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Updated: May 14, 2018
2.864 · 6 REVIEWS
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2.864 · 6 REVIEWS
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Sep 6, 2011,

Well I've received an expensive education in NOT BELIEVING "HassleFree Money Back Guarantee" when it forms a repeated written and spoken hinge-pin of a Bill Poulos Sales Contract. There's no way you'll get your money back and that's how he makes his dough. Most people soon realize that the fluff factor in the course content is maximal and opt for their money back (but that's when he just cuts you off).... and leaves you high and dry.

So only foolish people who don't web-research the distinctive name of Bill and Greg Poulos on this forum will be fleeceable in the future. Luckily for Bill there's still plenty of suckers like me around.
I call it fraud and theft, not sure what you'd call it. But it does seem par for the average FOREX course.
Edmonton, Canada,
Jul 17, 2011,

Hi, I purchased this on the 3 payment plan of about $760/mo.
But that was only after I emailed the maker, Bill Poulos, where
he verified a new inexperienced trader could use his system
because there's a Forex beginner DVD video included in the course.

After I received the course, and about 10 minutes into the
Ignition method video I knew I was in trouble. To me, it's
complete gibberish as he talks and explains using terms
of a highly-experienced trader. Yes, you DO feel confident
in his expertise, but I am completely lost with this.

I wrote their support a few times for clarification of some terms
(eg. I did not know that "bar" and "candle" are the same thing)
So, the support is 3/5 stars and not 4/5 only because it takes
more than 24 hours to get a reply.

There is ALOT of detail going on in the examples, and I feel
frustrated because I simply cannot follow what he's doing.
Bill keeps saying "simple" and "easy" in the videos, but
that makes me feel even more humbled.

One main issue I have is that the videos are a fixed size and
you cannot zoom in to (perhaps) get more detail. Everything
is too tiny IMHO.

Anyway, I personally have not done ANY trading on Forex.
I have watched enough videos from others to get the jist of
how MT4 works for example. I think I expected too much from
the Beginners video - the level does not match what's needed
for the actual course material.

Quality-wise, it is a very professionally designed and packaged
product. Nothing feels cheap here.

Okay, so I asked for a refund at the 30 day mark (there's a
60 day, at least, guarantee.) I was informed that part of the
guarantee is that he needs to see proof that you traded with
his system for 10 days consistent, Demo or Real, win or lose.
However, since I cannot understand his material, I would have
rely on the signals sent to his provided FIE 2.0 software.
(which again is professional and high-quality). Only problem is
I have been cut-off from the signals because of non-payment
of my second $760 due at day 31. Now I'm stuck. I don't want
to pay anymore because this is WAY over my readiness level
and I'm pretty sure I won't be ready even in another 30 days.

SO, bottom line of my review is make sure you ARE experienced
at Forex trading, maybe 6 months-ish because this course is
Mid to Advanced level in my opinion - definitely NOT for beginners.

I am hoping Bill will come clean and just okay a refund because
of the mis-step in my initial email. Else, I never would have
bought this course.

Edmonton, Canada
Jeremy ,
Jun 30, 2010,

Disregard the "Sold Out" sign posting on this website. Forex Income Engine 2.0 is still selling at this website http://www.forexincomeengine.com.

I like to rate this product with an Excellent performed rate.

Why? Bill taught me the three methods: Spring, Ignition and Over Drive. I applied these methods in my day trading.

How? I used D1 chart, it works fantastic. I took trade at 00:00GMT everyday, placed the trades, and then went on with my day. It took me less than one hour to analysis six major pairs of the Forex market.

I recommended this product to new traders as well as professional traders because I made profit triple my balance in just a week or two.

I recommend to trade these method on demo account for 6 months.
Houston, Tx,
Dec 10, 2009,

Listen everyone...first of all...I don't know about you, but $2000 - $2200 is alot of money! -Even if it's broken up into the special three payments option! I had the fortunate (given this economy) opportunity of purchasing Bill and Greg Poulos' FIE 2.0. So, allow me to cut to the point. Purchase it at your own risk!! Are they scamming you?? Hell no...plain and simple. They're good at what they do - marketing catchy websites that contain the multimedia splash of examples...based from the trading material. Listen, it's a deal...you get to learn three methods (the two latter methods were more complex in steps than the first one). However, the price...as it's been already said...is too much for the material.
Although it's good for the very beginner, it wasn't exactly what I was personally looking for. I will happily admit that Bill and Greg steered me in the right direction of what I'm suppose to be looking for as a "mid-grade" forex-trading novice. -Simplicity of methods/strategies in combination with a few good indicators, and all mixed into a bowl of solid education that really allows you to learn the market...which inturn creates what I would call, "a living system". This is what forex is suppose to be about people...when it comes to its education - as you learn and grow with knowledge about forex...your profits and legacy is suppose to grow with you! -A living system...remember that everyone!
Too many steps loses me...and I personally felt like there were too many steps to this. And flexible trading is nothing new when you have several different time frames, and over a dozen currency pairs to work with! IT'S UP TO YOU to get up early in the morning, trade during your hour lunch break, or hop to trading after the kids go down...night school, or you've watched the late night news!! It's up to you; the discipline is a constant variable. In the end...I asked for a refund. The staff for Bill and Greg were GREAT in their support of my refund - no problems! Yes, they're marketers for what I would believe to be for newbies to forex, but they're honorable men who are just taking advantage of the oppportunity train while it's here - I don't blame them. I would've wanted less steps, more meat, and a lower price within this economy! I'm not here to endorse them, and I'm not here to bash them either. My results are my personal reflection of my developing trading style - that's all. If others agree with this or disagree...well...ok...and sorry all-in-one! FIE 2.0 wasn't my bag of gold for forex education, pricing, and that overall "I-totally-get-it-feeling!". But then again...to each his own.
Nov 4, 2009,

I used profit accelerator for nearly a year. I made really good money on it for a while but the markets were mostly trending and and his indicators got you in at the right time but when the markets got choppy and started reaching in a volitile manner I started losing most of the money I had made. if his indicators said go long it would only go long enough to get me into a trade then reverse guaranteed. Many days the market moved exactly opposite of what the indicators said untill I finally lost all confidence in the system
New Jersey,
Sep 7, 2009,

I got a chance to review a Poulos training program. Now I can submit a rating honestly. Before I posted commentary and to have offered a rating of any kind would not have been honest.

I was able to watch and review not Forex Income Engine, but one of his latest deals...

Overall, the information is truthful and generally accurate. The program does not really do what is claimed though by providing you with a complete trading system, unless you love vague guidance.

He does teach Forex basics, goes into the history, explains pairs, pips, Banks, etc.

So, basically, 90% of his program is what is already freely available!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other 10% focuses on trading trends, and goes over finding trends, using some tech indicators like ADX ( I somewhat disagree with how he uses it though, Chuck LeBeau teaches it better!)

I don't feel it honestly gives a clear and accurate way to trade. I think Poulos tried with sincerity. But a beginner will find it very general. He does get detailed with handling trends, staying out of choppy ranges, he does spend time on what not to trade....but many traders would trade those box ranges just fine! I know I do!

The quality of the videos is very good. They are downloadable and run as executable packages with side bar navigation. Very nice.

It is just that OVERALL, as a WHOLE there is not much substance. A beginner is still not going to know what to do and will need to buy more from Poulos. An intermediate or advanced trader will not learn anything at all. If you do, you are NOT intermediate or advanced! lol

Because as a whole Poulos sells it as a COMPLETE solution, I have to give it one star.

Here is a quote from the front page of the Nitty Gritty website -
"Is there a way to go from complete Forex beginner to profitable Forex trader in the shortest time possible? Yes, there is
Robert Stephen,
Sydney Australia,
Jul 6, 2009,

I have purchased both Forex Income Engine 1 & 2 from Bill poulos.
The 1st course was ok, nothing spectacular, The system does ok when the markets are trending nicely and the candles have few if any wicks, as entry relies on candle bodies rather than whole candles.

I purchased the 2nd course, to have a look at what improvements had been made, thankfully this course is alot better than the 1st, and certainly is easy to follow. Thankfully he only charged me 500 given that I'd already paid him 2k for the other course.

He gives plenty of trade examples to help you pick up the methodology, his website is updated daily with trade examples from that day from various pairs and time frames.

In my experience I think he is a reputable vendor who provides beginners with a trading system from start to finish. He provides good support to help you pick up the methodology and his FIE courses can be applied with flexibility to trade any time frame depending on your schedule.

And he'll happily refund the purchase price if you're not happy with the product/content.

I certainly believe the 2nd course is better than the 1st by a fair margin.

My 2 cents worth

Jun 29, 2009,

I had this system in my hand and after a sneak preview on it in my opinion worth at most 100 USD.
Has 6 modules. 5 of them can be easily replaced by studying BabyPips. The "meat" of the system is one module based of some candlestick patterns and ADX ant ATR.
Hope none of you ever spend 2000 USD on such a thing.
New Jersey,
Apr 7, 2009,

Again...here is another update. Further proving the marketing hype behind this organization. I have not posted every single marketing email I get...it would take up way too much time and space here...but I think you can get the general idea.

This latest message is to motivate those on his email list to catch another "last minute, not going to last, hurry, hurry, fork over your money without thinking" type deal. Again...he is always running out of time...and you always have to rush. No way would I spend a dime here.


I have never tried this system, do not make claims as to whether it works or not. I am merely revealing what I feel is a clear warning sign for disappointment. FAST BUCK MARKETING.

Now the message unaltered except hyperlinks deleted


Good news / bad news time...

The bad news is that my Forex Profit Accelerator (FPA) home
study course was pulled off the market last Wednesday, when
its big re-release expired.

(I'm already working with my new group of students.)

But over the past week, I've received an unusual amount of
emails from those folks who "missed the boat"... basically
PLEADING with me to let them have a copy of the course.

More bad news: I don't know if I can fulfill all of those
requests because I really want to keep this next group of
students together so some don't fall behind others.


So here's the good news.

In order to give everybody who wrote to me a fair shot, I'm
re-opening up the FPA enrollment page RIGHT NOW.

* But only through Thursday, April 9th, at 11:59pm Eastern (New
York time).

* Or only for the next 35 traders who ACT.

Why 35?

Well, this year marks the 35th year I've been trading the

Also, I already have hundreds of traders who signed up on my
'Soldout' page over the past week for my notification list, so
these 35 copies will be gone - the question is HOW SOON... ?

So if you missed out last week, and want a final chance to "get
in", go ahead and claim your copy of my step-by-step Forex home
study course that reveals how you can finally achieve Forex
F-R-E-E-D-O-M in less than 20 minutes a day...

Get it here:


Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. These final 35 copies will be "doled out" on a first come
first served basis, so please be sure to make your decision
quickly and then do your best to grab one of the remaining
copies here:


Remember, that page will expire on Thursday, April 9th at
11:59pm Eastern (New York time).
New Jersey,
Feb 4, 2009,

An update -
as I stated in my previous posts. lots of hype and marketing with Bill Poulos. Here is an example...a direct quote taken from the emails I get from him. Judge for yourself.

Since the initial offer has expired, I've received quite a few
requests from traders asking when I would be releasing more
copies of the course...

-Many folks said they were interested in the course, but just
couldn't make the deadline because they needed more time to go
through my "flexible forex" training videos.
That's understandable... there was a LOT of content in those

So, because I've already gotten through the initial "surge" of
student support inquiries from those who made it in earlier this

-I've decided to release a few more copies of the Forex Income
Engine beginning TODAY.

HOWEVER, here's the catch:

* I'm only keeping the window open through this THURSDAY,
February 5th, 2009, at 11:59pm Eastern.

* I may pull the offer down early.

Now honestly, does anyone believe he is going to stop selling this product if people want to keep paying for it???

I cannot judge his system. But this kind of behavior should scare off anybody with common sense!