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4.726 • 61 REVIEWS

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Sep 16, 2013,

Anyone who has attended a live session with Chris simply cannot deny his level of professionalism and extensive depth of market experience is at the top of the industry. One year following Chris' workshop in 2008, I finally started trading full time after all I'd been through that is mentioned on my other posts. Now I'm a fund manager, thanks to Chris. You just have to put some work in, not hope for a magic formula. The more I learn about the market, the more I realize and appreciate how comprehensive the material Chris has shared. Even now that I am managing funds at an institutional level, I still draw on Chris' experience as I progress in the industry. There is a lot to learn. You have no idea how valuable a resource Chris is to young traders. He is the highest level of professional you will find in this industry that shares his trading experience! Chris showed us very clearly, in the workshop, how he trades. Maybe his approach is not for everyone, but you can get a feel for his intra-day methods in his free videos. There were eight full time traders in the London workshop, this year. One of the students told everyone he went to full time just watching PTC! 30 Witnesses! There was another in Sydney who stood up and told everyone it's his second workshop and he is full time, with thanks to Chris. 35 Witnesses!

By the way, I sometimes guest speak at Chris' workshop, but I do not work for, or get paid, by the company. I don't want to. or need. to get paid! There is no conflict of interest. I'm just passionate and very thankful and I think people should know!

2012-03-22 5 Stars After attending many workshop live and on the web going thru thousands of systems trying to find the holy grail and the more indicators and strategies the better, I found the most simple a clean way to analyze the market called PRICE ACTION ,inefficiencies, fractals that day my trading start it to make sense all thanks to a very simple explanation from this wonderful human being that dedicates part of his life to share his experiences with us .Now I'm in my 7th year of this journey getting ready to attend my 4th workshop with Chris Lori that I highly recommend I'm a FULL TIME Trader thanks to him one of the things i learn from Him was to be an DEPENDENT THINKER I follow him I watch his analysis of the market every week but at the end i make my own decisions on how to approach the market and i don't blame him for my mistakes .
All I have for this wonderful mentor are words of gratitude you change my life in a positive way. My recommendation ,if you want to be a successful trader you have to attend a workshop with him ,

2011-09-29 5 Stars I have been following sooooooo many many systems and listening to instructors I found Chris Lori attended a workshop and after that trading started it to make sense . Last weekend i attended my 4th workshop Iam really grateful that i found this instructor everything makes sense He takes time to explain the concepts instead of trying to sell you a system I really recommend His course Now im not only trading Im on the way to be an amazing trader thanks to Him.

2011-02-23 5 Stars After many years of trying many systems and software’s, I finally found an honest person that really likes to share his knowledge and experience in the forex market. After attending my first workshop 3 years ago my trading improved remarkably and everything made sense. Thanks to him and his teaching I’m a full time successful trader, really enjoying trading the forex market.
Adelaide, Australia,
Sep 16, 2013,

Hi, I went to the Sydney workshop in June this year. It's been a few months since the course, but I now feel my trading has started to turn around by use of my own defined strategy, based on price concepts that I've learned from Chris.

To be honest, I had been shooting from the hip with trading for a long time and longed for something that just works, looking for that one trade that could get all my losses back in one hit. I was confused of what I was doing so wrong and didn't know how to correct it.
I guess this is where Chris's teachings come in most valuable and introduce a methodical approach towards trading along with self analysis. To some, this approach may be obvious, but to the majority of us, it's something totally overlooked and undervalued.

If you're looking for a foolproof method, perhaps move on. If you are serious about trading and willing to do whatever it takes to become successful, you should definitely take a few notes from Chris Lori.
Sep 16, 2013,

I found Chris early in my trading pursuit and attended a workshop (now 3), as it was near where I live. I come from an economics and banking background, so I appreciate the detail that he covers in the workshop. The relationship between understanding economics and applying that to real world trading, as I now understand, is an adjustment. In both, the workshop and Pro Traders Club, he goes well beyond what I had understood about trading, as a profession.

I'm one who is very particular about format, Chris' workshop was pretty well structured. He first breaks down price action into multiple sections and ties it's connection to market behavior. As the workshop progresses, he show's exactly how he trades. Chris provides all the tools to understand the market from a price action and economic perspective with a primary focus on my development plan. Unlike someone who is trying to sell a "system," he laid out a plan about how to take what is taught in the class and use it to gain a full understanding of market behavior through a regiment of trading exercises aimed to develop our trading model and using his exact trading model, as a reference. The exercises help me to understand price action, rather than trading Chris' model on faith. This process has proven itself, as I now see the market much clearer and formulate trading criteria.

I have sitting right in front of me a manual with a multitude of sections and about 600 slides containing notes, etc. that go into detail breaking down price action. As well, there are sections that explain how the price action fits into very specific trades of his own model. One point Chris reinforced to us at the workshop is to build a formula based on his price action based models, which he also explains in the manual, for the trades that you connect with, as a result of our development plan. Chris clearly showed us exactly what trade set ups he takes. It's in the manual. Furthermore, in Pro Traders Club follow up, Chris shows his trades and gives live examples of how it matches his training.

I have not explored a lot of other training programs, but Chris' material brings me closer to the real market than other sample materials I've seen.
Gary Taylor
Aug 27, 2013,

I bought Chris's complete forex course and attended his workshop in Florida on the recommendation a another trader. All I can say is "Average at best"....
Chris is an ex-Olympic athlete who is trying to make a living in the forex market. His training doesn't focus on a clear methodology or how to engage with the market with a specific model. His message is basically "practice and eventually you'll figure it out"....-- errr... you think!..... I don't need to pay 2k + hotel + flights to hear this.... He goes over how banks trade which was interesting but I don't have 5 mill to open a primary trading account, so it was of little benefit......

I'd save my money... use google... (and practice)
Reply by Chris Lori submitted Sep 30, 2013:
Hello Gary... Thank you for the review. I am disappointed in myself for failing to effectively communicate the information to you. I take the matters of every attendee very seriously. I fully appreciate that attendees have committed to goals they have set and are counting on me to guide them. When an individual places enough confidence in me to take the time, cost and effort to attend a workshop, I am sincerely emotionally invested in their pursuit for success. I have taken your concerns to heart, so I would like to connect with you and take this as an opportunity for mutual benefit. I am willing to do what is necessary to gain your satisfaction and see that you have what you need to progress in this business. We have had a good number of individuals that have worked diligently through the program to become full time traders and some have gone further to on the responsibility of funds management. Unfortunately, I am unable to reach out to you, because we have no record of the name you posted on this site as one who has purchased any product or attended a workshop. I am mindful of your concern to post your legal name, if you have, in fact, attended the workshop. Nor do we have any email communication bearing the name "Gary Taylor." Typically, if a trader has concerns, they will email me questions for review in Pro Traders Club live or recorded sessions, which I personally address. I do not have any record of you seeking guidance or expressing concerns, in any manner. If you will kindly contact me by email or phone through the website and let me know where I can reach you. Your satisfaction is more important than any offence I may have taken by your comments. Your note has inspired me to evaluate the program and make changes in some areas. At the same time, slighting my integrity as a professional trader (re "ex-Olympic athlete") is unfounded with harmful intention and disappointing. Consider what is required to compete on one Olympic games, then going on to do that four times, and an Overall World Cup title, in between, not to mention near death experiences. I understand that your post was made out of frustration. I'm proposing on the assumption and trust that you did acquire a legal copy of the basic course and did attend the workshop under your legal name. Let's work through this together for mutual benefit. The program goes into detail about structuring your development plan to become an independent thinking trader, to the core. I kindly ask that you email me and include all of your files showing the trading exercises, screenshots of charts with notes, summaries and conclusions, including the patterns and price behaviors I showed that I use in my trading. The point of the structured studies is to gain a deep understanding of price, rather than trading patterns (or "systems") on "faith," which will not bear success for the long term. The goal is to internalize the element of trading through a connection with the market, so it can never be taken away from you. Developing as a trader requires time and commitment. Concerning this process, I have scores of testimonials from workshop attendees and PTC members (never used for marketing purposes) that validate the worthiness of this development approach. Since I have fallen short of meeting your satisfaction, I would like every opportunity to work with you on this.
Singapore, Singapore,
Jul 25, 2013,

In June this year, I attended Chris Lori's workshop in Singapore, my second one after Sydney last November. I'm very glad I did as both workshops provided very intense and excellent education, and I got the chance to meet two great people, Chris and his very successful student Maria.

Chris did a fantastic job in explaining numerous price behaviors, trade management concepts, fundamentals, and much more, and answering countless questions in great detail, which often led to very good discussions. Maria also did an excellent job in providing her own input into various discussions and sharing her own trading and risk management approaches in great depth. I also want to commend both Chris and Maria for being very approachable and down to earth, and available for chats and questions even after workshop hours!

In his post below, Mark was spot on summarizing what to expect from Chris' teachings. I would like at add or complement a few points that I personally find very valuable, having been an active Pro Traders Club member since my first workshop last November.

Chris teaches Price Action in its deepest form and thus providing you with a very solid and critical foundation of how price moves and how the market works. This is very different from other courses that I have come across, which mainly teach you more the basics of price action, such as support and resistance, candlesticks, pattern, etc. If you study price in depth and really understand the way it moves, you can apply it to any trading method, whether you choose to follow a similar approach Chris or Maria use, taylor it to becoming you own, or whether you use it in your existing trading style.

You need to have realistic expectations. No one walks out of the workshop as a successful professional trader if he hadn't been one before attending, it just doesn't work that way. As with anything in life, to develop as a trader takes time, but Chris certainly provides you with the right tools, knowledge and mindset to achieve that goal if you are serious about this business and put in your own hard work and dedication.

In both workshops, I also got the chance to meet other fellow traders. Meeting other traders, keeping in touch with some of them through email, and being part of a serious trading community through Chris is very important in my opinion as you can share valuable information and get good interaction with like-minded people. And not to forget, Chris' reputable educational service has been, and I'm sure will be around for a long time, therefore many members are likely to stay on for the longer term, and not searching for the holy grail elsewhere.

I highly recommend Chris' workshop and Pro Traders Club to anyone who is serious about becoming a trader.
Sydney , Australia,
Jul 2, 2013,

I recently attended Chris Lori's workshop in Sydney and would like to say that it was a great 4 days of intense education.
A true professional, Chris is a fantastic trader and educator.
He is constantly developing his methods and is willing to share all he knows about this game.
He takes you through all aspects of trading - how the market works, what moves price, where to get in, how much to risk,
where to get out and how to manage your positions and the psychology required so that you stay in this business for the
long haul. His approach applies on all time frames and is not just for the day trader. An added bonus was meeting Maria Delgado, who trained under Chris and is now a very successful professional full time trader herself, who shared her insights, methods and experiences in the workshop as well.
It was a superb workshop, highly recommended for anyone serious about doing well in this business. The best value for money that I have ever spent on Forex trading.
Luis Fernando Andrade-Sinning
New York, USA,
Jul 1, 2013,

I have known Chris Lori for almost 2 years. First time I heard about him was through one of my clients. Having worked as an FX Broker and Trader for more than 5 years, and I have come to know a number of FX coaches, mentors and speakers. Chris is by far the best I know at this. Most FX mentors in the market offer the same basic trading course, but Chris Lori goes far and beyond the basic scope. He is definitely one of the most professional FX mentor I have known.

I had the pleasure to assist 3 of Mr. Lori’s workshops (Florida, Singapore and Australia) during 2013. Chris is someone extremely knowledgeable when it comes to FX trading. He is a great mentor, a genuine individual and someone that cares about sharing his knowledge of trading.

I highly recommend Chris Loris as a mentor for anyone who is looking to get started as an FX Trader. His mentorship skills and knowledge of the market are unmatched.
Budapest, Hungary,
Jun 27, 2013,

I came a long way to Singapore just to attend Chris's workshop and I am so happy that I did it.

In the previous post Mark summarized very well the details of the workshop.

I just would like to add a few more details.

Everything was very professional and friendly. No doubt that anyone who attends learns a lot of valuable stuff from a very knowledgable and very humble person.

As I see it, it can be a life changing experience for those who takes trading seriously. For people with less experience, this is the best place to start as you can spare a lot of time, money and energy looking for the "real deal".

For those having experience and probably struggling, it can give you a big push needed in the right direction in order to finally become a profitable trader.

What was also very impressive is that the whole experience was very genuine and authentic. What I mean by that is as follows.

Chris and Maria are hugely successful traders, teaching the stuff they use in their everyday trading. Maria is one of Chris's students who attended a similar workshop a few years ago.

In addition the workshop was packed with attendees, who came 2nd, 3rd, 4th time just to meet and learn more from Chris and Maria. The majority of these people are also successful full time traders by now thanks to Chris's teaching.

You can really feel that this time you are in good company.
To me this is huge credibility and something I have never experienced before in any other training or workshop before.
Sydney, Australia,
Jun 27, 2013,

I recently sat the Sydney workshop. All i can say is WOW! Totally transformed the way I now view the market. The course and manual is very complete, its obvious the guys have put a lot of effort into it.

Can recommend to anyone new or old to the market!!!

Thanks again!
Sydney, Australia,
Jun 16, 2013,

Having just come off a Sydney 4 day workshop, I have been exposed to a new way of looking at the markets and trading which at first seemed quite alien. Certainly none of this stuff is taught amongst all the forex courses and systems sold on the Internet and I have been exposed to a lot of them.

Chris goes over some advanced price action concepts that I have not seen before. He teaches you how to develop your own trading model, rather than relying on someone else's system. He shows how the market moves and more importantly why it moves the way it does. He does not teach a system. Once you know how and why the market moves the way it does then it becomes easier to develop your own way of trading.

Having said that Chris does give certain high level set-ups that you are expected to practise at home in order to engrain those patterns into your psyche. He explains that when developing your own model that you should engage the market and experience both winning and losing trades because both sets of experiences are needed to serve you well in your trading and in developing your trading model.
These experiences you will carry with you for your entire trading career and will help you adjust to changing market conditions unlike buying into someone else’s system.

I would say you need to have at least 6 to 12 months of live trade experience to get the most out of the workshop.

Chris is a very genuine teacher. He doesn't have inflated ego but seems a very humble man. He certainly knows his stuff and openly shares what he knows and how he personally trades.

He is nicknamed ‘the professor’ by Maria, one of his former students, who has turned fund manager. Maria taught her own successful set-ups at the workshop that she trades every day.

Both Maria and Chris complemented each other over the 4 days.

I have walked away certainly knowing much more than I did before I started but like any endeavour, results will only come with the discipline of persistent and consistent hard work and plenty of engaging chart time.

Follow up support is by email with your questions answered in video format and by video market review in Chris’s Pro Traders Club membership.
There is also a chat room where questions can be answered and markets analysed in real time. Maria makes herself available in the chat when she trades and is as open to questions as Chris is in his Pro Traders Club.

Chris's workshop comes highly recommended.
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