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Updated: Mar 5, 2024

What is Spartan Trader FX?

Spartan Trader FX is a forex training company founded by Nikos Mermigas that offers educational courses to help traders learn how to trade forex.

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4.382 • 20 REVIEWS

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Perth, Australia,
Jan 25, 2022,

Not responding.

Service use: Other Length of use: Have not used
Not responding to their contact form which is on their website. Not responding to an email address I googled. Appear's to be abandoned website.
Indonesia, Indonesia,
Mar 20, 2017,
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i have trade since january here. in january i have lost my trade here and i have make redeposit. in february i'd started to recover my loss, but this brokerage began many excuse about my withdrawal. my WD since 10 february till now still not paid both my deposit and my profit (they steal my deposit also).
this brokerage is 100% market maker that dont allow trader to win.
they just want trader to loss so they can grab all of our money.
when i'm lose, they have no reason and talk nothing. but when i'm make profit, he steal no only my profit, but also my deposit with a lot of reason (my IP address, my trading style, bla bla bla.
its not a make sense, becoz i use the same trading style when i'm lose.
why the talk about the trading style only when i'm make profit??
why not since january, this broker said that my trading style unacceptable.
in my opinion, they was happy in january becoz they can get a lot of money with hold my trade as a market maker broker.
actually i dont care, they market maker or not, as long as they pay me, coz so many market maker broker say that they are really 100% ECN.
really scare trade in SCAM broker like this.
i'm the real victim, and i can give the real prove of my mt4 screenshot and client cabinet.
please never trade here forever whatever they reason.
please think twice before deposit here.
They really 100% SCAM brokerage that can disable your account, no one cent of money will giving to you even your deposit (THEY STEAL THE DEPOSIT ALSO --> ROBBER)
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Edward Teresinski
Wisconsin, USA,
Jun 20, 2013,

To add to my earlier post I am giving Spartan Trade system a 5 Star Rating. Any trader who puts forth the effort to learn this system will be rewarded with pips.

2013-06-09 No Rating With the Spartan trading system my desire and passion to trade the Forex market is growing. I am learning to overcome the Market challenges and trading is becoming a really Fun and enjoyable career path. Coaching and mentorship from Nikos has brought me to this point. Interested individuals will be rewarded handsomely for their choice by starting out with Spartan Trading System. As I have experienced this for myself and am enjoying the benefit of learning to capture pips in the Market. In closing I personally want to Thank Nikos for his skill as a fellow trader/teacher of Spartan and will extend an invitation to interested persons to join us in trading the Forex Market.
Heerenveen, Netherlands,
Apr 2, 2013,

I have puchased in the few years I am trading a lot of scam-robots and miracle indicator systems, it almost looks like this is the costly way to find your path in forex.
I found mine since I have seen the Swing Trading Mastery Video Course, it suits my style of trading, and I Nikos is explaining it step by step.
Trading live now with a very small lotsize, and at low risk, and the results are very good. The trades are devided in three parts, and the last third part of the trade is the one that makes the diffence.
A well deserved 5 starr review!!
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 17, 2013,

I took the live course for a couple of months. The method is very logical in terms of following the rythm of the market. Nikos seems to be an ok teacher but he won't comment much on the actual dynamics of the market such as liquidity and order flow which I find quite strange considering he says he is a fund manager. And to just ignore such comments and emails seems to be a bit ignorant.

Recently alarm bells have been ringing when he emailed with the results of one of his supposed students Dimitris and how Dimitris is now a fund manager. Then a couple of weeks later he sends out an email advertising his Fund Manager course for 14500 euros! I suspect that 'Dimitris' is a made up student (see his review below), by Nikos to sell his mentoring course which is not very dissimilar to his live monthly courses. This is my opinion from the facts I have given. What is worrying is that he has partnered with Jeffrey Wilde, the $97 pdf course internet marketeer who recently invested in an illegal ponzi scheme justbeenpaid. Why would a successful trader invest in such an illegal scam, and also enlist his father in the scheme. So why would Nikos use Jeffrey Wilde as a partner for his 14500 mentorship fund manager course is beyond me. It all smells a bit funny to me which pretty much lowers his integrity and honesty that he is teaching you a strategy that will be long term profitable imo.
Jonathan R
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,
Jan 26, 2013,

I did over ten trades this week (Jan 21-25, 2013) that made 100-300 pips using Spartan Trader Trading System, it really works. I'm very happy to be part of Nikos Live Trading Session.
, Argentina,
Jan 13, 2013,

Great price action system, very logical and profitable. I've been trading live for over 8 months with very good results, after attending a couple of the live trading courses. Nikos is a generous teacher, very funny and always available.
Dimitris Libe
thessaloniki, Greece,
Oct 14, 2012,

I've started trading with Spartantraderfx(ex nofersiafx) 2,5 years before and by now i am a full time forex trader. I hadn't any knowledge of trading at our first lesson with Nikos. It started as an extra income but in the process it became something more important than that. Trading became my main job and my main business by now. In the first 2 months i started making pips in a demo account and after 5 months i've opened a live account, of course Nikos was giving me a great help with this. By the time i doubled my account i was able to work with real client money safely.Nikos system is very easy, very simple and the main thing is relaxing without being confused with many indicators. He is a real mentor and i am pleased for finding him. During the live sessions we work as a team, and help each other learning from our mistakes.
Oct 18, 2010,

I have been trying to trade for the last three years and began believing that something was wrong with me. A few months ago a friend told me about Nik and I must say I hesitated because I had already spent so much money on courses. I was going to quit. I am not sure why I pursued it but I am so happy that I did. I signed up with him and during the first session Nik immediately put me at ease. He showed genuine interest in my success. He was patient and never made me feel like I was keeping the class back. Well it has been a few months now and I can say that he did the impossiible.. I am not only consistent but have gone way above my original goal of 20 pips per day. My most recent trade.. taken around Midnight est last night .. I shorted the Eur Usd. My Profit 204 Pips! I have closed off part and have my last part running. I cannot say thank you enough. I wish I had found Nik earlier it would have saved me much psychological baggage.
THANK YOU NIK... !!!!!
Aug 22, 2010,

I have been trading with forex for five years.I have attented three courses so far and i have studied ( and i am serious about that) about fifty systems.Most of them did not have remarkable results.Some of them were good enough but i was not able to put them in action because of my job.After some time i discovered Norfesia and after contacted Nikos i decided to attend the course.To be brief i spent four months on the course and what i realized is that Norfesia is the most vague system i have ever seen.In my opinion do not trust anybody who wants to sell his product by saying that you will earn pips.If their system was profitable they would not care about you.Believe me it is a really bad feeling to pay your money for taking a totally vague and not profitable system.Norfesia did not work.Save your money and stay away.
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