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Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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Santosh Sharma
Dallas, USA,
Feb 28, 2022,
Registered user

Amazing teacher

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Thank you Chris Lori. His one sentence was enough for me to create a strategy that was profitable. "Volatility is a function of available liquidity." I never chased price after I meditated and then put into practice what that sentence actually means. Highly highly recommend this course. What I really liked were the exercises that you have to do day in day out so you eat, live, breathe the market and are sensitive to its movements and structure. Also, the equity building fractal concept was remarkable. 10/10 very very worth it. Just my opinion.
Atlanta, GA, USA,
Jan 5, 2021,
Registered user

The most comprehensive forex course available

Service use: Live
Protraders club is the most comprehensive forex education course that I’ve been exposed to. I have had a long journey to finding consistency in my trading model and Chris Lori & his team helped me to get there.
This isn’t a “copy me” system, you will have to do your due diligence & put your work in & actually open yourself to being a student even if you have experienced some levels of success prior to starting the course. That’s what makes the course worth it. He helps you put the practice time in before hitting the “court” & its show time.
This course have helped me regain confidence in my ability to achieve & overcome anything. I highly recommend it.
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Reykjavik, Iceland,
Oct 2, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I learned about Chris Lori from Dale Pinkert's interview with ICT on ForexAnalytix channel as I like to listen to trading podcasts. I am experienced trader (4 yrs) and for a few months I have been among top authors for eurusd and other pairs on TradingView. I would never pay for any trading course as I knew there is no value in it as most of those "teachers" don't know how to trade. In 4 yrs the only course I paid for was Chris Lori's as I immediately saw great value in it. Chris Lori is the top of the industry and if you wish to learn why price moves and why it turns and where, you need to take this course. This knowledge is a must for every trader. It's much better to invest in professional education and study than keep losing for years. Forex is such a thing that without knowledge there is no way to succeed in it.
It is like trying to be successful electrician with no education. Trust me you will connect all cables wrong. Using Chris Lori techniques I doubled my account in a week but I keep studying. All I can say is a big thank you to Chris Lori as he put enormous amount of efforts and time in gathering all that knowledge and sharing it what is greatly appreciated!
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Tim Tuvshingal
Seattle, WA, USA,
Dec 31, 2019,
Registered user

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I have joined Chris Lori's PTC membership group on November 29th, 2019 and the wisdom that he shares is exceptional. It has been only a month and I've learned a lot. If you are looking to join Chris Lori's PTC membership group, you have to be willing to put the work in, and if you are willing to do that, this is the place you must join.

I've been part of other memberships before in order to become profitable by using someone's signal and I've tried many other things to learn about the FX market. I was frustrated with a lot of other membership groups, signal providers etc. They teach all the same MA, trend lines, support and resistance, indicators and none of them really clicked for me.

If you want to learn and connect with the FX market, my advise is just try out PTC membership for a month, and it's inexpensive compared to the value it provides. If its not for you, you can just quit the membership, but you will be surprised by the quality of the education.

Good luck with your trading!
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Winnipeg, Canada,
Nov 1, 2016,
Registered user

Chris Lori is excellent mentor

I am under Chris Lori guidance/expertise since 2010. I trade full time now. Chris explains his stuff in very detailed manner. After joining Chris, I never looked for another mentor because I am very happy with the service he provides. Chris focus on PROCESS THINKING and that's what I like about his teaching method. You can take his teachings and apply to any other business and you will succeed.

If you are serious about trading I can assure you Chris Lori is perfect mentor for you. I recently took his 2 day workshop held in ATL and no doubt workshop was excellent. I am already full time trader so main reason of attending workshop was to meet him in person and say thank you for all the help and guidance.

Dos Kuanov
Almaty, Kazakhstan,
Aug 12, 2015,

I learned from Price Action workshop with Chris Lori in Singapore and I am member of I've got through all six online courses that provides protradersclub. I am strongly recommend to every seriuos trader to study trading from protradersclub and participate to Price Action Workshop. You will have huge progress in trading.
Ash S
Sydney, Australia,
Nov 29, 2014,

I have just returned from Chris Lori's 3.5 day workshop in Singapore. This is my first Chris Lori workshop and I thought to put some thoughts out for the benefit of my trader colleagues out there.

Basically, I have invested a lot of time and effort over the past 2 years in developing my forex trading skills. Unfortunately, along the way, I have overpaid for various tutors and seminars (e.g. $6000 for a 3-day session on forex fundamentals and some basic MA-crossover techniques from a prominent Australian trading tutor in February 2013). After a while, I realised that trading forex using price-action lagging indicators is a challenge for a newbie trader. Ofcourse, while I take full responsibility for my own trading performance, having a good foundation for skills development is absolutely essential.

In this context, along my journey, I became acquainted with one of Chris Lori's successful students who trades for a living from the last 4 years. I was amazed at his calm confidence and the way he dissected currency price action. As the true mark of a teacher is the success of his students, I did not have to think twice when Chris Lori announced his Singapore workshop this November.

Other attendees have already reviewed various elements of Chris Lori's amazing workshop and the excellent learning experience. Hence I thought to add some specific comparative inputs between my experience of attending other paid workshops in Australia and Chris Lori's workshop along four parameters:

(a) HOLISTIC EDUCATION: Chris advocates preparation prior to the workshop through a study of 60+ hours of price action course videos that are included in the workshop tuition. During the workshop, he provides a 355+ page manual covering over 20 aspects of currency price behaviour. After the workshop, he provides 2 months access to the Pro Traders Club where he has extensive videos on each of the concepts covered in the workshop. Thus, a Chris Lori workshop is a holistic educational experience. Further, there is hardly any overlap between the pre-workshop videos and the workshop content. The pre-learning segment allows you to prepare your questions for discussion during the workshop and deeply assimilate the workshop content.

(b) SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS: In all the other trading workshops I have attended in Australia, I have never met students who traded for a living using the tutor's education. In Chris Lori's workshops, I met multiple students who have been following him for the last couple of years. Their success is inspirational and lends strength to Chris's credibility not only as a successful trader himself, but also as a good teacher. In fact, during the workshop, one of his successful students (who is now a fund manager) actively shared her independent perspectives of currency trading - which was a great add-on to Chris' course curriculum.

(c) QUALITY OF WORKSHOP: Chris is very professional in his approach. He focuses on the core content and shares many insights from his rich trading experience during the workshop. Basically, there is no fluff and no selling of any sort (unlike other courses where the tutor up-sells you to a mentoring program or another course) - so you can focus on learning. Further, the slides provided are rich in content and examples are discussed exhaustively.

(d) VALUE FOR MONEY: The tuition for the 3.5 day workshop was $2795. This price included lunch and refreshments for all days in a leading hotel with top-notch presentation facilities. Further, we were able to hear 2 active professional fund managers share their insights and interact with other successful full-time traders who are practising these techniques. Put together, this workshop is superb value for money.

In closing, I wish I had come across Chris Lori prior to the other experiences I had along my forex education journey. Having said that, I am excited about employing the knowledge I have gained during the workshop and starting the hard work necessary for evolving into a full-time trader. Thanks to Chris and his successful students, I aim to internalise price behaviour and connect with the market at a much deeper level than I previously ever imagined!

steve Teunis
Brisbane, Australia,
Oct 29, 2013,

I have ben involved with the teachings of Chris Lori for approx 6 years, attended several workshops and own most of his education materials. CL is the real deal and we are very fortunate to have Chris available to offer his insight to the market.If you are looking to invest into a quality trading product then this is it, look no further. To find out if his trading & thinking is of your liking or not, there are lots of free video's at, become a member (it's free). Chris is a gifted guy and is a trader first and an educator 2nd but he has very high standards for whatever he attempts in his life and CL is always happy to share his thinking with you in a very humble manner.

2011-07-04 5Star Chris Lori teachings are for the serious trader.Chris has moulded many parts of my trading style and my understanding of the market.I have attended many of Chris Lori's courses over the past 5 years and continue to be a member of his Pro traders club.
There are no fancy indicators and oscillators rather it's based on an understanding of price action.
Attach yourself to Chris Lori's teaching and you will give yourself a real good chance of being a successful FX trader.
Graham Smith
Ashbourne, United Kingdom,
Oct 28, 2013,

The materials Chris Lori provides via his courses and workshops are second to none. There aren't many genuine people around in the trading training world, but Chris is one as is Steve W of No Brainer Trades. I had the pleasure of their combined knowledge in Sydney a few years ago.
Chris introduces you to the concept of price action and the fundamentals that support it. From there he shows you how he trades and shares the nuances of the markets he has observed through his years of trading.
Throughout, Chris stresses that he is not showing (or selling) you a system. He is giving you the grounding to develop your own methodology according to your circumstances and personality. And like anyone, Chris's style evolves as time and markets moves on.

I tend to liken his teaching style to learning a language. Some teachers teach you phrases to get you by, so your communication is limited to the situations around those phrases. (eg - two beers please).
Other teachers teach you the structure and grammar of the language so you now have a foundation on which to build your vocabulary and experience to become proficient and fluent.
Chris's method is the latter.

If you expect a fancy system to be handed to you on a plate, then go somewhere else. If you're still afloat after those experiences, you'll be back.
Sep 16, 2013,

Anyone who has attended a live session with Chris simply cannot deny his level of professionalism and extensive depth of market experience is at the top of the industry. One year following Chris' workshop in 2008, I finally started trading full time after all I'd been through that is mentioned on my other posts. Now I'm a fund manager, thanks to Chris. You just have to put some work in, not hope for a magic formula. The more I learn about the market, the more I realize and appreciate how comprehensive the material Chris has shared. Even now that I am managing funds at an institutional level, I still draw on Chris' experience as I progress in the industry. There is a lot to learn. You have no idea how valuable a resource Chris is to young traders. He is the highest level of professional you will find in this industry that shares his trading experience! Chris showed us very clearly, in the workshop, how he trades. Maybe his approach is not for everyone, but you can get a feel for his intra-day methods in his free videos. There were eight full time traders in the London workshop, this year. One of the students told everyone he went to full time just watching PTC! 30 Witnesses! There was another in Sydney who stood up and told everyone it's his second workshop and he is full time, with thanks to Chris. 35 Witnesses!

By the way, I sometimes guest speak at Chris' workshop, but I do not work for, or get paid, by the company. I don't want to. or need. to get paid! There is no conflict of interest. I'm just passionate and very thankful and I think people should know!

2012-03-22 5 Stars After attending many workshop live and on the web going thru thousands of systems trying to find the holy grail and the more indicators and strategies the better, I found the most simple a clean way to analyze the market called PRICE ACTION ,inefficiencies, fractals that day my trading start it to make sense all thanks to a very simple explanation from this wonderful human being that dedicates part of his life to share his experiences with us .Now I'm in my 7th year of this journey getting ready to attend my 4th workshop with Chris Lori that I highly recommend I'm a FULL TIME Trader thanks to him one of the things i learn from Him was to be an DEPENDENT THINKER I follow him I watch his analysis of the market every week but at the end i make my own decisions on how to approach the market and i don't blame him for my mistakes .
All I have for this wonderful mentor are words of gratitude you change my life in a positive way. My recommendation ,if you want to be a successful trader you have to attend a workshop with him ,

2011-09-29 5 Stars I have been following sooooooo many many systems and listening to instructors I found Chris Lori attended a workshop and after that trading started it to make sense . Last weekend i attended my 4th workshop Iam really grateful that i found this instructor everything makes sense He takes time to explain the concepts instead of trying to sell you a system I really recommend His course Now im not only trading Im on the way to be an amazing trader thanks to Him.

2011-02-23 5 Stars After many years of trying many systems and software’s, I finally found an honest person that really likes to share his knowledge and experience in the forex market. After attending my first workshop 3 years ago my trading improved remarkably and everything made sense. Thanks to him and his teaching I’m a full time successful trader, really enjoying trading the forex market.
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