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Updated: Jun 16, 2015
3.268 · 10 REVIEWS
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2010-11-07  SCAM CONFIRMATION:  The FPA has investigated a case brought by a member against OneCorpFX.  In the opinion of the FPA, OneCorpFx.com is a scam.

One Corp FX is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  We strongly urge traders against placing money with this company.  If you have an account with this company, we recommend you immediately try to withdraw all of your funds.  If you have any difficulties getting your funds out, we recommend that you immeidately contact the authorities and take all appropriate legal measures to recover your funds.


Website is down.  Company seems to be out of business.


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20102010-11-10FPA Scam Confirmation against OneCorpFxguilty


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3.268 · 10 REVIEWS
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Oct 1, 2010,

Issue escalated to Traders Court FPA Scam Confirmation against OneCorpFx | GUILTY
FPA Scam Investigations Committee Note: This case is confirmed. The FPA considers OneCorpFX.com to be a scam

I have one serious problem with this broker, they disabled trading on my account, and I can't withdraw my money for 2 months, and I know that I'm not the only one. They put the blame on BT, but this doesn't seem to be true. They don't answer to emails if I ask for details. Avoid this broker!
For more details follow this thread:

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Feb 28, 2010,

I need to revise my earlier review. Live trading with this broker is different from demo, lots of wins on demo but lots of losses on live -- a complete reversal. I cannot recommend them now.

2009-12-14 4 Stars I've had a live account with OneCorp for several weeks. I'm satisfied, and I've had no problems. Michael offers first-rate customer support, by phone and email. Clients get segregated accounts. Although this broker is not regulated, I believe it is an honest broker.
Randall L Folgate,
Boca Raton Florida,
Feb 1, 2010,

I tested with the same EA same everything,settings etc on their live micro account and their demo account and the two are definitely not the same. My EA made allot of money on demo and slowly lost on the live account. I was on a VPS too in NY close their servers
Kari Snyder,
Apache Junction, AZ,
Aug 15, 2009,

I was happy to find a broker close to my home. I ran a demo for about a month and was making really nice profits. I called Onecorp and talked to Michael and he assured me the demo trades just like the live account. The spreads are also the same on the demo as on the live account so I opened up a live account with Onecorp. My live account was making a nice profit for about 3 weeks and then it all went south. I ran my demo and my live account side by side with the same settings and I continued to lose on my live account but my demo continued to make money.Trades were also opening up at the same time. I decided to close my account because I just kept losing. I did however receive what was left of my money wired back to me. Onecorp's Metatrader platform has serious issues. Everytime I opened my live account in the morning pairs would pop up on their own with my ea on it. I would have to remove the ea because I did not want to trade that pair. The next morning the same thing happened. It continued to happen over and over. Even though I removed the ea and closed the chart the ea would be back on the chart again. This broker is not registered with the NFA and they are located in Arizona, USA. Please beware. You may make profit for the first 3 weeks but then it will all go south. I should have listened to what other people were posting on Donnaforex's forum and I would have been alot better off right now. They never respond to your emails either. If you call them you will get an answering machine but if you call 2 or 3 times you will eventually reach someone. Please think twice before you open up an account with this broker.

Amherst NY,
Jun 20, 2009,

So far so good, I used few brokers before, this one OK for now, will see later, maybe I change my mind on it but getting quick replies and they (Mike) pick up the phone every time I call.
Jun 12, 2009,

Update 6-12-09 : Monies received. I'll consider the fact that it could be a one time hiccup. But that still doesn't justify that fact that response time for support, live server execution issues (which were never addressed or resolved for me btw), Live server to demo server comparison issues (because they advertise this to be the same when in fact...), and response time for withdrawal request CONFIRMATIONS (not the time elapsed for the process of withdrawing), are serious issues with OneCorpFX. I'll just observe for now and MAYBE open another live account in the future IF they can get it together. MAYBE.
This is serious. When you leave peoples money, wishes, requests, etc... on the back burner, you are displaying serious complacency or incompetence, neither of which are good in this business. - R

2009-06-11 2 stars
Update 6-11-09: Received the confirmation of wire out on the statement just waiting for the money to post in his account.
Worth noting: There is an interestin bit of info about this broker on Donna Forex's website. Check it out to learn a little more about OneCorpfx and the constant spamming of boards on Fap Turbo's website. I'm sure other places as well. TRader beware that's all for now.

2009-06-09 2 Stars I agree about the demo being pretty and all, but once live , things definitely change. Misquotes and customer service or lack thereof. These people need to answer the phones professionally and their email should acknowledge you that your withdrawal requests or support questions are received. Has anyone withdrew money from these guys yet? Anybody? Friend of mine is having issues as well.
Stay Tuned...
Trade Scout,
Jun 11, 2009,

Well, things started out excellent with this broker. I loaded my EA to both demo and live accounts, with each account taking similar trades. Then came the 4 / 5 digit issue with the live platform. The broker finally settled on 5 digits but the two platforms are trading COMPLETELY different now. The demo account is still making excellent virtual money, but the live account is struggling to break even. Bottom line- you can't trust the demo if you're gonna use an EA.

I'm not using my real name because I don't want any problems when I close my acount and withdraw my money. I'm to the point that I don't have a lot of faith in any one broker.
Kansas, USA,
Jun 5, 2009,

I've been with them about a month. I agree with everything said in the other posts up to this last week. Started see things going funky with my live account vs demo account. Plus they also raised their pip spread 1 pip accrossed most pairs i traded with them. Also some issues with 4 or 5 dec pricing. My Demo account was rock'n, my live account wasn't hardly trading at all with the same EA's on both accounts. I was getting 15-20 trades aday on my demo and maybe 4 or 5 on my live account. They were working the same up until the last week or so. I have heard they are trying to fix the problems - putting in new servers and things. I've stopped trading to give them a change to fix things. If they can, they will be my broker of choice, if not - Well let's hope they get it fixed. Micheal has been GREAT!!!
Andy Thompson,
Oregon, USA,
May 17, 2009,

Opened a live account about 3 weeks ago. I have NO complaints.
I've talked with the owner, nice people. I recommened them.
I have not made a withdrawl from my account yet, but I will some day and post how it went.
I am satisfided, I plan to stay here with OneCorp.
New Zealand,
May 9, 2009,

Was fed up with constant re-quotes when trading with FXDD. I found OCFX and haven't looked back. Their customer service is excellent and they don't mess with trades either. As previously mentioned on this forum, they have the lowest spreads, period! Give OCFX a try today.