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Updated: Aug 7, 2015
3.712 · 12 REVIEWS
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3.712 · 12 REVIEWS
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Vienna, Austria,
Aug 5, 2015,

I'm not satisfied with PipHut customer service. Normally they should reply to you within 24 hours but this never happened with me. When they answer many days later, i've completely forgot my request.
I also warn you about the free signal which does not worth, the performance is below my expectation. Maybe when you upgrade to the paid signal you get better results, but i can't say as i didn't try.

Anyway be careful with PipHut bc bad customer service + bad free signal performance results are not a good sign at all.
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 18, 2012,

The free EURUSD signals/comments are very good indeed! I have my own strategies but I do read through PipHut every day and it is excellent! They have helped me take many nicely profitable trades.
Bahrain, Bahrain,
Jan 9, 2012,

I have been following piphut (Mark's) signals for years now, although I no longer use his entry and exit levels, I still check his analysis to compare it to mine. Just like any trader he makes mistakes and unless you have taken each and every signal of his for reasonable amount of time, you can never judge how good or bad he is. I for one have not done so but can say just as I won I have lost with him but never kept record so dont know my win/loss ratio.

I have tried his Pro software as soon as it was out for about 6 months if I am not mistaken, its good for beginners who dont know about candlesticks and can be profitable almost every time if you were extremely patient since highly profitable candlesticks are rare and thats what his program does is it detects tradeable candlestciks and gives you the win/loss ratio among other things. He has updated his software but not enough to convince me to subscribe for it again. I have my own strategy that I am happy with so unless it adds to what I have got going at the moment I dont see a good reason. But its great for beginners.

FYI he has promised to share his trades live for a fee of course but nothing happened. Its been almost 2 years so you never know whether that will happen or not
toronto, Canada,
Nov 21, 2011,

as a one time CandlePro subscriber I can say with experience that the only good thing about Piphut is the free signal for EUR/USD and the forum. The free stuff is actually a GREAT thing. As far as Candle Pro goes... There is not now, nor will there ever be a program you can buy to guarantee profitable trading (especially these days with all the current economical tragedies undermining historical data). A new trader must learn the ever changing tides of forex through demo and/or live accounts (always remembering the 3% max risk of risk capital at any one time) coupled with books and free websites like piphut and forexpeacearmy. Price action is the key.
Jan 31, 2011,

it gives hope and confidence to new traders
the Analysis is candlesticks at support resistanse, simple and it works for the newer traders

the forum is good

Dec 16, 2010,

Good site, they mentioned trade ideas and their ideas works good and give huge profit is you having some trading knowledge you can make good pips just by following simple strategy of piphut
Nov 24, 2010,

This website is no good if you wish to follow signals. They post delayed signals and claim those entries which already have happened in the market. They are only good for newbies who have no idea. They also have some promoters who love to post good comments and claim they are making pips. They make outlandish claims of big pips when most of people that follow do not make them. The man does not show his statements of reports to validate his claims. I say this, because my friend has been following them and he has vouched this. Also they play dirty tactics by placing fake testemonials. If you go here:

"Dano says:
PipHut's CandlePRO has allowed me to learn a great deal of information on technical trading that I wasn't able to pick up on by myself through reading and reading... It's more of a hands on experience that causes you to learn "on the fly" while in real time chat with other traders who have profitable trading strategies! This is the real kicker that speeds the learning process.. it's like an extended family of forex traders who love trading! "

You can clearly see wonderful comments made about piphut website. Well there is only one person called Dano, and that is my friend. He has made many opposing comments on the piphut board. He has never said anything like this. These comments are fake and made up by the website owner and they used DANO name without his consent. They should take them off and show some respect.
Shadi ,
Aug 22, 2010,

Bad behaviour, I followed his signals and it goes wrong always. One to be avoid
Mar 5, 2010,

Fantastic site. Excellent daily analysis of E/U from an experienced trader. Gives daily suggestions of what trades to be looking for but more importantly explains how he makes his decisions. I'm a far better trader for reading his comments each day.
Feb 23, 2010,

Great great site, his signals are very helpful, it is totally free, he does not push anything down your throat and does not allow spam or advertisements, LOVE THIS GUY, Yes this site is better than anything else. I check other sites but they usually fizz out like Forexlive it is okay but a good number of their citings do not take place like buy or sell orders by the big banks, they may come about the next day or so but not when you really need to know. Mark Norris is at least 80 per cent on traget, I have actully taken his short under the Resistance as my entry and took his last recommenddation as my TP and made good profit. Now nothing is a 100 per cent but he does a good job with his suggested signals and he teaches you to be independent not to take his word for it. Give this site nothing but AAA ratings remember he charges nothing nothing did I say nothing so even when he might be off you do not lose anything.