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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
2.408 · 36 REVIEWS
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2.408 · 36 REVIEWS
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, Australia,
Sep 1, 2013,

When they didn't respond to my support tickets, I requested a cancellation. They took my money anyway. I insisted on a refund and did not hear from them. I had to go to my bank and cancel the credit card and file a fraud report. Now that my credit card details are useless to them, they keep sending payment requests once a day. I don't see them now that they go to my spam folder.
David Walker,
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA,
Aug 2, 2013,

I would like to share that I too have been left out in the cold by this company (forexvps.com). I accidentally ordered the wrong thing, then when I tried to contact them via web form ticket, they do not respond. I have opened like five or six tickets. They just don't answer at all. When I dug around and finally found their phone number, it is just as the other reviews here, they don't return phone calls either. They keep charging my credit card too, and when I complained to my credit card company (Rushcard), they told me the only way to stop a merchant from continuing to charge my card with recurring charges was to CANCEL my credit card!! I sure as heck didn't want to do that! I would have to change a lot of things with a lot of people. I definitely did not want to cancel my card. Still, they told me that was my only recourse; they could not stop the merchant from charging me.

I have left at least five messages on their voice mail; they have never returned my phone calls.

I wish the FBI or someone would shut these people down. They are taking money from people's credit cards and not providing services promised in return.

California, USA,
Jun 14, 2013,

This company's customer support use to answer emails well but the phone number was a total joke as it was just a VM that was not returned .

Now, they do not even answer emails.

I strongly recommend someone else, I do not understand why they would have such bad service when they have a great website (And Domain) name from a marketing standpoint.

Too bad.
, New Zealand,
Oct 29, 2012,

My experience is exactly the same as the last review.

Had an EA running

I cannot access VPS via RDC
I have submitted 3 critical support tickets without any response
I have rung the company and was invited to leave a message by their system - thye have not responded

I have had to have all live trades cancelled by my Forex provider and also have the account suspended

I have emailed ForexVPS and told them to cancel my service

I will not know whether they attempt to charge my credit card for the next period until after 12 November

I can only assume they have folded without telling anyone

Thomas Sturgeon,
Pittsburgh PA, USA,
Oct 21, 2012,

This was once a great provider. Now I cannot even access the site. I was left with trades running and no way to stop them except to call the broker. They will not respond to emails, help tickets, or phone calls. THEY WILL NOT STOP CHARGING MY CREDITY CARD and even the credit card company cannot reach them. Stay away from this group.
Emanuele ,
, Italy,
Sep 23, 2012,

I'm having the same problems of craneliu and Rick.
In past it was a good service but now it is terrible. No support online 24/7 no reply to ticket amd my data on server 2003 was lost....
Hans Ng,
Singapore, Singapore,
Sep 10, 2012,

Sh** company, my server down for 4 times in 3 months. Email them but no reply. All my trades are running and i cant do anything. bye bye Forexvps u suck...
Rick S.,
SouthWestern Ontario, Canada,
Sep 8, 2012,

I have been a customer of ForexVPS for years (at least 3). As is posted here recently they asked me to convert from Windows server 2003 to 2008. Since then, access to my VPS has been blocked or has broken down (unknown domain when I try to login from RDP). My support tickets are being ignored. My VPS is still running and I have open trades that need my attention. No communication whatsoever in three days now.
, Singapore,
Sep 6, 2012,

I used ForexVPS for about one year. Recently they sent one email to ask me to shift to 2008 system from 2003. But I could not could 2008. my 2003 platform also down, could not log in. but the trades (MT4 and EAs are still open). I am not sure what happened to them.
I send my email and ticket to their support. but five days passed, no any feedback. I also could not get the through by the call. any body here from Forexvps can give some feedback?
Manila, Philippines,
Sep 5, 2012,

They migrated the server, they gave me a new IP to connect but I can't connect for 4 days now... and the old server is still active but i can't connect to it either and my MT4 and EA is still open there so it continue to open trades... I want to change something in the EA but i can't do anything... Now I monitor my trades time to time from my Home pc and close all trades that the EA is opening... I tried to submit a ticket 5 days ago, and still nothing... I tried to call, machine says leave a message then we will call you back, still no call from them...