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Updated: May 17, 2018
4.107 · 51 REVIEWS
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CompassFX are forex brokers. Compass FX offers the MetaTrader4 top online forex trading platforms. CompassFX.com offers over 20 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.


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4.107 · 51 REVIEWS
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Sydney, Australia,
May 23, 2017,
Registered user

Review on CompassFX Prop Trader, Ray

I have done a few courses but never been moved to review them until now.

CompassFX is the best! No question. I will forever be grateful to Kim for arranging the opportunity for budding traders such as myself to learn from Ray, who is the most generous and knowledgeable teacher and trader I have EVER seen. Of course he expects us to do our part … the work, we have to do the work, learn the process to be able to understand it.

I used to look at charts to take a trade and wonder why only a percentage of them were profitable but now I know why and I know what is going on. I got stuck on indicators previously (most of which lag so no point to them) but how many institutional traders use those? None - I have learned from Ray and Kim at CompassFX - to trade using the economical environment to understand where the big investors are putting their money and where they are not and why; and how to take advantage.
Bob Borneo,
Apr 21, 2016,

Once again Dean Malone of Compass has delivered another home run, perhaps even a grand slam. His updated version of TDI PRO added to his Dots/Guppy system is KILLER GREAT. I only trade from 9-12 Eastern . Hitting 35 to 60 pips almost every day. I'm a client only and have no affiliation with the company.

2015-06-21 5Star I would need way more then 75 characters to tell all of you how great this system, the trade room and many of the traders are, but Dean is a stand out, Stand Up guy the likes of which you will not find elsewhere... PERIOD!!! 'nuff said... Best few bucks you will ever spend, old pro or newbee alike.

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J. Rotan,
Huntsville, USA,
Feb 9, 2016,

This program with Kim, Ray and Steven is a joke. Don't expect to learn much as they are top swindle artists! I ask for help and they refused after I paid their enormous fee. I ask for a refund and did not receive one! SAVE YOUR MONEY. Kim does not trade on here own skills. She follows the inside trades of Mark and Ray and then brags about it.
Nov 1, 2015,

I didn't leave my star rating a while ago. This is a follow up. The course has gotten better as Ray learned retail traders really didn't know what they were doing. He at first went over stuff too quick, now he slows down trying to build peoples knowledge up. Again. very good stuff. But you have to really study cause it is sooooooo much....like a d@#$ college degree almost.

2015-04-18 No rating The prop trading course is the greatest course I have ever seen. I have been trading now for over 2 years and I am blown away by the scottish man ray. He is very kind and patient and goes over lots of winning ideas and mentalities. Together the prop team debunked the whole market maker strategy stuff. The bankers liqidity modle is now what is great. It is more pricey at 2k but, SM stuff costed 5k and it didn't really work. I have had 100 percent weeks, but it safer to do just 20-35 percent to take pressure off. Good luck and good trading!!
Ian Foster,
Harpenden, United Kingdom,
Sep 12, 2015,

I am unsure as to what these reviews are meant to be about.
I was looking in this thread which is supposedly reviews of Brokers.

My review is ONLY of their Prop Time offering

Compass FX is both an IB and education provider:
Their international brokerage is a white label for DirectFX of Australia, which is a decent well regulated broker offering a wide choice of CFDs as well as Spot FX with reasonable spreads.

Their educational and trade rooms side has a few different parts, I see reviews and inference on several in here.
The type of client who buys the Dean Malone products and Trade room is different from those which buy the Mark Coe EOD calls.

And both of those are different from the Prop Trader side of things (Ray de Medici).
There are some doubts if that is his real name, however it is undisputable that:
A). He is a Scot of Italian descent.
B). He is a Quant and Trader still employed as a Quant and possibly also a trader (through the Prop Firm he works for -or more likely part -owns) by 1 or 2 of the big trading Banks.
C). He has many years experience as an institutional trader and Quant.
D). Is the best, most knowledgeable trader that I or any other of his students past or present have come across.
E). Has had other Forex course instructors as his students ( both from The Max [Eusebio has attended for 2 separate periods] and from DayTradingForex who also suggested his course to several of their students).
F). He does NOT teach a system or a set-up, he teaches how many big institutional prop desks trade (or used to trade before being broken up).This means lots of information and a huge amount of work is required for a student to integrate this into their own trading style.
G) If a student can find the time and effort to learn at the pace that a full-time new recruit to a Prop Desk would be expected to learn, then the course and trade room is a no-brainer. There is nobody else out there like Ray - somebody like him teaching retail traders SHOULD NOT EXIST because of contractual Non-Disclosure and because the money he gets barely covers his additional expenses. Basically he it doing it for free because he has a passion and likes a challenge.
London, United Kingdom,
May 26, 2015,

The course is about Ray and his knowledge, pure and simple. None of their other traders have much to offer, the technical side is lacking, the recording are not great, and given the membership and monthly fees relying on Omnovia is a bit low rent. It's FX but with a leaning towards futures - day trading and scalping a few ticks, 5 and 1 minute time frames where you need to be glued to the screen all day. Their other offerings are best avoided IMO - EOD was tragic and DOTS doesn't look much better. I was called up and invited to put some money in their managed fund, requested further information and a track record but nothing arrived. Take Ray out of the equation and the course would have been worthless.

2015-02-28 2Star Their end of day trading system is dismal, appalling results, my cat could do better
No. California, USA,
May 8, 2015,

I entirely agree with Adrian's cogent comments and recommendations. Ray's instruction is on a par with all my prior professors. He is a savant.

However, his supporting cast needs serrious revision.
London, United Kingdom,
May 1, 2015,

If you want to learn to trade like a professional, take Ray's PropTime course at CompassFX. It has been the the best FX trading education I have ever come across. It has taken me three plus years to find this guy and his knowledge is gold dust. The key thing about Ray's course is that it is an education. It requires the student to put in serious effort, but boy is it worth it
London, United Kingdom,
May 1, 2015,

Fantastic course for the price. This course is the bench mark for all other FX courses imo. Other courses I have done have not come close.

It makes me very angry that 'educators' such as 'basic Bollinger band System man' ANDREW MITCHEM for example, can sell such a basic course for the SAME PRICE as one offered by compassfx TAUGHT BY AN INSTITUTIONAL TRADER WITH 30 YEARS experience.


Honestly, the people that have complained about the recordings, I feel your frustration because the information is so excellent. Compass definitely needs to pull there weight to sort that out and FAST!

However, its been the best money I have spent on training, and the other traders I have met have just been fantastic co-workers. Hands down, no other course or trade room has come close. This course is leagues ahead.
Michael Kermit,
Washington, USA,
Apr 28, 2015,

Im not sure who approves these reviews but some of them seem pretty biased. It sounds like the Geoff guy is spouting off a lot of assumptions and half truths. I have know Ray and Steven for over a year now and they both are fantastic traders. I have watched them" real time" destroy the markets. That being said I do agree that Compass needs serious organization. Compass has failed to provide a high quality experience so I did not renew my subscription. Its a shame too because I really enjoyed the room experience. I should also note that I am not profitable myself after a year because I still don't know what I'm doing but I do know that I have to watch the videos at least a few more times if they are ever fixed and working properly. Overall I rate the experience with compass as good but it could be great if it was run better.

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