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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

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, Spain,
Oct 16, 2015,

Hi there,

Just wanted to update this thread, to let you know that FXCC is now Tradingrex, we moved to the web in order to provide faster product updates and better customer support, so if you want to have the nice trading analysis features of FXCC (and much more) you can still have them with Tradingrex.

Have a look at

Founder, Tradingrex
May 23, 2011,


Trading is all about getting the odds in your favour. Forex Control Center plays a very big role in the same. If you use it efficiently it can be a powerful weapon in your trading arsenal.

The basic report from Metatrader is ok for beginner however once you start climbing the forex success ladder, FCC can slice and dice the data beautifully to present you some valuable lessons hidden in all your trades. The information that it presents is really priceless.

If you are serious about trading then I highly recommend this tool to you. I am not affiliated nor do I work with them. I am only offering you the truth. However, I don't encourage you to buy it rightaway, to better understand the product please try their demo application which will give a gist of what the product is all about. If you feel this product can give you value then just go for it.

Wish you very best in your trading career.

Mar 31, 2011,

I have used Forex Control Center for last 6 months, and it has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to analysing trades from statements. It has to capability to import statement data files from Metatrader, and a couple of other sources. It is friendly to use, and with one click you can get a nice graphical representation of what is going on. I use it to analyse the results of my EAs, as I find that successful pairs and time frames can be seen in a glance. I like being able to edit particular trades out of the statement and then conducting a reanalysis on the results. It saves me retesting refined EA for performance according to times once I have removed Fridays or bad days. A must have tool for the serious trader who wants to analyse their EAs or personal strategies. Five out of five from me, as it has been problem free, and saved me hours messing around with spreadsheets. Nice work Fernando.
Feb 9, 2010,

This is a 'must have' product for any serious forex trader.
FXCC has saved me hours and hours of time.
Great database and great support from Fernando.
Jul 13, 2009,

I repeat the post because it seems that i forgot the rating.

One of the best Tools i had ever seen on the Forex Market. This Tool gives you the Possibility to import all your Trading history Data and make in a short Time (just e few Clicks) a deep Analysis of all your Trades. I like the Charts and also the different filtering Possibilities this Tool offers you. You can manage several Accounts (also all your Demo Accounts) with this Tool.
I was looking for Tool that decreases the Time i need for making my Analysis with my different Accounts.
Now after Months i can throw my Excel Sheets away.
I also had a special Requirement for a Chart...and they implemented this very well into the newest Version.
They also have a very great Support.

A very great Tool in this Market...
Phoenix AZ US,
Dec 27, 2008,

I have been using Forex Control Center for the past several months. In regards to the information that is displayed, it is much easier to comprehend that the typical statements that are generated from the Metatrader Account History. It would be something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to analyze their trading data in greater detail. I also like that it gives an overall portfolio analysis which could be compromised of many different strategies. The support has been superb whenever I had a technical glitch, and they are open to suggestions for improving the software.
Oct 11, 2008,

Forex Control Center is one of the most advanced Forex trading solutions on the market, providing all the tools to give the Forex trader the edge necessary for success in Forex trading. Forex Control Center allows the trader to analyze, organize, compare and customize all trading information in one common environment.

With the release of the new 2.1 version we have added a lot of new features:

- Free version, with all the features of the full version limited to one account
- Metatrader statement import engine improved
- Oanda statement import engine
- More detailed statistics
- More charts
- Better trading diary
- Internal improvements that make it faster and secure
- Automatic updates
- And a lot more of new features...