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2PipFixed.com Review

Updated: Aug 12, 2019
3.368 · 41 REVIEWS
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Due to unresolved FPA Traders Court guilty verdicts against 4RunnerForex and 1LotSTP, the FPA recommends AGAINST dealing with all brokers belonging to Fx Systems.

FxSytems, it's associated brokers 1LotSTP, 1PipFox, 2PipFixed, 4RunnerForex, and LoyalForex are all considered to be Scams by the FPA. Their fake regulator NFACS.org is also considered to be a scam.


January-April 2009: A large number of fake positive reviews have been submitted for this company.

November 2011:  2 Pip Fixed now belongs to FX Systems.
Formerly known as 2easyforex.com.
All of these websites are down.  The companies appear to be out of business.  The FPA cautions traders to be on the lookout for new websites run by this group.

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3.368 · 41 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

kk, Sri Lanka,
Mar 17, 2014,

dont use this broker , this site indicate 1 pips fixed spread & when order open they get 12 pips spread , 1LotSTP , this site & numberoneforex.com site also, they lost my 2000$ instant , when i open trade & price go opposite site & hit SL again come to real markert price. they move fack over 30 pips market , dont use this broker group. i f*** him
oregon, USA,
Apr 23, 2013,

Just got off live chat and they informed me that due to U.S. regulations they do not accept U.S. clients.

Review Moderation Team Note: The Dodd-Frank act makes it very hard for US residents to open accounts at most offshore brokerages.

Phoenix, USA,
Apr 10, 2013,

These guys are a joke. I keep trying to close my account and receive my balance, but they refuse to return my emails and requests. They have no phone number to call.
Purwakarta, India,
Jul 17, 2012,

after over 6 months of testing I am very happy and satisifed.. there metatrader is very stable and fast there are no fees for deposits using liberty or credit cards. I am haopy with customer service is very fast to reply to my questions.

I have made aprofit and had sent to my bank in India took 5 days to me to get. I reccomend to my friend who also made account and is happy and I got $50. :-))
, USA,
Jun 21, 2012,

For many months each time I entered a trade,their 'curser' danced around a bit b/f going to the ''opposite direction to my trade order .so I would loose money .This happened many many times .Eventually today ,after loosing a toltal of $4000 in 3 moinths ,they disabled and labed my account ''invalid acct' yesterday whilst my trades were still open.when I eventually got a new password from them and accessed my account all the money I had in there was gone and all I had left was $5,50 ..I have written them the below E-mail but got no response.,Please be careful with this broker ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD AND I HAVE LOST GOLDMINES WITH THIS TRADER!!
My e-mail to them ,please read
Dear admin,
I had $303.56 when I was disabled from logging into ,y account and so was unable to cancel bad trades and enter new orders b/cos oyu did not allow me enter my account and declared my acct invalid .Now oyu have given me new password,all the money is gone and I only have $5.54 in the account .Please can oyu re-instate my prior balnce of $303.56 which is what I had before I was disabled from operating my ttrades and my acct declared invalid due to no fault of my own-as I did not trade in the hours when so,oyur system took out all the money and left me with only $5.54

Nairobi, Kenya,
Jun 15, 2012,

Being from Africa and having heard about them over the internet I was a bit skeptical about the services they offer. I decided to contact them via e-mail ant to my surprise I was able to learn a lot about minute scalping of micro lots.
And they take their time explain trading and scalping to you so they really made me think about joining their trading forum and son enough I am.
chatham, United Kingdom,
Jun 2, 2012,

Honest professional company. Strongly recommended, their support line is excellent
kasun lakmal,
colombo, Sri Lanka,
May 30, 2012,

I am a scalper and I searched for a long time a broker which allows me to trade using this method
I've been trading on live account with 2pipfixed since 2010 and now I can recommend this broker to all scalpers. Execution of orders is very quick. Right now I'm not going to change my broker.
Kanaka Kishore,
Visakhapatnam, India,
Feb 8, 2012,

seems to be lots of mixed reviews i will add my own experience. my trading style consists mainly of a few commercial robots and a few custom robots. all are designed for quick 1 minute scalping of micro lots.
i have had no issues with this broker with this style of trading. after reading some of the reviews i became quite nervous about this and contacted 2pipfixed. i was informed that this style of trading is no problem and not a violation of any agreement.
i have also reviewed the agreement and could not find anything listed stating it was a problem. so i dont know if the review saying this is a problem is old and the policy changed? or if it is just not accurate.
as a test i requested a withdrawal to my bank to see if they would make a problem about it but the wire was received. so i would say that they are good for scalping and robots.
Almere, Netherlands,
Nov 7, 2011,

They are an introducing broker. They used to be get customers for Prime 4x. Well you know what happened with that one! They disappeared owing a lot of people a lot of money. When the troubles started I contacted 2Pipfixed since they were the introducing broker and what did they say? They had left Prime already because they knew there were problems and NEVER warned their clients. Can I say that is bad business? They are bad for their clients in my opinion, they do not care about them. Will never ever become a client of them anymnore.