Updated: Feb 4, 2020
PT. Millennium Penata Futures
3.042 · 20 REVIEWS
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Clients and potential clients of MPF should read this article from The China Post.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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3.042 · 20 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

joa Fu,
Taiwan, China,
Feb 22, 2017,

Evil MPF

MPF Group leader Lin Zhongping and his sons openly misappropriation of clients  futures margin account deposit in Taiwan . 2500  people were injured. Self -help groups will ask for their account money back. MPF  group is currently packing more gorgeous, starts to cheat clients in many places in mainland  China , with the same method in Taiwan
Taiwan, Province of China,
Feb 22, 2017,

MPF is a very badly company

This is a Chinese Entrepreneur with legalized entity in Indonesia who did an infuriating matter, which took over 163 million US dollars, which most of them were their life savings or mortgaged, now their houses were facing foreclosure, causing numerous people going through financial crisis.

The two young sons were brave enough to confess their faulty acts, also admitted to all the values loaded with MetaTrader 4, MT4. They were hoping to utilize the equity of the land to compensate with the debt accordingly. However, their father denied all these debt, who also refused to admit to the monetary transfer to his company, either with all the account associated with MT4. With such entrepreneur who pretend that there were nothing happened, hence continue to conduct all these fraud act in other parts of the globe, please share this article and video so no others would be affected from these innocent investors.

Taiwan Millennium Self-Help Association
The whole team tearing with accusation
Alex White,
Aug 1, 2016,

The Chairman of the MDI Corporation Group, Tahir Ferdian (林仲平) is the #1 Scammer in the Indonesian and Southeast Asia Finical Market. What have been furnacing his “so-called” great success in the financial market are big scams. Between 2007-2016, he and his sons, Lim Victory Halim & Lim Andrew Halim CEO & VP of PT. MILLENNIUM PENATA FUTURES collected more than 165 million US dollars cash investments from Taiwan, then denied his company ever received those funds. Who is to help these Taiwanese investors to get their money back?
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Feb 9, 2016,

As an ex employee of MPF I can say that they are a terrible company to work for. They do not pay employees on time, they do not give benefits that were promised to employees. They also make sure investors are unable to withdraw money due to 'computer errors'. All they want is free money, they don't care about their customers or the people that work for them.
Hendri ,
, Indonesia,
Oct 27, 2015,

I have been trading with Millennium Penata Futures for 3 months and have made withdrawals and everything has gone smooth so far.
John Smith,
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Oct 8, 2015,

Best Broker in Indonesia..... I have an extraordinary broker which advises daily and I had profits 6 months in row. The withdrawals are in my bank account on the same day. I can only recommend to every trader that wants to have reliable service and professional brokers.
Semarang, Indonesia,
Oct 5, 2015,

I have acc mini with MPF, fast respond, fast withdrawall, excellent chart, Good Broker. Open acc in 2009 and 2015. All mini acc. No problem with this broker.
yogya, Indonesia,
Oct 3, 2011,

- too many loss in mpf
- no one trader in this broker is success, almost all trader make loss trading at least $20.000,- until $ 200.000,-.
This is fantastic !!!!
- This broker is like Robin

we wait response from mpf management to become good broker.
gd luck...
Sep 23, 2011,
Guest not a broker..I doubt if they have been into market past 11 one knows the language thre..their Dubia office( I am doubtful if they have office) worst..they dont know what they speak...they always lie..For pay out ..they will cry..they will never respond to the emails...they are interested only in receiving money..the managers will never in contact with you...they dont reveal the names when they send email..their chatting always offline..their phone numbers never work..its a big fake company...pls be aware of these kinds of brokers...for withdrawal they take 15 days..they says 7 working days...we know only 2 characters from Dubai..otherthan that they never reveal the names also...working like trading mafia..pls be ware of these brokers
Millenium Penata Customer,
Tektite Ortigas, Philippines,
Aug 17, 2011,

This will be my personal review with Millenium Penata Futures, I have tried their service here in the Philippines with their counter part, Millenium Glory International.

I opted to try for a demo account and had one of their brokers do the trader as they will offer to do so. During the demo, the broker would execute orders to show you that they can manage your risk with minimal losses. However, even with the demo account, they manage to loss the entire equity. Given the benefit of the doubt of the market conditions, I tried to for another demo with somewhat good results.

So i joined with real money and went on live, so here is my experience.

The brokers will execute trades without your consent, as they will always claim that they did not want to miss the trading opportunity. They will tell you that their traders have a 85% winning rate and will manage your account with extreme care. So far, that has not been a case with me. My broker executed several bad trades which caused my $10,000.

Philippine Forex Community, stay away from Millenium Penata Fututes, Millenium Glory International... They are on commission basis and they do not care about your investment.
Bandung, Indonesia,
Aug 15, 2011,

I'm very surprised that there are Indonesian brokers pop up in here.

as an Indonesian i will say:


the regulatory organization in indonesia is hopeless. And sad to say, scam brokers could live all the way as long as he could give an 'extra money' to the regulatory.
yogya, Indonesia,
Jun 22, 2011,

very badly broker..
their marketing steal money from customer..
they have spread 3 point and 5 point commission...they will blow up your account guys..

stay away from this broker..very cr** broker
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Jun 20, 2011,

What a joke! The reviewers must be paid by this broker! :D

Their trading server always go down when there is market news. And the trading rules and spreads will kill you!
Apr 20, 2011,

Hi FPA users,

I work for MPF as part of their customer service division.

This is just an introduction post to those that may not know of our company yet.

Millennium Penata Futures has been around for over 10 years, so I can definitely say the company is not a scam. The company is based in Jakarta, Indonesia with branches in almost all major cities in Indonesia and has been lately expanding to the international market. In Indonesia, the home country, MPF is one of the biggest FX brokerage company in terms of OTC volume traded every month.

The company provides OTC trades for almost all FX pairs, with major pairs set at fixed spread of 3 pips. MPF also provides CFDs for Asian Futures Indices ( Nikkei, Hangseng, Kospi ), Spot Gold/Silver, US Equity, US Energy, US Commodity, UK Commodity, Forex Futures, Precious Metal Spot Gold, etc. All of which are cash-settled of course.

We recently became member of Indonesia's second futures bourse, the ICDX, and thus started offering futures contract with physical-settlement options.

All in all, if you guys have any questions, queries, etc you can either contact us directly from our website or post here and i'll be more than happy to help you.

Thanks !
Oct 24, 2010,

I traded live with them and closed the account already. The reasons for closing the account are:
1. Frequent disconnections, especially low liquidity time like Asian...Very slow fill. Charting is not smooth.
2. Frequent Slippages and Requotes without any notifications, especially Futures products => Spreads are not as low as advertised, frequently higher than expected.
3. No Close By and Close All orders => very troublesome for closing hedged positions. Spreads applied every orders for both sides (Buy and Sell at the same time).
Please improve adequately before advertising so much.
Thank you for reading my sincere reviews. I'll update when possible.
Jakarta. Indonesia,
Dec 1, 2009,

MPF forex provides excellent customer support. They have several office locations so they are available 24/5 at a minimum. Their spreads are excellent. They provide an easy online mechanism to fund and withdraw accounts. They are defininately a five star brokerage that is fast on the way to becoming the number forex brokerage house.
Oct 8, 2009,

I just recently opened a live account with MPF. I am comparing it with FXDD where I also have a live account. Performance wise, FXDD has too many requotes. I prefer MPF.

In terms of customer service, I prefer MPF. They are more knowledgeable compared to FXDD. I've used both their chat lines and with FXDD, I usually have to wait much longer and I am not too happy with their answers. With MPF, customer service was able to answer my questions satisfactorily. they do provide good market analysis too.
Just a citizen,
Aug 29, 2009,

Haven't actually used them, but as Indonesian I can tell that this is a regulated futures & forex broker company, with real head office and branches on several cities.
cindy gooi,
Jul 27, 2009,

i been investing for abt 5mths , so far i did make some and had also withdrawal several times from now, their agents service is still working closely with me... the commission rate they charge is standard as i see...
so far so good... hear from some friends there that this company is stable to invest.
Thank You Mr. Ricky Salim.
Mar 16, 2009,

as far as im concerned,i never had any problems with their system,from depositing to withrawals,thou with my trading,i also experienced losses,which i think is just a part of trading,overall,the company is sound and stable..
Jul 24, 2008,

Good Broker !

Friendly customer service, low fix spread, no slippage.
Worth a try! good job MPF.

Jun 2, 2008,

PT.Millennium Penata Futures was established in 2000 as a Brokerage Company in the world financial market which uses information technology to support the business. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, PT.Millennium Penata Futures is one of the institutions which are acknowledged by the Indonesian government. We are 100% focusing on the trading via Internet using Millennium Trader 4 platform.

Using Millennium Trader 4, we offer a trading solution, either for personal or corporate scale, where the brokerage and the executor uses real time market data, real time price, risk management tools and smooth back office process.

We are the only institution in Indonesia providing a 24-hour service, with employees monitoring the European, North American and Asian markets at all hours. PT Millennium Penata Futures provides a free suite of information and analytic tools to all members on its website. The institution offers trading in FX, FX OTC and Futures.