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Updated: Jan 14, 2016
3.714 · 7 REVIEWS
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3.714 · 7 REVIEWS
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Rob Walter,
Devon, United Kingdom,
Jan 14, 2016,

If FPA are going to set themselves up as Judge and Jury, they should have something in place to legitimise their actions before causing potential harm to innocent victims.

I have been with Jed and Kirk for four years and can vouch for their honesty.

I've paid to be a member of FSS and actively participate in the daily European trading rooms and three times weekly, US trading rooms, held exclusively for the members benefit.

Having paid a relatively small sum to join the group, each member is able to contribute to the development of the trading system as well as recommend trades as and when they see them developing - we all make money which cannot be said for the greater majority of Traders.

I am not an American, I do not live in the U.S. and therefore, do not share offices with Jed, so these comments can be taken as a genuine reference as to the company , the Officers and they way they conduct their business.

Review Moderation Team Note: Rob, you really should read this page more carefully before leaping to conclusions. The FPA had proof that the review claiming to be from Albania was submitted from inside of Jed's offices. If you'll take a few seconds to read the review Jed submitted yesterday, you'll see that he admits one of his employees did submit the fake review and apologized. We are glad to see that he also says he fired the person responsible.

Why are you claiming the FPA is wrong about something Jed admitted to and apologized for?

Jed Norwood,
Idaho, USA,
Jan 13, 2016,

This is the real Jed Norwood. This posting from a said Mitch Hedburg from South Heila Albania was committed by an employee of mine from my office. His deceitful actions cost him is job. I have absolutely no reason to falsify a post here or anywhere else on the internet. I hope that you would investigate into me my character and company. We have nothing to hide, no reason to send false messages. We stand by our products and services. I apologize for the actions of the individual who acted inappropriately on my behalf.
Mitch Hedburg (Really Jed Norwood's Office),
sOUTH heila, Albania (Really USA),
Oct 7, 2015,



Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed.

This review was submitted from the same location that Jed Norwood used to sign up for an FPA forums account.

Three minutes before submitting this fake review, this person submitted a fake review claiming to be "mike wallace, kentcky, USA" for ForexProfitClassroom.org, another site Jed Norwood is involved with.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

groningen, Netherlands,
May 15, 2015,

Highly recommended. If you ever struggelled then this is the package for you. Great support. This stategy (Launch pad) works consistantly. You will not win every trade but you will be net profitable and have clear entry and exit. Just blindly following the signals gives a profit factor of between 2.8 and 3.2. Thats enough of an edge to become a profitable trader. Method is simple and charts are clean. Best investment I made.
Brisbane, Australia,
Oct 4, 2014,

I have been a membership for just under 12 mths but due to a bad internet connection had to take a rest. I have since got my internet and tried to log back into the site and page cannot be found. I have tried to contact support numerous times and even skyping Michael their support guy with my problem in logging in and I get no response. I am beginning to think that these guys just took my money and now they can't be bothered getting back to me or if they are even legitimate. I am considering the very real fact that they may be a scam.
robert rawson,
, Australia,
Jul 17, 2014,

After 8 years I finally came across these guys thru a youtube vid. Unbelievable. I spent AUD$4308 on proact and learnt a lot but I still wasn't making money. Years of managed accounts, and buying eas and indicators. You get 60 days free access to NY trading room 2 hours tue,wed, thurs. After a week I knew this was where I wanted to be and paid the $US697 for all the systems. life access to NY trade room. Even the basic Jump start free stuff was great. Better Fib trading. Better understanding of occillator and their use of MT4 is better than the other 4 trade rooms I used to pay for. I was paying about $50 a trade room before. These guys work out at about $2.50 per trade room
Lucas John,
Aug 31, 2011,

Well since the last post a lot has been going on with this team of great forex traders.
The videos kick ass! Once you've done the training there is no way you can come out a failing trader.
I think the trading rooms are the best value as you can trade along side the pros and help each other out with every trade thats made. Good trading community.
At the moment their doing a monthly plan deal thats really made it affordable to learn all they have to offer.

10/10 Guys!
Bill M,
Feb 4, 2011,

I found the basic course to be very good. Bought the Launch Pad course which goes more into detail. For someone that wants more information about Forex trading, I think it's a good course. The Launch Pad course is a lot less than many I have seen with lots of video instructions.
Dec 30, 2008,

Good system.Very profitable, just follow the basic rules, stuff we all should know but forget to use. Good info but a little too expensive. I just did the demo not the more in depth paid version. Seems very good though.