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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.577 · 10 REVIEWS
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3.577 · 10 REVIEWS
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Asia, Japan,
Jan 8, 2012,

This is an update to my last review.

I have been following fx-daytrader for the past few years and can verify the performance page on thier website. I have benefited from thier trade calls for many years. Up until recently they have been as close to a perfect signal service as there can be. Their biggest monthly draw down was approx. 300 pips, and they never suffered 2 losing months in a row. However, I am very unhappy to have to report that all this changed in October, 2011. Most of their trades during October were stopped out which led to an approx. 1200 pip loss in total for the month. Furthermore, one of their trade calls ( buy eur/usd @ approx 1.4050 ) was about to be stopped out. They then instructed their subscribers to remove the stop loss. The trade continued in the red for hundreds of pips. fx-daytrader.com continued to assure their subscibers that they were confident that the trade would turn around. I canceled my subscription at the end of November, at which time this trade was down approx. 400 pips. Also, due to the fact that they continued to instruct their subscribers to re-sell eur/usd, October's profit/loss was close to -2000 pips. Combine this with the fact that November' s trade performance was also in the red, I have been led to believe that their has been some sort of change with-in their company, and that their past performance is now null and void.

2010-08-30 4Star I have been following "FX-DayTrader" since September of 2009. This is a very solid signal service. They use wide stops which could make some people nervous at the start, however, they have averaged 300 pips per month (Jan~July 2010) and have not had a minus month so far in 2010 (Jan~July 2010). The month to month performance record that they have on the web site is accurate. One of the best signal services out there.
Spain, Spain,
Nov 8, 2011,

I am one month, the performance is very well in the page, but i lost all my money in October, more then 600 pips!!! when they say -300 pips drawdown historical!. Scam!!!. I dont see October 2011, in the web, it doesnt interest to developers and i am in middle of November. For me a complete disaster. I have best systems in my hands. Soon i have a web with big profits and you pay me for a lie The perfect business. Scam, scam, and scam. If i will have a good system, never an never i will sell signals. Its the true. Never see a developer dont give to you a detailed trades, Never!!!! They dont have detailed trades in the web.
Washington, USA,
Nov 5, 2011,

This is not even close to the holy grail of signals contrary to the impression you get reading most of the opinions expressed here. On the strength of the previous entries shown here, I signed up for this service 6 weeks ago, and traded the signals live. The performance has been really mixed to poor: the last 5 signals in a row have gone to FULL STOP OUT, and they have been big stops at that.

If you use these signals, only trade with small positions.
Jonathan Cole,
Ealing, United Kingdom,
Oct 24, 2010,

I joined this service in September and I have been most impressed. The service only gives out around 8 signals a month which at first I thought was disappointing, but the quality of the signals is simply amazing. In October the service has only provided 3 signals and I have real profit of 582 pips! If you want a simple service with a few highly profitable signals I would definitely recommend this service.
Los Angeles,
May 28, 2010,

Bad Bad bad - cant count the number of times they have had bad calls and not put stops on their trades - they try to average down their bad trades and end up further in a whole - all could be prevented with stops ...... THEY DONT USE THEM ON EVERY TRADE
T Gardner,
Dec 29, 2009,

I joined them in December 2009 and the signals are excellent. I am an expat working for a multinational over here in Bangkok and love to trade forex in my spare time. The signals are simply outstanding and for the low fee they charge every month I highly recommend this service. I get the signals right on my blackberry and have made some serious money this month.
Jonathan W Hughes,
London, UK,
Jul 31, 2009,

I joined this service in March 2009 and am very happy with their honesty and trading style. I admit July has been a poor month with the first time they are in a loss but since March I am doing very well with their signals. I have subscribed to their sms service and the signals come in usually in the European morning but they are a swing type of signal service and most of the trades results in winners. Even with this months drawdown the service has given me over 1000 pips since March and I would recommend them to forex traders.
May 6, 2009,

I joined this service some weeks back and was disappointed because I thought it was a day traders forum but actually they do some swing-style trading which I had not done before and honestly that made me skeptical but I am very happy with this service as I am posting profits and that keeps the wife satisfied. Is that all that makes women happy? Maybe that should be in another forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Feb 18, 2009,

Very simple and very good, honest
Feb 7, 2009,

The current service (swing trades via email) offered by this company is a new service following them having abandoned the daytrading room (scalp trades) due to the high cost of the daytrader.

It's to early to predict how it is likely to perform in the log run.

They use large TP's and SL's (both +/-200 pips), which is OK if you're a serious trader and trade at least 3 to 5 mini's so as to make it 400-500 pips profit in a month worth your while.

Large TP's and SL's are also Ok if they remain disciplined and keep the Reward:Risk ratio near 1:1.

Many other former services have tried this approach in terms of larger TP's and SL's, though ultimately they succumb to temptation and close trades early at +100 for example, thus reducing the R:R ratio to less than 1:1.

This works for a while, though sooner or later the market catches up with them and they have a string of 200-300 pip losers which wipe out accumulated profits.

"Wait and see" is my opinion.