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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.941 · 12 REVIEWS
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3.941 · 12 REVIEWS
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Lee Henry,
Morrice Michigan,
Aug 18, 2009,

This company has a very poor customer service. After the free week signal service, I wanted to ask questions before I took out subscription. They would not answer emails, fax sent or phone call. Perhaps this is a Mom & Pop operation. Good signals or not, customer service can be life or death for a company. I give it a "Bad ting"
Jul 20, 2009,

Fabricated results!
Stay Away!
They remove losing trades to improve their reported results.

I was a live client in June via "Channel 2" (one specific trader) and was up 900 pips in closed trades though 4 open trades had been let run to be about -1,000 in drawdown.

These trades were closed and the month ended negative.

However, the 4 losing trades were then removed from the trade history so that the results show a positive month.

Just another scam organisation.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Mar 3, 2009,

My initial subscription for the 7 day free trial (with credit card) in November proved to be useful because the week of the free trial was profitable. So, I extended my membership and have been profitable every month. I have no complaints and the service efficiently delivers the trade alerts. I highly recommend this service and give it a 5 star rating.
R. Ivy,
Mar 2, 2009,

Incredibly good low risk trades, always use stops and limits. Very good trade alerts. Usually 4-5 trades a day, some weeks are more active and usually no more than 2 trades open at a time. I have been a subscriber to the service since June 2008 with profits every month. Most trades occur between 2:00 AM-11:00 AM, alerts come thru member login, audible, text and email alerts. In December I set up an auto execute account which has been very profitable. Risk management is very safe. These guys are very good.
James Kugler ,
Feb 28, 2009,

Forex Signals Plus is absolutely the best and most reliable service I have ever used. In just the first 5 months I have made over 6,000 pips and my self directed account is up over 60%. At the end of this post I will add a link( if allowed by this posting service ) where you can view all of my trades on my real live account from October 6, 2008-Feb.28, 2009. 100% of the trade entries are from forexsignalsplus alerts. My entry and exit prices will vary slight, somtimes I get a better entry than the alert, sometimes I get a worse entry, but essesntially, all the trades are from ForexSignalsPlus alerts. They also offer a auto execute service but I have not used this option, though I plan to do so soon. Here is what I find most impressive about this service, they use very tight stop loss, usually 20-30 pips, and almost every trade sees 20-30 pips within the first 15 minutes. So, what I do is close out 1/2 of the trade around 20 pips then just follow their alerts from that point, adjusting the stop and exiting when they exit. I use the member login so I receive the alerts within nanoseconds. Again, almost every trade immediately sees a few pips profit and rarely do I ever see a trade immediately go negative. Oh, one other note, ForexSigalsPlus primarily trade the USD pairs and seldom do they trade the JPY pairs. I asked them about this and they said that they only trade the JPY pairs if the trade can be entered within their stop loss criteria. They had a GBPJPY trade last week, went over 100 pips, they closed it for 60 pips, but it never went more than 10 pips against the entry and they used a 20 pip inital stop! This is what mean when I say almost every trade they enter goes positive in the first 15 minutes. I think they must have some program generating these alerts because I am amazed to see almost ever trade in profits within the first few minutes. Now, they dont always bank those initial pips, but I looked back over some recent trades and had I just closed all the trades out for +20 pips I would have exceeded their results. OK, I have said enough. Go to this link and see for yourself. You can see that this is a real statement.
Ralph G.,
McKinney, Texas,
Feb 26, 2009,

I just came across this review and thought I would share with everyone my personal experience with Forex Signals Plus. I hope that anyone who reads this will find it useful in reaching a decision to subscribe to this service. First of all, I have tried several other alert services and continue to try others services but have found none better than Forex Signals Plus. And here is why, they are very conservative and trade with tight stops and have made profits every month. The do not allow trades to swing several hundered pips against as so many other services do, but enter most trades with 20-30 pips maximum stop loss. I initially subcribed to this service back in September 2008 and continue to use the service to this day. I received trade signals through their professional alert package offered by Forex Signals Plus. During the last 6 months I have made several thousand pips with their alerts, they show 6,764 pips gained during the last 6 months. My results were better because I would hold my trades to target whereas they would often close the trades with trailing stops. In December I decided to utulize their auto execute feature whereby they would automatically place the alerts in my FX account. This has been very profitable with my account gaining over 10% in profits during the time I have been in auto execute. They trade small positions with tight stops and I like their conservative approach. I have never had a loosing month with this service. Forex Signals Plus auto executes all trades into my account using 1% of the available equity. I have asked them to increase the % allocation per trade and they said they will soon do so. As explained to me, Forex Signals Plus objective is to position all auto execute accounts with profits so that when they increase the % allocation per trade they can do so while limiting the risk to the profits already gained. Anyway, they are very conservative with their trading and I have trust in their ability to auto execute my account. Any losses have been very, very small and they win 70% of their trades. I highly recommend this service. I hope this information has been useful.
David Nguyen,
Dallas, Texas,
Jan 17, 2009,

Myself, my brother and brother law subsribe to signal service for daily trades. We are very happy. We trade our account together. We divide trading so we catch all trades. Forex Signals Plus do not delete loosing trades. We know this we watch all trades. We use member login, email and text message of all trades. No trades deleted. This is false claim. The traders there are very, very good. You must try and see. We also try the auto execute in december with small account. Our auto execute account is 10% profits today. We still like to trade our account. This service is very, very good. We like and we all happy. We hope everyone do well to. All should say 5 star.
FSP Support Team,
Orlando, FL,
Jan 16, 2009,

This is a response to the before mentioned comments from:

Joseph S, NY 2009-01-12
Tim W. Charlotte, NC 2009-01-15

Our objective is not to defend against anyone
Tim W.,
Charlotte, NC,
Jan 15, 2009,

I subscribed to this service and received signals for all three trading periods. I was impressed at first, then I started seeing negative trades happening that did not get posted on the performance page. The trades come through a 'member's only page' and are supposed to be transferred over to the performance page. If you are not in front of your computer at the close of the trade, you won't see it happening. When I wrote the person at Forex Signals Plus (Lee), he said that it was a software problem. Funny thing, the positive trades never missed getting transferred over to the performance page. As of the writing of this review, he still has not updated the performance page. The only reason I'm giving two stars is because of the positive trades, but I've cancelled my subscription.

Joseph S,
Jan 12, 2009,

Well, I will admit that their signals are decent. HOWEVER, if you subscribe to their automated trading platform, which i am, the results are awful. Their performance page states that they are up over 400 pips since the beginning of January. My account is less than 100 dollars in profit!!! and i trade .5 LOTS!! HALF of the trades on my official report page are losers, and guess what, ARE NOT listed on the performance page. Their response to this was "Technical Errors"!! Also if it says the trade made 100 pips on the performance page, my account would usually say 20-30 pips profit. DO NOT use their automated platform, it is not EVEN CLOSE to matching the performance page.