of the system is the very tight stop loss and trailing stops. Sometimes it will SL too fast to some peoples liking but I think it can't lose much. It never did in 2 months. So if you weigh up gain vs loss its very good and actually a remarkable system.Still cannot believe more people don't know it. One problem is that there is no money back guarantee and very bad communication. But I accept that because of the language barrier. If you buy this Russian tank loaded with rocket launchers and nuclear heads, believe me you don't need much back up. I'm a Technical person and I was fortunate to not miss all the fancy party decorations on the website of other so called fantastic systems. Very simple site with basic info. But honest info and you get exactly what you see. Something that really works and works very very well. And its very flexible. You can play around with parameters etc. And I like that. But I started it and it was working straight out of the box. I'm very happy. One thing I can see clearly is that this is a long term EA system that is actually timeless because of the way it works.
Sep 6, 2009,

I like their Pallada SE system. Not a holy grail, but system is profitable and stable!!!
South Africa,
Jun 14, 2009,

I have used the new PALLADA 2009 system and agree with Curtis.Its been around for some time with fantastic results and no reports anywhere. I have seen someone recommend it on Baby Pips and this is a fantastic tool. Actually remarkable. Its very easy to use, and very accurate. Wonderful work.
Jul 24, 2008,

I am very surprised nobody has weighed in on the Pallada software, which has very good signals for the London & US timeframes. Used as a stand alone system it is profitable for manual trading. It is not an automatic EA. Best $249 I've spent yet.