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Updated: May 10, 2018
4.376 · 175 REVIEWS
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forextrainingworks.com (Sid Wyemann)

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4.376 · 175 REVIEWS
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Hitchin, United Kingdom,
Mar 22, 2015,

I have known about Forex Training Works (FTW) since 2011 when I took their course. Due to personal circumstances I had to postpone my membership with FTW but have recently returned and am now re-training and learning the system as a member of the ET&S group, which provides additional training, help and support.

The system has evolved since I first took the course, in line with market conditions, but also in a way that maximises opportunities and potential. Forex is a challenge and as such it is important that you have trust in your mentors. The team at FTW are honest and always available to help. Traders are accountable for their trading and no matter where you are on the spectrum you will be encouraged, critiqued and advised to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Trading forex is clearly a risky business, not a silver bullet for your financial aspirations. FTW manage your expectations and also help you along the road to safe, sustainable trading.
bev wyman,
alvor, Portugal,
Mar 21, 2015,

After you pass your driving test, is the time you really begin to learn to drive. It’s the same with Sid’s course – you learn the mechanics of the software and the basics of the system. THEN you start the real learning. You learn how to make the maths work, how to be successful. Sid’s style might not suit everyone but his passion is evident and he works really hard to get his message across. And it works!
Pat ,
France, France,
Mar 21, 2015,

You can read anywhere that Forex trading is 20% technique and 80% psychology. The safest way to start trading is to invest in a system, you make your choice and pay your fees. There is an array of systems available and no one system suits every character. My choice was forextrainingworks.com with Sid Wyemann, it being the website I connected to easily. With Sid I’ve developed into a successful live trader with much support and continued good fellowship which I needed along the way. The system is not technically difficult and has evolved and streamlined according to market conditions. The tight controlled management comes from Sid, who has been there every week, in sickness & in health, for years, supporting, encouraging, correcting and discussing all that we, as a team, bring to the fore at his meetings. I knew nothing of Forex or trading but I found Sid’s system to be straightforward and easy for me. Sid’s system works, I've seen it, am now watching it in action, and I am a live trader comfortably continuing to use it myself. All trading systems deal with the 20% of trading; the other 80% is a whole different ball game and for me the psychology of trading has been the biggest learning curve. I have had to change things about me to be successful in trading. So maybe there are some people who don't really want to change anything about themselves. People who believe as they fully understand how the world works, there’s nothing that even needs to be changed. Change is not an option in the system itself, it’s there, written down in black & white. Change in one’s own psychology is essential to understand yourself in relation to working in the Forex market. Sid gives continuous support and explanations in the psychology of trading, plus making himself available for any questions and help he can offer, for the group and also for the individual. Using a system and sticking to it rigidly initially is the first part of learning to trade, it’s vital for your own protection. It’s so you know and you can trust yourself at all times when in action in the market, making rapid fire decisions. The second part, and it’s by far the biggest effort needed, is with your psychology. How easy is it, if to begin with, you're entrepreneurial and looking for something you want to control, to plan out and to firmly shape to your own goals and ideals? The question arises ...Whose responsibility for failure is it if you do understand the system but then can't make it work with your own psychology, your own emotions and anxieties coming into play whilst trading? Whose responsibility is that?
In my own case, after buying into his system, my being able to work the system itself was always Sid’s responsibility and his job and he’s done that. He’s been there 100%, always available. The other 80% was, and remains, entirely my responsibility. It’s just me from here on in and interacting with a group of like minded people, for me is better than working in complete isolation Yes, I mark his system with a 5 as many others do. The reason I do this is I can't think of a single thing more that he could have done or a single thing that’s not covered by him which would be a reason to deduct from the 5 mark. Thanks for reading!
Scotland, United Kingdom,
Mar 20, 2015,

I'm writing in appreciation of the Forex Training Works training programme. Starting with knowing nothing about forex, this programme has taught both my wife and I to become safe forex traders.

Thankfully this program isn't one of those where you get the course and are left to just get on with it. Sid’s whole approach is really about helping beginners (like we were) to develop and build on the necessary trading skills long after the initial training is over.

My wife made steady progress and moved from trading in demo to trading a live account. This continued to improve then for some reason she developed a confidence challenge. This completely spoiled her trading. We learned that Sid really cares about people. As a result of this he always spends as much ‘one-on-one’ time with students as it takes to get them on their feet. ‘Time-after-time’ we have seen him helping and encouraging the members of this training club. My wife received this same personal attention which thankfully has helped to improve her competence and her confidence getting her back on course.

Having been with this programme for quite a few years we can both vouch that it’s not just a flash in the pan. Sid has developed a great system, a great way of teaching and helping people and he’s here to stay.

We remain members because forex does not stand still. Like everything forex evolves. What worked a couple of years ago does not necessarily work today. So, as well as training and supporting the members (who are really more like family) Sid keeps abreast of any changes required and keeps all of us in the loop and ‘up-to-date’ with our techniques.

On a daily basis you can't beat the atmosphere, help and support that comes with belonging to such a great group of people.

We would both like to say that if you are looking at learning forex, this is the most honest and helpful place to learn it. This year Sid has stopped charging upfront for the course. This is great because no big fee is now needed in order to get started. Everything including the course, the notes, the software and ongoing training and support is available for a simple monthly subscription.
Brian Steadman,
Essex, United Kingdom,
Mar 20, 2015,

I have read some very unfair reviews on the internet about
Sid Wyemann of Forex Training Works.Com
I don’t normally if ever write reviews but I needed to put across my own views experiences upon taking the course and joining
The ET & S Support Group After the 4 week training course was finished
I signed up to Sid’s 4 week trading course over a year ago now
I would just like to say how impressed,
I was with the overall course content
The lessons are very well thought out,and put together, each lesson is explained with text, pictures, videos and audio sound.
I found the course material excellent overall.
As the course unfolds, with each lesson, I am also seeing what a great course Sid has developed and put together,
I stated to see a bigger picture forming as the course unfolded placing everything together with each lesson.
There is a lot of information to take in at first. But with time and patience, you will slowly develop your knowledge and the understanding, and it will all drop in to place.
I have found the course work material excellent to work with,
As it tailored to suit all levels, Beginners like me, up to the more experienced.
I was a total novice to forex so it’s great to be shown from the very beginning it leads you through step by step.
I know this will not suit everyone
But I believe it is best to start at the beginning and work your way through, and take one step at a time
After the 4 week course I then joined Sid’s ET & S which stands for Extra Training and Support
A further online daily training support group with like minded people who all share the same goals in life to go on and one day to be successful professional traders
Where by you can attend 4 meetings a week Monday to Thursday
2 with Sid and 2 with Rob if you are unable to attend the meeting some times all the meetings are recorded and posted in the ET & S and the BBC to you can catch up at a later time
The meeting are a great all round learning tool coupled up with the Daily Blog where there is a wealth of information posted daily to help you go forward to succeed with your long term goal to go on and become a successful professional trader in the future
My summing up summery
I now have now gone to open a Live Trading Account
I feel I can go on to achieve my goal in life to leave behind the rat race of life I currently live in to have a more relaxed path in life in the future and of course not forgetting the financial freedom that will follow
I have now left my Demo Account were I learnt my trading skills But the truth is you never stop learning so belonging to Sid’s after care Extra Training and Support Group is great because all traders in the group share there experiences and ideas along with Sid and Rob Guidance this in turn is a real confidence booster and great all round leaning tool
This is a truly life changing opportunity if you are prepared to work at it, stick with it patience, discipline, are the keys to success and a wiliness to learn of course
Sid and Rob are both Real Genuine Honest Sincere Guys who go the Extra Mile to Help, Guild, Teach, and Train, you every step of the way on there 4 Week Course and in the ET & S and BBC after the course has finished
I would also like to finish by saying
I have no connection what so ever to Sid or Rob I only come into touch with these guys when I signed up to the course and ET & S
Lynn Wright,
Essex, United Kingdom,
Mar 20, 2015,

I'm so pleased I found Sid, the course is great, but it's Sid's absolute determination to make good traders out of us, that set's him apart from the rest. It seems the more committed we are to learn, the more committed he is to helping us become successful. Straight-talking, down to earth and genuine - he gets a full 5+ stars from me ;-)
Richard Anthony Sebzda,
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 19, 2015,

This course is excellent value for money. It gives you a comprehensive view of the subject and there is total support for as long as you like. I can only say that anyone interested in forex should start here.
Rich Walker,
Gold Coast, Australia,
Mar 19, 2015,

I was a complete beginner to Forex when I took this course in 2011. Sure I could've got the information from some of the lessons online but there’s no way I could know what to look for and what to ignore. This course is set up so that you learn step-by-step only the information necessary to trade this system and leaves out all the other stuff you don’t need. From a beginner’s point of view this way is much better than being bombarded with all sorts of unnecessary info.

The price point is very fair for beginners. If it was higher, I wouldn't have joined. If it was lower, I wouldn't believe the course had any value, and again I wouldn't have joined. If you buy this course and keep a close eye on the clock for the money-back guarantee then I think you’re not really committed to learning and you’re probably better off not taking the course.

The course teaches the trading system, money management, and most importantly, trading mindset. It’s only after trading for a while that you realise how important mindset is and that’s why Sid is there to offer ongoing support to everyone who finishes the course. It’s been exactly four years since I joined the course and plan to maintain my membership for years to come. From experience, the people who succeed in Forex thanks to FTW are the people who can follow Sid’s simple instructions and be accountable for their own actions.
Tom Bird,
Weston, United Kingdom,
Mar 17, 2015,

I took Sid's cores a few years ago and was very happy with the 4 week cores, it was easy to take in and nothing was rushed, after the 4 week's is where the real work starts as the cores will teach you what you need to know but its up to you to put it all in place.

I am leaving this review now as I have been with the forex training works for a few years now and have been live for the past 3 months, and in 3 months have made 103% ROI.

The forex is the hardest thing I have ever done, but everyone at forex training works has helped me every steep, I am now living the dream working only a few hours a day and at the grand old age of 32 I can honestly say taking the cores and been apart of forex training works has been a pleasure and I plan on been been around a few more years yet as the system keep's getting better and better.

Thanks guy's
Reading, United Kingdom,
Mar 17, 2015,

I've been a member of FTW since 2010, as my subscribed forum of choice, mainly because the proprietor emphasised the importance of mindset, something I'd identified when considering trading. The course delivers a comprehensive introduction (which is continuously reviewed for current market relevance & iterated accordingly), but the gold is in the daily forum, & the meetings - Sid's style is well-meaning but hard-hitting, very much "an iron fist in the velvet glove" approach, that once you get past his accent, gives you the "kick up the arse" you need, not to mention unabated support. His passion is obvious, "like a school teacher well into his subject" & welcomes all. Yea, you could say I'm paying him & his team so why wouldn't he, but the encouragement and positive vibe that he gives steeped heavily in a real world attitude is hard to beat. As a fully committed member, you'd very quickly be aware that FTW are committed to you as well and in it with you for the long haul. What more do you need?