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Updated: Nov 19, 2018
4.677 · 70 REVIEWS
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4.677 · 70 REVIEWS
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Nov 16, 2018,
Registered user

I recently took the max standard upgraded that is Max ETF standard and i see it to be the best forex education i have taken so far. The ETF concept allows you to get into the market way erlier than most systems. The Max team teach detailed price action along side with some customs indicators for trade entries and exit and good money management. It is not a plug and play kind of system so you will have to study and practice to master. I look forward in doing the advance course soon.
Brisbane, Australia,
Oct 22, 2018,
Registered user

Exceptional training and support so far

I completed their Primer course recently and was very impressed with the depth and breadth of the course and their on-going support. I couldn't be happier being a MAX member and feel privileged to be a part of their community. I'm starting another course with them in November and can hardly wait for it.
Texas, USA,
Aug 5, 2018,
Registered user

A Big Thumbs Up for MAX Trading Systems

I just finished the ETF Primer and it is well worth the money. I have been trading on and off for about 25 years and this is some of the best education I have come across.
Their entries and exits are very well defined and it would be very hard to blow up an account if you follow the rules. What I really liked and found unique is once you enter a trade you are looking on every bar for reasons to exit your position. Their higher level courses have ways to scale in an out and maximize your profit.

The Primer was 2 sessions plus a bonus scrolling party session. They record the sessions. I was only able to attend the final session live. So I ended up with about 100 screenshots, 14 hours of videos and a very usable system, even with the ETF Primer course. The instructors were helpful and knowledgeable and there was no pressure to spend more money for the next course.

Their training does require you to put in the effort and have discipline. There is homework and that homework did require a fair amount of time to complete. I am not affiliated with MAX Trading in any way, except for being a student. If you want to improve your trading, the Primer is a low cost way to do it.
Australia, China,
Mar 31, 2018,
Registered user

it is surprised to see only less than 100 reviews so far.

i first did the primer in May 2013 and i have not submit my homework then. i did lite course in 2016 while i have not really studied it until 2017. if you ask me why i then pick them again, i have no idea.

Chris said in the primer course, 75% of the students are over 40 years old while at that time, i was less than 30 and i am certainly getting older. in total, i have watched each course at least 5 times and i just finished reading all other students' homework today.

i have found that, most students are just not doing good on their homework as many has obvious mistakes or can be improved. i can see the quality of students' homework before i see the comments from instructor now. what an amazing improvement since 2013...i know many students have not submitted their homework just as i did in 2013 and i know many students paid lots of time to horn their skills and make a killing in the market, which took a long time...

i hope those who are seeking the forex course consider this one. because:
1. it is not expensive to start
2. it has lots of free stuff
3. the course and teachers are really good
I took the course when i was in Australia while i have moved back to china since 2015. in china, the work is 996 ( 9 am-9pm, 6 days a week). so i did a little bit slow.

see you

Nebraska, USA,
Jun 30, 2017,
Registered user

Max Trading maximizes your education with info, special tools, and current trading instructor.

Exceptional school for the beginners to the highly experienced. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! I had taken a course with another school and after taking a course with MAX, I realized just how great these guys are. The instructors are honest and upfront and very dedicated. It is not an easy course when it comes to the brutal (I'm older so it's harder on me to take in and absorb) 4 hours live sessions/class and homework. If you are REALLY serious about learning forex, then Max trading is for you. Recent classes are downloadable so that you can go over the information as often as you want. This helped me a lot. They have available life trading by the instructor and he narrates as to the when's and why's. Forums for interactions between newbies and advanced students and traders. Don't settle with second best, go with MAX Trading

-The courses are expensive. But do you want to go to Poe Dunk college? Or do you want to go to Harvard? The old saying "You get what you pay for" really holds true here. If you can scratch the money together..GO WITH MAX!!
-Sometimes If I had a question, they did NOT get back to me. It's a busy place. Once I had asked the same question a few times but it went unanswered. Eventually I figured it out, but still. This didn't happen very often though.

I hope this helps you out. Contact them they are easy to talk with.
Durban , South Africa,
Feb 14, 2017,
Registered user

The guys at Max trading really know their stuff. Eusebio is a great lecturer and does not leave anything out.
I am really grateful to FPA for introducing the Max to newbies like my self.

Thank you guys for a wonderful system and I hope that in future I will be able to do the rest of the courses offered.

My first pips will be dedicated to the FPA and the Max.

Thank You
Seattle, USA,
Nov 20, 2016,
Registered user

I love the detail of entry and exits that keep you safe and make your max profits whenever they present themselves. No pun intended. Also love the detail of keeping the losing trades to a very low percentage of your account.
Graham Riding,
Worcester, United Kingdom,
Jul 6, 2016,

The MAX training courses are outstanding. I had tried other courses and spent a lot of money in the process and whilst some of those were okay, I always felt that as long as they made money out of you, they weren't fussed if you didn't make any. Not so with the MAX system. They make a point of being honest about FX trading i.e. it takes hard work, patience and discipline! The training is beyond thorough, it explains all you need to know properly and doesn't assume anything about your existing knowledge. They have a range of courses so you can build from little or no knowledge of fx with their basic input and take further courses as you gain experience. Definitely highly recommended!
Francis King,
Brisbane, Australia,
Jun 18, 2016,

My first introduction to the Max Trading System was the Max Standard Course in 2013. I have since done a refresher of Max Standard this year 2016 and am currently part way through a higher level course at the moment.
I started trading about 18 yrs ago when trading from home became a viable possibility with the advent of reliable internet access.
Before Max trading I did manage to achieve a level of success that justified the effort required but it was hard work and results were not always consistent. When I look back since doing the Max I marvel at how little I really did know about trading FX. The Max was a real eye opener. The thing that really gave me a heads up was the emphasis on when not to trade. Preservation of one's trading account is paramount and is stressed repeatedly throughout the course from the most basic to the more advanced.
Strategies to handle pretty much any situation are presented. How to recognise and handle different market conditions, news events and which ones to be aware of. For those completing courses there are invites to forums and often an invite to their online scrolling parties for practical support and Q&A. The support is second to none ongoing and relevant. As always though the decision to enter a trade is your own responsibility but Max Trading techniques I have found give one the tools you need to stay safe and build the confidence understanding and experience needed to run a successful trading enterprise either part-time or eventually full time.
One is encouraged to take time and not rush into serious live trading . For me personally The Max has become a game changer...
Maxers are a great bunch who did manage to teach an old dog new tricks and still learning

Dave Bolt,
May 21, 2016,

Aproximately 2 years ago I was given a discount to do the Primer course for the Max System and after that I did the Lite course. Eusebio as an instructor and professional trader is absolutely brilliant. The knowledge and the materials will give you information overload. So much brilliant stuff.
This quote from Beethoven will tell you how good Eusebio is. "Don't only practice your art but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine"
You always pick up on something new with the scrolling parties each week, which are free. So there is work involved but it will take you to another level..
A couple of months ago there was another large earthquake here in Christchurch and my computer played up and I asked them for the recordings from the courses I had taken 2 years ago. As a gift they gave me the courses again for free. How many people do that?. These guys have heart, soul and passion for what they teach.