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3.5 • 9 REVIEWS
Updated: Feb 1, 2024

What is Currenex?

Currenex is a multi functional e-trading platform of GlobalLink.

Currenex offers trading application services such as Trading interface, Liquidity configuration, Market Data, Private label distribution etc. for banks, hedge funds, brokers, fund managers, Corporate etc.

Please read Currenex Reviews below and share your experiences in using this software services.

3.5 • 9 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Currenex

Aug 24, 2009,

Currenex is a platform that should be outlawed.Why?
It has a price maker feature that can accept or reject trades its called "last look".
This feature can falsify prices, distort liquidity and is purely unethical.
More so retail brokers who feed into Currenex are subjected to requotes time after time.
If the price maker doesnt have the balls to honour a price, they shouldnt be in the game.
Im surprised the authroities have allowed this feature to operate.
Paul Chang
Los Angeles,
Jul 28, 2009,

Pros definitely outweighs the cons on this platform.
Pros: Great spreads. Sometimes I can catch positive spreads, believe it or not. True ECN, NDD, so I don't have to worry about a dealer trading against me. Also, execution is fast.
Cons: I use the older version and it does not have charting. Platform was hard to learn, especially if you need to do more complicated orders such as bracket orders. Other than that, Currenex is my best platform choice. It is great for more institutional traders.
Nov 8, 2007,

Great when it works, only problem is I have all too frequently had connection issues right in the middle of trades. I can't exit a position because the platform has lost it's freaking connectivity, so I have to call the order desk at my broker just to trade.

I then will call Currenex, and they very politely tell me "We are aware of the issue and are working on it." Gee, that's nice, but it really doesn't help me when I'm trying to trade and I can't because of connection issues on their end.

I'm not fully aware of what other similar platforms there are out there, but my goodness, there is a golden opportunity for someone. If there was another platform that was similar but offered reliable connectivity, I'd switch in a heart beat. Bottom line, these issues have cost me money, plain and simple.
Oct 12, 2007,

I have read all of the reviews here on Currenex and there are some absolutely correct understandings of the system and brokers etc but also some absolute rubbish and misinformed nonsense so I thought I would try and set the record straight....
Currenex is a software vendor. In order to gain access to Currenex you need a broker to hold your account. Currenex does not have any direct relationships with the liquidity providers or brokers except as a vendor of software, therefor the broker you choose will dictate what terms of business you are on and what pricing you see.
Not all brokers have the same pricing on their versions of currenex as each other, why? Firstly the broker might only have relationships with a few banks, obviously the more banks the better the spread and the deeper the liquidity (theoretically). Secondly, the broker might not be well capitalised and therefore in order to gain access to all the liquidity providers they inturn will use a prime broker. Some of the companies mentioned here do that. Obviously this puts up the fees. Finally, the broker might have many liquidity providers and his credit is fine but the liquidity providers dont like the flow from that brokers clients and therfore the stream a wider price.
So as you can see there are three main reasons as to why the pricing on currenex can be different from broker to broker. In my opinion when choosing a broker you have to consider the following how big is the broker what balance sheet, the smaller they are the more costs there will be and they will have to pass those costs on.
So as you can see above we have looked at the relationship between the Vendor Currenex The brokers and the liquidity providers. Lets now look at the brokers themselves.....So as you can see can the brokers be subjected to different pricing for all the above reasons you then have to factor in what the brokers offer publically in terms of their margin reates and $/per million fees and what they choose what not to tell you.
What they all tell you is their margin rate is 1%,2%, 3% or more and that is dependent on their own credit and risk policies. As you will see if you just make a few phone calls yourselves the larger institutions are more conservative with their margin rates and the smaller capitalised companies offer more aggressive margin rates. If you are highly leveraged then the decision is simple you can only go to a smaller company to get the bang for your buck. If you don't leverage and you are more conservative in your own risk management then the level of margin you pay is a mute point.
In addition the $/per million fee. As above if you are trading with a smaller company that has a prime broker and other people to pay then the fee will be higher. One of the people below mentioned $50 per million.This is criminal. Anyhing above $15 per million is the wrong number and for volume single figures is achievable.
What they don't tell you.....spreading the prices....Did you know that if the price the broker gets from the liquidity providers is less than 1 pip (which it often is, at the time of writing the price I see from my provider is 1.41764/770) They can widen the price a keep the difference. Did you also know that they can also choose for the trade to hit their book rather than allowing it to offset direct with the liquidity provider. And as some one else in this forum suggested they can choose weather they allow the clients prices to match off against each other or not.
So all is not what it seems eh! The brokers have different prices from each other different terms of business and are able to manipulate almost every part of the process. No change there then and those that have suggested its a level playing field need to get their heads out of the sand. I saw someone moaning about the slippage on the platform over numbers and with stop loss order, geez fella get a life!!! what you forget that these positions end up on real peoples desks at the liquidity providers and they have to manage them, so over numbers and in times of volatility the machines don't work.
Currenex is not a matching engine it is not EBS.
That said if you choose the right broker i.e. a larger one tyha doesnt need an prime broker and doesn't widen the prices and offers low $/per million then your off to the races the technology is fantastic and I use it everyday.
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Oct 9, 2007,

FX Guru a request for you. I have dealt with Man Singapore but have not made my account operational. I feel the leverage of 50:1 offered and USD 50/= charges per executed million is rather high on Currenex. I am currently trading on GNI platform of Man Financial.
Although I have been offered USD 12/= per million executed trade and a leverage of 66 times at 1.5% by ADMIS Derivatives (Who operate out of Chicago, I would like to have an accountin Singapore because the brokers are regulated by SGX and there is safety of funds deposited.
Any suggestions will be welcome at my Email would be welcome.
Many thanks and cheers
Fx Guru
Apr 24, 2007,

Hi Guys, Manfinancial Singapore uses the Currenex technology for their front-end Fx Trader. It is very fast and efficient. Manfinancial has the best spreads. 1 pip in majors. 2/3 pips in crosses even gbpjpy is 2 pips. awesome!.They are now introducing live quotes on your mobile phones.I have been with them for 1 year and they are really good. check them out.
Oct 13, 2006,

Currenex is NOT a broker. Currenex is a trading platform that requires a broker and liquidity providers. If you want to use the platform then you need to find a broker that uses Currenex and the question to ask them is how many liquidity providers they have and who they are. Most brokers who offer access to Currenex usually require that the client has at least $50k to open an account. Some brokers that offer access to Currenex are ODL Securities, CapitalForexPro, and some of the banks use the Currenex platform also. This is an institutional quality platform where your broker is not on the other side of your trade - it is just you and the liquidity providers that your broker uses hence the more liquidity providers then the more competitive the prices will be.
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Sep 21, 2006,

looks good with professional functionalities. prices quite tight during normal market conditions. auto stop loss sucks trigger big time away a bit too extreme. figures night pricing is as bad as it gets. system wise need a good pc with sufficient resources to run the system smoothly. g problem trying to get in and run properly sometimes.
phorex phreak
cayman islands,
Sep 3, 2006,

the best traders in the world trade on currenex, great fills and spreads are unbeatable, sometimes choice......
Jun 22, 2006,

Pure matching system, i've tried several and this was the worst one. I've seen prices been dealt all over the market through my bids and offers and still never been matched, this tells me that its such a good system no one can be bothered to even arb it.