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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.371 · 13 REVIEWS
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2.371 · 13 REVIEWS
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, Lebanon,
Oct 22, 2012,

Am FPA member FXCobra who have a Scam Alerts Folder Case against Rentasignal.here: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/scam-alerts-folder/21533-rentasignal-scam.html

My case against Rentasignal is full of evidences about Rentasignal Scam which obliged Rentasignal to close its business operations at the coming 28 October 2012 & get withdrawn from NFA regulation.

Will like to ask "John, Canada" to join my thread case(link above) against Rentasignal if he likes to, with his proofs against Rentasignal as he said has many in his submitted review here.

Be ware traders not to deal in the future with any names(within companies or individuals) found in the last posts of my case against Rentasignal Scam Company.

Florida, USA,
Apr 23, 2012,

I hate to admit that I've rented a dozen signals from Rentasignal and not once did my results remotely match the signal providers stat page. I subscribed to zyclontrader 1 and 3 and the pip various was vast-in some cases 25 to 45 pips per trade. The second problem was I was not receiving all the trades. Whereas, this SP would rank consistantly in the Top tier with 100-250 pips for the week I would have a loss in my account. Go figure. All I can say is the slippage due to their lousy software is huge.
, Canada,
Feb 18, 2012,

Been SCAMED by Rentasignal, I have all the screenshots with their conversations. I have had subscribers for two months and have received two payments from Rentasignal but the payments ARE NOT ACCURATE , they will pay you what they want NOT what you EARNED, there is no way you can find out how many subscribers you have and whether or not they are trading. I've had two of my own accounts subscribed to my own Signal Provider, just to check Rentasignal how fair is it about its business, and None of my Subscribed accounts generated the corect amount , one of them did not generate any earnings at all for a full month, how is that possible when I've had all the trades executed on my susbcribed account?! When I asked why don't I see all my EARNINGS in the "subscribers tab" they told me two months in a row there has been a mistake with the payments calculations.

When I told them that I tested them to see how honest they are about the business and told them that they Failed the test and do not pay the real Earned amount to the Signal Providers, they Banned my Signal Provider and NEVER payed me the last month and the difference which they cheated. How can we trust them?! Anyone willing to become a Signal Provider and try their service , should also have an account which can follow your own Signal Provider, and make sure it's under a different name and you will see what I'm talking about.

Just to point out , my Signal Provider account was a Live account and had the RAS software attached to my Live charts. Whenever I opened a trade in my Live account , the trade has been sent to Rentasignal website. By following my own Signal Provider with a different Live account , I was getting delays in order execution sometimes as many as 4 seconds. I was buying when the prices were falling , within 4 seconds until the order had been executed on my Subscribed account the prices allready reached a lower price so most times I was filled at better price. And Rentasignal sync-ed my Subscribed accounts which means if I had been filled at a better price than my Signal Provider account they would withdrawal the difference and I had $60.00 withdrawn from my Subscribed account without any explanations.

Moreover, the difference on my Signal Provider page and Subscribed accounts were 3 pips minimum. When they display 50 pips profit on my Signal Provider page , I would only have 47 pips on my subcribed account and sometimes 44 pips. They post better results on the Signal Providers page , to atract more subscribers but the results ARE NOT TRUE.

So who is losing in this business ?! Definitely not Rentasignal, and we agreed to their Terms And Conditions, and we agreed that there MAY be mistakes and Rentasignal will not be liable for any of them. And rest assure there ALWAYS ARE MISTAKES.

Test it for yourself .
Sep 12, 2011,

Definitely not useful service. I tried twice with 6 months difference between tries. No. 1 SP is some kind of scalper where trades were opened at price which doesn't exist on the market. Same is with closed price. The worst thing: Their copying software is bad. At Asian time sometimes need few minutes even to copy trade. You can imagine what is the price and the damage they are producing to clients.
And support? It's true as you read at other posts. Primitive and non ethical are the basics. Don't expect technical help, they don't know what they are doing!
Jul 21, 2011,

I believe Rentasignal have positive & negative views.

The Negative one is that their support is somehow rude, many times not found despite live chat is online, they do not know basic forex info or even some questions about their service they can't answer. I am a SP and have doubts about if they pay money for SPs, would wait some months for the money to get big to withdraw and see if they pay...
Another Important bad thing is that as a Signal Provider(SP), you can't know anything about your subscribers(rent & autotrading), as lot size they have set, how much money(or pips) they had made so far from your signals, country from, can't leave a message for them... all that can be found in Zulutrade which is better in these parts.
Besides, you can only know how much money you gained from your subscribers, how ?, when ?, number of dollars gained per lot size...?, this is talking about autotrading subscribers..

The Positive about RAS is that as a SP you can more freely open any number of trades without that 15 second bt. order & another rule that zulutrade have adapt, which effects a signal provider performance and it seem that zulutrade is not understanding that.
In 15 second bt. open orders, the market would had collapsed from the price you want to execute a second or more orders...
Besides, the 30 orders per day rule that zulutrade have which is nonsense not because 30 orders is small number of trades per day if you are an agressive and Top Trader who is very good in mostly knowing the market movements for many pairs, but also because of the 24 hour interval rule which is more nonsense by zulutrade, meaning if you open on monday 29 orders at newyork session, on tuesday you just have 1 order to take, and in best case if you take it on tokyo session then you must wait till wednesday to take 30 new orders at tokyo session and so on..
More example if 30 orders are taken on monday at london session then you must wait for new 30 orders to execute at london session and so on.. Meaning, sometimes you can't take some orders even if you see that it's a very good opportunity to trade since zulutrade would not take that order because of the ridiculous 24 hour interval rule.
RAS is much better in this part and this is where a SP feels more better trading with RAS than Zulutrade.

About both services and Followers or subscribers problems about SP orders, I believe it's not RAS or Zulutrade fault if a SP loose you money because they are just offering you many options and you are choosing, you can demo account any SP with Zulutrade and trial with RAS till you see the SP as really effective then you take the choice and be responsible of that choice not any of both service companies but only use are responsible...

On the part of some signals not reaching followers or subscribers, I believe both companies have this problem and think they would always ty to solve it because they are also loosing money if you do not take the orders of the SP. I'm here talking about orders you pay per trade while the monthly fees well there woud always be a doubt for that if you do not take all orders executed by the SP but it's up to you to decide later if it's a minor problem that happen occassionally or a major problem(happening for days..)

I hope it is more clear for all about the goods and bads of both service companies.

Best Luck
Edmund J.,
New England,
May 26, 2011,

No, no, and no. Give your money to charity instead. I got absolutely NOTHING for the signal I rented. Look closely at the number one spot, it is trading some ancient unknown pair like the The Embufu Coconut vs. the Zimbaba Chicken. (THAT NONE of the major Forex brokers carry) Stay away...you have been warned! Trouble started when I asked, on two separate occasions for the answer to a very simple question from tech support and was told to "Read the Manual"...well, I already had.

They were rude and to spite recognizing I was duped, wasn't able to get a refund through them or Paypal. Rentasignal said, they could not refund or credit me for my original purchase, but if I bought another subscription, then they would refund the first. ???

There is an ethics manual out there somewhere and Rentasignal should read it. If I have one nice thing to say about their service, is that there might be some useful signal, but look before you leap, they are not forgiving or accommodating at all.

Luckily for me, Paypal charged my Visa, so I am sure I'll be covered on this charge. Rentasignal can get laid.
Sep 25, 2010,

Hello to the good job FPA is doing every minute especially in favour towards Newbies like me.
I have less than 2K to trade so I choose from RAS a Trader working as a Pro with MicroLots with a very smart past results. After paying thru Paypal my RAS subscription $85 on 16th Sept it was announced that this Trader A does an agressive strategy and a big DD dealing with only big Money. So I called RAS (Spain) several times and sent 6 or 7 e-mails as they refused a Refund.
Starting denying my payment, after e-mails proof they say there is no wrong description due to a lack of updating system nor any difference between descriptions given thru Trader's Profile and RAS payment confirmation mail. Yesterday They "closed" discussion announcing "This is an OLD Problem".
I know this is my 1st try with a signal service, but supposing I am wrong, they are right: since 16th till today 25th, no signal on my computer, no instruction no guidance....but keeping money ???
My only advise for you guys is to keep away from this RAS unethical incompetent gang of liers.
Paypal could only cancelled the next October subscription as they can protect only goods not services.
Thanks for any help or advice.
Please advise on how
May 15, 2010,

VERY variable signals, poor support and unreliable technology. Been using them for 4 months now (LIVE) on multiple signals and have just about given up. Their control over signal providers is non existent, so say goodbye to your account unless you are very very carefull. The software is less than reliable and the support staff are very rude if you dare to question the policies they implement - so don't even try to suggest they have software stability problems.

Personally i thing such signal services are fatal for ones account eventually - not that the idea is bad, but unless you can believe the signal provider is responsible then say goodbye to your cash. A provider should stick to a trading contract - no-one can guarantee profits but they can implement consistent behaviour that you can trust in to some degree. A signal provision service, although not legally responsible, does, i think, have some moral responsibility for ensuring that a signal provider does describe themselves adequately and then adhere to there promises to trade responsibly - things like enforcing replication off live accounts would help, along with attempting to stop provider "churn", complete tradiing histories and a million other ideas might save your account in the long term.

Its not a scam, but its far from as safe as it could be
Rasool Munfaredi,
Apr 21, 2010,

I'm very impressed with "RAS" detailing every signal and every trader is just amazing. And what you see is truely what you get.

I'm subscribed with them for the past 2 months, and a satisfied customer.

Feb 23, 2010,

We used their signal service for 6 months. Major loss when a hacker broke into their system and caused trades signals to be closed. Canceled the service. Then I was re-billed. Canceled that too, and then I was re-billed, again and again and again. Next they are trying to do automatic payments through my wife's paypal account (who has never traded forex and thinks Bulls and Bears are animals)! I would give them top rating for tenacity of billing, but low rating for morality.