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Updated: Mar 27, 2018
4.128 · 20 REVIEWS
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4.128 · 20 REVIEWS
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Apr 18, 2017,
Registered user

Hawkeye Traders: Fantastic Trading System

I am new to Forex trading and have investigated most of the well-known online Forex groups and advisories. What attracted me to Hawkeye Traders is that they use the relationship between price and volume as the basic foundation for their system. To me, this makes sense because in essence, we are following the money. I attended their four day seminar held earlier this month and was very impressed with the sophistication of the software/indicators, the philosophy, and the logical approach to trading not only Forex, but futures and equities. Most of all, I was impressed with the president of the company, Randy Lindsey, who taught the seminar. Randy is a genuine guy, not a slick promoter. He really cares about his members and wants everyone to succeed. Even though I had never met Randy before the seminar, we made an almost instant personal connection and I felt comfortable sharing some personal information with him.. He was very compassionate and offered to give me additional coaching at no cost so that I could shorten my learning curve. I am very happy that I came across Hawkeye Traders, and Randy in particular.

Because I am a new Hawkeye Traders member, I can't provide any results, but I will update this review once I have had more experience trading with their method.
kenichi kamada,
, Japan,
Mar 30, 2016,

I have let my opinion of Hawkeye in limbo for so long since I commented last year and by doing that, I kind of feel that I have done a disservice to prospective purchasers of Hawkeye products.
I also strongly feel that I have paid a disrespect to Nigel Hawkes, the CEO of Hawkeye.
So I have finally decided to take a time to write an honest review about Hawkeye even though writing in English is very difficult for me as I said before.

As for the trading systems and products provided by Hawkeye, I think they are impressive tools which help traders consistently extract gains from markets.
The tools of Hawkeye are the most robust in trading higher timeframes, preferably at least more than 120M charts and Nigel Hawkes highly recommends traders exactly doing that. (Actually, he strongly recommends 360M or more.)
That doesn’t mean at all Hawkeye tools don’t work in very lower intraday timeframes and Hawkeye provides the intraday timeframe trading system using tick charts.

Sufficient education is available for enough understanding of how to use Hawkeye tools properly.

But, complete opposite to what I have written so far, the support is a trash. My second inquiry has not been answered since I submitted it to the Support in February 25.
I haven’t encountered the situation like this in my few years of experience of dealing with trading industries.
I have completely lost my words describing this.

So my review is 5 for the systems and tools, 1 star for support.
But I think the 5 star for the systems and tools far outweigh the 1 star for support, then my final conclusion is 4 star.

2015-09-24 No Rating I purchased their Professional Package about 2 weeks ago, and since then, my experience with education been available in the member’s page in their homepage and the products provided by them has been way beyond my expectation even though I based my choice of purchasing their products on prior 5 star rated positive reviews on FPA.

But I have one big complaint, they haven’t responded to my email inquiry at all.
I sent 2 emails to the designated email address, one about 1 week ago and the other about 3 days ago, but I haven’t received any response so far despite they say in their homepage that they will respond to an email inquiry within 24 hours.

So in the conclusion, I now have mixed feelings toward Hawkeye.

(I’m sorry for my English, English language is a utter foreign language for me, especially writing in English is an excruciating pain.)
, USA,
Jul 31, 2015,

My husband purchase a volumen course for a webminar that was done on wenesday for a volumen indicator,we have send several messages and done plenty of phone calls to the support area and NOBODY ANSUERS OR NOTHING.We paid for the software and got nothing! seems like we were SCAM by the site hawktraders.com They took the money and gave us nothing in return.I Probably have to report this to the FTC and to you guys thanks for your help.
Big Al,
Northern California, USA,
Jun 21, 2015,

The Hawkeye System is the real deal; an excellent tool for trading Forex, Futures, Options and Equities. I have used the system for about a year now and have made money. Nigel, Randy and the support staff are true professionals. If you are truly serious about trading and want to make money, the Hawkeye System is for you.
francesco cardinale,
, Italy,
Jan 11, 2015,

Hawkeyes is not a product for people still believing that the magic holy grail exist and they can become rich using a few dollars EA while they are sleeping, Hawkeyes is a professional tools for traders that already well realized that trading is a serious business, with huge reward potential but, at the same time, with an hard work to do in front of us. Here Hawkeyes tools come to provide us excellent help in managing the risk and to provide us great added odds in select the best and most profittable trading opportunities. On top of this Hawkeyes peopleprofide a lot of live educational session included in the product cost that give us unique way to understand the market behaviour and how to take advantages using Hawkeyes products. I use Hawkeyes on MT4 and I am very very satisfied about the financial results but, even more, about the confidence gained in understanding the market and take clear decision when to trade, how to trade and, the most important trading decision: when not to trade !
Chris Castella,
Bangkok, Thailand,
Dec 19, 2013,

Bought the mt4 version off the internet for an insanely low price of $250.00 Loved it made because it lots of pips in a week and felt ashamed. Went ahead and purchased a legit copy from Hawkeye traders.

Anyone who says its a scam may be a scammer himself or does not know how to trade.
Terry P,
, United Kingdom,
Nov 25, 2013,

After wrestling the markets for a number of years using numerous methods and systems with varying degrees of failure I am fortunate to have been introduced to Hawkeye and trading with volume.
I purchased the Hawkeye Professional package to include their proprietary “Fatman” indicator which has proven to be an invaluable tool for negotiating the forex markets with absolute clarity and now fundamental in all my trading decisions.
My experience has always been of a totally professional and reliable organisation providing first class support at all times.
Their indicators, methodology and education coupled with the passion and dedication from its founder Nigel Hawkes with his desire for people’s success has been instrumental in turning my trading around.
The accuracy on the longer time frames is exceptional and has resulted in the most consistently profitable trading results I have ever achieved.
I have been surprised by some of the negative comments regarding Hawkeye and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this product for anyone wishing to trade consistently and effectively using volume whilst having the comfort of a solid foundation behind them.
nigel hawkes,
london, United Kingdom,
Nov 14, 2013,

i am the owner of hawkeye I have no idea what billy j is talking about and hawkeye is not a scam we have many many successful clients worldwide nigel hawkes
Jun 27, 2013,

My husband has used hawkeye tools for many years. He is always talking about how much money he makes for me using their volume and his favorite, the "Fatman". Sometimes I hear him speaking to his monitors, saying "come on, come on, come on", and then a little while later, "OH Yeah!". Before he bought hawkeye, he always was yelling things at his monitors things I don't want to repeat in public. Their support seems to be very professional, and they always answer when he calls for questions, or updates to the tools. I think I will even go to one of their seminars they have this year. and meet the other spouses of traders... I've always wanted to go to Phoenix, AZ anyway.

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Billy J,
UK, United Kingdom,
Apr 18, 2013,

Been following for some time and thought they were OK. Got email saying they made 863 pips in one go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was run by some guy who says hes regulated. Looks like a scam to me !!