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Updated: Jun 16, 2015
2.25 · 6 REVIEWS
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2.25 · 6 REVIEWS
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Joseph de Jong,
Dec 12, 2010,

I bought several ea's recommended by mr. Casey, incl The FRWC.
They all performed horribly. They promised several 'bonuses' I never received. I have sent several emails regarding this issues. The helpdesk does not seem to be existing. In the beginning I had faith in his service. but am heavily disappointed
Milwaukee, WI,
Nov 8, 2010,

I recently purchased this guide in an effort to learn FAP Turbo and make money with it.

Support has been non-existent. I've tried to contact Rob Casey multiple times but get some automated 'bot saying they'll answer my question. Yet days and weeks have gone by after many attempts and still nothing.

No regular newsletter either. I would give it 1 star.
Apr 10, 2010,

Among other issues the promised monthly "newsletter" is gone with the...wind.
I now give this publication "one star" as I can go lower to half a star.

Jan 20, 2010,

I used the Fapturbo Guide setting since second week of Dec. 2009 I win many small profit howver I lost more than 20% of my capital for just 4 trade for pairs USDCAD and USDCHF.
My broker is GallantFX as suggested by Mr.Rob.

Moreover there is no proper support and even there is no forum that we can discuss our issues if any.
Eddie ONeill,
Sep 17, 2009,

Ive recently purchased Fapturbo and although I was happy with the robots performance generally there were a lot of settings which I didnt understand and was afraid to tweak. Rob Caseys guide helped me tremendously. Some good information and settings which are updated as markets change. Valuable support desk which answers questions on very timely basis. I think this package which is now $77 is well worth the money and will repay you many times over.
Tim Burich,
Jul 24, 2009,

I've been using the guide for about 3 months now and it has been a pretty good purchase for me. I know my overall performance has improved because of this guide because I can think of numerous times when the risk management principles in the guide have saved me from big losses which in turn has helped me to be far more profitable.

The guide focuses on risk management as a primary tool for becoming more profitable. It helped me understand that I was trading too large and helped me to reign in my over trading. It focuses on how to use the settings properly to set the correct risk per trade.

One of the things that made me a big believer in the guide early on was that the guide was promoting much tighter stop losses than what the FAP Turbo guys were promoting. This in fact saved me a bundle more than once. Then after about 5 weeks the FAP Turbo guys came out with a new version (47) which miraculously had the much tighter stop losses that the fap turbo expert guide had been promoting all along. I think this guide taught them a few things!

One of the things I liked about the guide was rather than just saying "use these settings" it explains the reason different settings effect the risk and performance. And because different people have different tollerances for risk it actually has a number of different settings profiles with different levels of risk. It also explains why the risk goes up between the different settings.

The site has a lot of material and is reasonably well written too.

My only complaint with the guide is that the content could be organized better. I have seen some reorganization in the past few days though so maybe it's getting fixed.

Overall I think it was well worth it if only for the fact that it's saved me more than the $49 I paid (I think it's $67 now though).

There are other places to get settings and help but some of them are pretty expensive and charge a monthly fee, like fapwinner. This was only one time fee which made it more easy to swallow too.