4.873 · 95 REVIEWS
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NFA member brokers are now offered at CashBackForex USA by Excel Markets Inc. (NFA member). 
The founders of Cash Back Forex have also created an FMA Regulated broker dealer service Excel Markets at


Established: 2007
Contact:, +353 21 242 8190

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4.873 · 95 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Italy, Italy,
Jul 6, 2015,

Best cashback service and rebate system in the forex world. I had a little problem (my fault) but they solve it and left me very satisfied.
Highly recommended.
, Indonesia,
Jan 22, 2015,

I have received my first month rebates USD150+ (as to cheer me a little up because my 500 account was wiped out LOL :((

However on the site you only can see the total rebates, you can't check the detail rebates per transaction, for this case the support team mentions if we find any dispute we can send our details trades and they will help to check.
It would be best if there is a details rebates per trades on the site.
Al Moataz,
Cairo, Egypt,
Jan 7, 2015,

Cashback forex really supported me..their customer service really helpful, friendly and professional
, Malaysia,
Dec 15, 2014,

Yes, why are there so many 5 Stars reviews here????

I use CashBackForex as an IB to get cash rebates from my ICMarkets trading account and am getting very tired with having to email to remind them, and then, their procrastination in giving my monthly rebates.
Even now, 16/Dec/2014, I still have not receive my Nov 2014 rebates and nobody replied to my two emails.
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Seelan Moodley,
Durban, South Africa,
Dec 10, 2014,

Really happy with the service from cashback forex. Rebates are on time every time :-) good work guys! much appreciate the awesome service.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Nov 27, 2014,

I have been with cashbackforex since 2010 and i have been very satisfied with their services. I get rebate commission for my broker credited to my trading account and also i get commissions for a number of friends i have also refereed. I must say their clients services, is great...timely responses to emails...patient and very helpful reps and all ths reflects that they have well trained reps who really know what they are doing and have the satisfaction of their clients as their NO1 priority.
, Australia,
Oct 16, 2014,

These guys are excellent! I have been with them since my early days (2009-ish?). You don't pay them a cent. Just register your broker's account with their IB codes, and get your commissions rebated back to you at little to no cost!

You cannot go wrong with these guys. I haven't tried other rebate programs, but why would I when I have the best rebates here? CBF have managed to match better rates I have found elsewhere, so I continue to get the best deal with them without having to change rebate providers.

I definitely recommend their services - especially as a good way to "get back" at "broke-rs" ("criminals"). Just be wary that your broker is calculating rebates correctly: I sent CBF my account statements and they followed it up - my broker had miscalculated my rebates so I got the extra money back too!

I hope these guys ALWAYS stay in business!
ABUJA, Nigeria,
Sep 1, 2014,


I use CBF service. They are not a forex broker, they offer rebate service. I am a beneficiary, they are prompt, the delays in payments if any are usually the fault of the respective forex brokers. CBF on the other hand often make prompt payments of rebates. I only joined them this year and they are fantastic.

Dont sit in doubt, give them a trial and perhaps, you will best appreciate the reason for the multiple 5 stars. I give them 7 stars if it were possible.

Best regards.

, USA,
Jul 26, 2014,

I am wondering how can there be 80 reviews with ALL of them being a 5 star rating? No broker or company is perfect. It is hard to believe there is not one person that hasn't had an issue with slippage, execution, or some other issue.

Even though 80 reviews is a fairly high number of reviews, it would seem that if this broker was truly so great (that ALL 80 reviews are 5 star rating) then shouldn't this broker have MUCH more than 80 reviews? If seems they should have the most reviews out of all the brokers if they are REALLY that great to have not even 1 negative review whatsoever!

I really hate to accuse anybody of anything, but I can't help but to be suspicious of these reviews.

Review Moderation Team Note: The reviews are all for CashBackForex's pip rebate services. Reviews for the individual brokers involved should go on the broker review pages.

All reviews here have been through the exact same screening process as the reviews for other companies.

MELBOURNE, Australia,
Dec 28, 2013,
Registered user

Every month they credit my PAYPAL account no drama.This is the one you should use if you want rebates. Well done CBFX


2011-11-26 5Star Just a follow up from a post a few months back.
All c*** aside they are pretty good. Have used them for 3 months received 3 rebate payments like clockwork on the 23rd of each month. Thanks to the guys that posted reviews. Highly recommend cashbackforex. Good trading.....smash the scammers

2011-08-19 5Star Just got my first amount $19, Excellent worked out what expected. Great service and quick response. highly recommended

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CashBackForex a good forex rebate broker?

Unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if Cash Back Forex is a good forex rebate introducing broker.

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent CashBackForex community discussions:

What is CashBackForex?

CashBackForex is a forex rebate introducing broker.

CashBackForex offers a cash rebate to traders who sign up with them for each trade they make.

Does CashBackForex offer rebates on a losing trade?

Yes. CashBackForex' rebates are paid on every trade you make, including both losing trades and winning trades.

How do the CashBackForex rebates work?

  • Sign up a broker via CashBackForex or link your existing broker account to CashBackForex
  • Broker pays CashBackForex part of their spread or commission profit for every trade you make for referring a customer to them.
  • CashBackForex pays you a cash rebate for each trade you make as a reward for signing up with them.

Can I refer myself for CashBackForex rebates?

CashBackForex only allows one profile for one client. Self-referral is not permitted.

Multiple profiles for the same client will be consolidated to a single profile by CashBackForex.

How are CashBackForex' rebates paid?

CashBackForex offers several options to pay out their rebates.

  • Monthly cash back: Rebates payments are credited and sent automatically by the 12th of the month following the month rebates are earned in.
  • Spread or commission reduction: The trader actually receives reduced commissions and/or spreads. 
  • Direct payment to brokerage account: Cash rebates are credited directly to the trader’s brokerage account, typically between 1-7 days after the trade is closed.