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iForex is a forex broker. i Forex offers the Mobile and Web Based trading currency platforms. iForex.com offers over 80 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, shares, ETFs, gold, silver, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

iForex.com (.in, .hu)
Other websites of this company include Vestle.com, Vestle.it.

The default language is Chinese but English is available in the language button at the upper right corner.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.015
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum to Open Live: $100
Established: 1996
Address: 1 Wickham’s Cay, Road Town, Tortola, BVI VG1110, Virgin Islands, British
Contact: info@iforex.com, +30-210-374-2599
Regional offices:
Regulators: BVI FSC #SIBA/L/13/1060
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: WebTrader, Mobile Trader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (80+)
Cryptocurrencies: (15+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (760+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard

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3.151 · 146 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Mar 23, 2011,

This Shahid is a F*** idiot and he is one of the so called account manager of iForex.com.There customer care is the worst in the world and this type of account managers are only for taking money from the customer by telling lies.
Feb 11, 2011,

do not do it! they push you until you finish giving them your money away.
Pune India,
Feb 9, 2011,

iforex is really f***ing nonsense cheater site. no service its pure fraud and scam i am going to file suit against them soon. bloddy cheter
Sourabh Jain,
Nov 10, 2010,

Well what can i say for Iforex...only few lines,,,
Truly Unprofessional.
They only know how to take money out of you.
Their representative doesn't have any thing to do with Customer satisfaction they are only concerned about Their Targets/Commission.
Now the Story:-
Few days back i got call from Iforex so called Trainer Mr Imran saying that ill train you in Forex and teach everything daily and for that you have to open a demo account with us,and you just need to deposit 100$ which is fully refundable with no conditions attached, and would get free daily signal too.. it sound fishy why do they need money for demo account,but he said there system is like that,i dont know why i believed him, and deposited money there...Now the Magic Happens..
2) After my account created, Mr Imran told me how to put order and then he said he will continue training tomorrow ,will teach in and out , how to use charts and indicators and economic calendar, right time to trade, and send me some forex books,But that never Happened :(.
) From the next day no call from him.. Why would he call, he got his commission.
) i contacted there online support, they aid Mr Imran is Busy so he cant Talk...Wow he is the President i think..he couldn't call whole day...which was his work..What a Training Manager...
at that time i started to look for Ifoex scam and came to this website and found iam not alone.. :) so i decided to take my refund..
)then i got a Call from Mr Babulal ,he told he is my account manager, he asked whats the issue... i told him about Imran and all troubles/no Training and signal which were not activated,he said you cant get Signal until i trade with real money,that contradictory to what Imran said.then suddenly he agreed to give me signal.after i went crazy and asked for refund.
) he told me how to open signal,and keep on insisting to trade in real account,and by that time online support told me if i trade in real account i cant get refund till i submit documents...and for refund also i have to follow the withdraw method.. Well as far as i know withdraw and refund are two different process...what a crap..higly professional people and give very misleading information.They dont even realize their faults and claim others also follow same..
)next the same thing..i fiallt decided i dont want to trade with Iforex and asked for refund...Online support forwarded m request for call and after waiting for 2hours+ no call, i recontacted support and aksed him to wait till i get call.then after waiting for 30mins again, i got call from Mr Babulal..i asked him iam not comfortable forex and i want my refund , he said sir please trade in real account for atleast 2000euro,it should rise now,but the signal and the market trend was Down....he was trying to steal money so i cant withdraw...finally i said i dont want to loose just give me refund...he said ok..you need to follow the withdrawal process..fill form, and print it and sign it,the fax it or send by email, i said why i have to do this i was told unconditional refund then whats this..he said sorry you have to use this and every forex company has this rules..what a crap...finally i followed the procedure and emailed documents to them..
) the request is stilll pending and online support told me that they havent received the request yet and since it has attachments it takes 1hour to receive, god know what kind of system they are using..and he said i will get a call once they receive it, its being 3housrs no call,no email..

My opinions Please Stay away from them, worst and unprofessional people, ill update if i get my withdrawal sorry refund lol...
South Africa,
Nov 7, 2010,

was also pestered by phone call, said an account was opened for me and now i must make a deposit, even when i explained i need to trade in demo account first , still be pushy about making the deposit. that totally turned me against trading with them. have not made deposit.
sri lanka,
Oct 20, 2010,

there platfrom is superb
there custermor care is super
any time we can get a call back
our money is safe as govement bank
Jyoti Prakash Pal,
Jul 30, 2010,

My first forex broker.i loose all of my money.(i don't blame them that was my mistake , i lost all my money due to lack of experience)

Good Thing :
Didn't find any!

Bad thing :
Customer care always looking for new clients with big money.i got 4 calls from different ppls claiming that he/she is my account manager place money with there help.

Hotline No : always busy ... busy ... ans busy ....!

Trading Terminal..... Bullshit ... disconnect ... disconnect .. and again disconnect.. !!! Web platform is far better.. simple and sweet .
Minimum trade lot size more than .. 2000 Unit ...

they have a market anysis section on the website.. nothing is there... !

Fixed Password , i can't change it ...

But they r not scams .. Price feed r nice .. i recommend only those ppls who are not so comfortable with english.as they talk in Indian languages... Use Mt4 for charting.. place the trade. ...

James P.,
May 27, 2010,

This is my first broker so I'll just explain how things went.

I saw an advert on Facebook presenting Forex as a way to get a complementary income. One of the "testimonies" was by a twenty something student inducing me to think that this wasn't so risky as long as you were careful.

To start with, I was given some basic information about pips, support and resistance and calculation. That was it and there was nothing mentionned about news announcements, the dangers of trading against the trend and so on. All this I had to discover by myself.

As for contacting the service, it was ok but they insisted on calling by phone despite me telling them that I'd sometimes be unavailable and e-mail would be more appropriate.

Anyway, I traded mostly on the demo account and soon found that it would be closed without notice. I kept asking for it to be reopened and the account manager, Audrey, finally told me there was a limit in time beyond which it would be closed again, the motive being that it would somehow influence "psychology".

This led me to trade live and it's then that I noticed that the FXNet platform was really buggy sometimes and would crash. It's based on .NET and, for some odd reason, requires to access Internet Explorer to establish a secure connection. So, if IE is non-functional, that means the application won't work properly. I did appreciate steps by a technical-savvy person to install the software but didn't appreciate comments about Windows 2000 being a bad OS because it's irrelevant as long as the software is compatible.

Anyway, this led me to my first big losses and, oddly enough, I was no longer contacted by their service. Either I did a bad trade or committing a mistake by not adjusting the default size some currencies which would something be ridiculously high like 50.000. A few months down the road, I've lost a few thousand euros in an attempt to recover losses.


This could have been a good experience if I'd had enough time on demo to practise. I don't know whether there's a commercial imperative to push people to trade but it would seem that way. Also, I got no reply after I informed them that I had put myself in serious difficulty. It's something that I accept responsability for but a basic respectful reply would have been appropriate.
Mahmut Caferoglu,
Apr 18, 2010,

Its a fact , if you get trained and you learn and be careful , you win ... You take high risk and become careless you loose ! they win ... The customer support is very good , the platform is basic and simple to use .i wouold rate them avarage...
Sagar Saran Lal,
Apr 12, 2010,

I start trading with iforex for about 3 weeks back or so and my experience was horrible as I ended up losing about $ 500 in 3 days time. First and the foremost thing there customer service is horrible they just call you and pester you to deposit funds. Once you have deposited funds they stop calling you and stop responding to your calls. Second thing there trading signals are completely wrong and they also you charge you for it without notifying you. So take my advice if you want to save your money don't trade with iforex.