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Updated: Jan 9, 2018
2.561 · 17 REVIEWS
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2.561 · 17 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom,
Jul 29, 2017,

Nifty tool

I found this tool a very useful addition to my trading arsenal. There is no holy grail in forex but this good.
Kevin James,
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 11, 2016,

Not Good

Very poor!! Also scanned this software and found some interesting virus properties indicating that it copies items from your computer . Non existent customer service (what a surprise) charts are ok but nothing you can't chart yourself. My advice would be to steer well clear.
New Zealand, New Zealand,
Sep 9, 2016,

These guys appear to be South Africans and Israelis operating out of Cyprus , not sure who they work for, perhaps leave that up to your imagination.

Do not ever go here, just avoid Autochartist like the plague, better still do the opposite of their "probable recommendations" and you will make money, if you do what they recommend you will lose big time, trust me i have followed them for months and they are WRONG 80% of the time.
Sydney, Australia,
Feb 27, 2016,

I got the program free through my broker. Tried it out on a couple of trades so far, and it worked a treat. The new platform released 2 weeks a go is so easy to use. We will se how it carries on from here on.
david kendall,
essex, United Kingdom,
Jul 22, 2015,

just spent first week trialing autochartist.9 out of 10 trades reversing from recommendation from commision to stoploss.decided if this is happening constantly reverse trades.every day i've emailed a problem and they've told me they'll sort it out.every day something else.today the last email.i took a daily eurtry on recommend.admittedly didnt check first i knew was when it wouldnt allow stoploss at price.turns out this breakout happened about 3 months ago.all this has destroyed a demo account in under 2 weeks at 1 penny per pip.
Hungry Hound,
Tapanui, New Zealand,
Dec 4, 2014,

I watched a review of this product and went onto their website to try and buy it / Use it. Unfortunately it became an exercise in frustration.
I eventually managed to register and download a trial version only to find I could not access it due to having no username or password.
It would appear that the only way to get this product is through a supporting broker.
What is apparently good software is being spoilt by a poor customer web site and marketing system.
Vital Demonti,
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA,
Dec 29, 2011,

I am using the GFT autochartist and I am happy with it. Of course you have to do some work but it gives you reliable charting information. Keep an eye on it and don't forget to set your stops and limits
New York, USA,
Dec 11, 2011,

nice program, poor support. thank god for the webinar on youtube after that support is non existent I have been experiencing problems with mt4 plug in error: error v.2.0.8 - error : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
May 29, 2011,

Okay, finally received the white paper analyzing their data over a ten year period. I must adjust my earlier comment...they do have support, just very slow. The data seems strong. We'll see how it goes.
Denver, CO,
May 24, 2011,

Virtually no support whatsoever! Their CEO claims a 70% success rate. I've asked for proof...no response. I'll stick to drawing my own lines and trusting my knowledge.