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4.726 • 61 REVIEWS

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London, United Kingdom,
Dec 28, 2012,

Since the workshop in Ft Lauderdale, I took every word Chris said to heart. I \'ve been religiously doing the exercises as prescribed and finally turned around from break even to steadily positive. More importantly, I feel so much more in control of myself and in sync with the market. \n \nThis industry is infested with either scammers outright or simply incompetent teaching novice rubbish, leading them astray, psychologically and financially ruined for their, of course, profit.\n\nChris is rare. What he does is commendable and admirable by any standards and measures. The industry badly needs more generous, responsible and truly knowledgeable teacher like him for the aspiring traders and for the greater good.\n\nFH\n \n
Dec 13, 2012,

I have spent money on software,workshops and internet crap for years and I found the REAL DEAL!!!!! ITS Chris Lori Hands down I feel he is the best! If you want to be a trader and understand and see the market like the money movers and makers you must get to his workshop! You will never see the market the same way again. He is honest and str8 forward.The best I have found and I have seen many. Just get to a workshop and you will see what I mean. If you lookin for a magic system KEEP WASTING MONEY AND i HOPE YOU FIND IT BUT IF YOU WANT TO BE A TRADER THAT KNOWS HOW TO MAKE MONEY GET TO HIS WORKSHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris really cares and he teaches what the BIG BOYS know...Good Luck

2011-10-09 5Star Chris, thanks for an incredible 3 days during the Sydney Workshop.

The genuine passion Chris has for Trading and working with developing Traders is reflected in his professionalism and the depth of knowledge and detail he shared with us throughout the weekend.

The time spent with Chris during the Workshop and over the past few months with his Pro Traders Club is absolutely priceless, and I’ll be forever grateful for the positive impact he has had on my Trading in such a short time.

If you are serious about becoming a consistently profitable trader, Chris Lori is the master to learn from.
Sydney, Australia,
Dec 12, 2012,

Great course, Chris really goes out of his way to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The material provided is all up to date and venue was excellent. I really doubt Chris is making much out of his education business going by the high class of the venue chosen and guest speakers attending. Says a lot for his character and he's not trying to sell anything more than whats in the course. Thanks a lot Chris and Maria, there's hope for us yet!
Sydney, Australia,
Dec 5, 2012,

Chris's course is very reasonably priced & it is obvious when you meet him & get involved with or the Pro Traders Club that his primary objective is not to make money.
He likes to open peoples minds & give people a solid grounding to become the best trader they can be using solid principles.
I can recommend his course with absolute certainty. He is a very intelligent man, his knowledge is deep in Foreign Exchange, trader & human psychology & in making a success in any area of life really.
Andy Del Rio
Florida, USA,
Dec 5, 2012,

Amazing! Excellent! Best teacher all around in learning to become a successful FX trader! These are some of the many accolades that I can provide for the knowledge, experience, insights and dedication that Chris Lori brings to his students in both his intensive workshops, and in the daily update videos and live webinars, provided through his very effective Pro Traders Club. The live chat with other club members also help us all to share ideas and tips to price action as it is happening.
Chris's "price action" approach to trading is right on in helping us understand the behavior of the market and detecting the high probability trades proactively in advance, not reactively, as done with most lagging indicators and other teaching methods. There is no need for indicators with Chris' unique price action approach and strategies.
With his mentoring, Chris also emphasizes independent thinking, tailored to each traders' personality, and not depending on fixed rules or fancy chart patterns.
Overall, Chris' dedication and the most useful strategy that he imparts, is the best way to become a very successful FX trader. I highly recommend Chris Lori.
David Pool
Calif, USA,
Dec 4, 2012,

No Holy Grail In FOREX Trading - but there is Chris Lori

If you are still reading then you are interested in being or already are a person interested in reality in FOREX trading. Price Action is what is the number 1 force in FOREX Trading, it really is that simple. Not that reading or understanding Price Action is simply, but the market moves because of that action. To understand and become a successful FOREX trader you need to learn Price Action. There is none better at teaching Price Action than Chris Lori. Chris breaks the action down into areas so anyone can understand what is happening and how to anticipate what normal action should do going forward. Chris Lori cares about your education not just processing as many students as possible as the case elsewhere. Most of all Chris Lori is trading the market just like he is teaching, doing the same things he is teaching you.
adelaide, Australia,
Nov 25, 2012,


Cost to attend - Very reasonable compare to any type of training (engineering, management, etc) available in Australia

Content - Printed course cannot be all covered given the time. However, the discussion and ideas shared in the workshop are very helpful

Difficulty level - I believe to make the most of the workshop the attendee should have at least one year experience in trading Forex to truly appreciate the content. However, this workshop is more value for money than other Forex education courses that cover basic principles.

Recommendation - I would recommend this to anyone who are committed to trading Forex. The workshop is not about making money but about the development of Forex trading model.
Pat CS
Gold Coast, Queensland,, Australia,
Apr 15, 2012,

I recently came back from a great long weekend workshop which Forex guru and mentor Chris Lori conducted in Singapore from 31st March to 1st April 2012. I went there as a retake to brush up on areas I have neglected, and it was a worthwhile refresher. Somewhere on this page I have previously written an extensive, balanced and fair review of my first workshop in March 2011 with mentor Chris, which you can read from and thus I will not repeat the substance of the matter.

To summarise, the recent workshop was intensive, interactive and fun at the same time. There was camaraderie among the participants with friendships formed and bonded. As always, people from all walks of life flew over to Singapore from neighbouring regions – four from Australia (including myself), one from South Africa, one from India, one from Malaysia, and the rest were Singaporeans. I had the best time!

Thanks to logistics, the previous Chris Lori students were able to form a support group among themselves to further share and learn from each other, and I know most of them by immersing into their group while there. Members of the current group from the recent workshop too has been pulled together through a contact list to further their learning among themselves. It is a great situation with a sense of motivation, belonging and loyalty to Chris Lori – learning the same principles and progressing together.

Chris' teaching and trading is based on Price Action not seen in other educational materials. It is important to reiterate that he encourages us to be INDEPENDENT TRADERS and THINKERS which is so important to survive this tough pursuit.

“INDEPENDENT traders” are self-reliant, making their own trading decisions and not rely on nor at the mercy of calls, methods and strategies of other educators producing roque learners. “Independent THINKERS” do not follow the flock, but have their own unique thinking and sense of creativity to connect with the market, formulating own unique trading style. To be an independent trader and thinker, one needs to be trained and understand Forex market in totality. Chris develops traders to be INDEPENDENT and THINKING, and he PRODUCES FULL-TIME TRADERS.

Don't sit on the fence any longer nor invest further into losses. If you want to be serious about Forex trading and am struggling at the moment and not getting anywhere, like I was pre-Lori, you are strongly urged to invest in a worthwhile education with Chris at one of his next live workshops. Please check details at this link
Coral Springs , USA,
Mar 21, 2012,

I have to say that since the year has gone by that I first attended Chris's workshop in Florida trading is completely changed. I am a full time trader now thanks to the teachings of Chris and the way he mentors and with the pro trader club videos and live pro traders clubs also the hundreds of archived videos are just phenomenal. The problem allot of people have is they only want the holy grail just set it and forget it or some kind of system that they just plug in and make a living at the Forex and if you have been around the Forex for any length of time you know that you can waist allot of money that way and the developer of the software is the only one that gets rich. If anyone is serious about wanting to learn how to trade the Forex market then I highly recommend Chris and all the material he has to offer and were else do you have a fund manager teach you how he trades.
Nikolaus Hammerl
Noosa, Australia,
Mar 13, 2012,

I can't share a single point in any of the cheer leading comments rating Chris Lori's seminar. It was a completed waste of time, money and energy joining a quite expensive two day seminar. This was very basic stuff easily to be collected for free in the web. Chris's main task was throwing charts over charts with Fibonacci lines. He stated always that the ability to draw the lines correctly can't be simply explained but would build up with time....some sort of intuitive feeling.... His main advertisement that he is going to teach fundamental factors influencing Forex. This was a thirty minute lesson naming web sources where you could get this information form (mainly banks)... I knew it anyway.

If I only could I would give zero stars.
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