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Updated: Nov 29, 2018
1.221 · 34 REVIEWS
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2008-04-30 Another Confirmed Scam ForexGen continues to be blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army Case 3
2008-03-04 Confirmed Scam ForexGen is now blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army Case 1 Case 2
The FPA recommends against placing any money with ForexGen. If you have an account with them, we recommend you withdraw all of your money as quickly as possible.

2007-10-22 Scam Alert!

2007-11-27 Several fake positive reviews submitted.
July 2010 Update: ForexGen's website has been down for some time now. We believe that this brokerage is finally dead.  Beware that dead brokers sometimes come back under new names.

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1.221 · 34 REVIEWS
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Mar 31, 2009,

I open an account with ForexGen ( http://www.forexgen.com/)and on Jan 15th 2009 I wire transfer $ 1000 to them and in two weeks I lost $250. I could not close the trades, I was getting re quotes!! So I realize that they manipulate the price and I have no chance with them, so on the third of February 2009 I ask the withdraw of the account balance. I got an e-mail from them confirming that but nothing happened !! I had more then 10 live conversations and sended many e-mails to them and they were ask me to send e-mails to accounts and then to operations back and forth with my requests. They ask me to sign a final settlement note for the balance $753 . And still they did not send the money.
I send e-mails to www.okokrime.no and to the business registrar http://www.brreg.no/english/send.php but till today I did not get any answer!!
If anybody is in touch with Norwegian police please tel meso I can send them a complaint.
My e-mail is : rostarco@yahoo.com
Czech Republic,
Mar 19, 2009,

I see no issue with them. They must have just envious competitors, 'cause their services are unbeatable.

Review Moderation Team Note: We have heard they have wonderful service up to a point. Things only go bad with ForexGen when traders try to withdraw profits.
Feb 11, 2009,

I have been using their demo account for the last few days and am happy with it so far. I have also chatted with their online support and found them to be prompt, polite and helpful. I am considering opening a live account but all these negative comments are a big concern.

Review Moderation Team Note: We're sure things will go fine, as long as you never try to withdraw any profits.
Feb 10, 2009,

I deposite USD2,000 into the account last year June and turn it into USD 13,000 after few months. At first, i requested a trial withdrawal of USD 1000, it took me 1 month to get the fund after numerous emails and chatting session with them. After that, i requested another USD 3,000 on last year Oct, but until now, i still dont get my funds, even more than 30 emails and chatting. They keep on saying they didn't receive the email and ask me to resend and they promise to handle it for me. However, they dont suspend my account. Im really tired with them. Even i report the case to my National Bank (Bank Negara), they said they can't do anything about it.
Jan 12, 2009,

hi guys i have been fruaded by forexgen and i am trying to form a group of people who have been frauded and put pressure on norwageian autorities to recover money . I am in touch with Norway police for this so pls send me email describing your case with amount of money frauded and i will pass on some details or we can discuss how to sort out this problem i guess.

pls send email to amiexp@yahoo.co.uk and if you dont get reply in 2 days pls send again
Dec 13, 2008,

I recommend to stay from this one!
Fake physical address (domiciliation in UK as well as in Norway: dozens of different companies with exactly same address found on Google; probably just an empty office with many names on the door). Anonymous hosting of the website (tried a whois: just found the name of the hosting company & some privacyprotect-not direct contact). Fake telephone#: try it and you'll see. No response to most e-mail questions. So called 'offices' in UK & Norway, but IP in US...
My advice: STAY AWAY!!!
Nov 28, 2008,

i am sure
now after 8 months
i am sure they are scam
after more than 45 email
after 23 chat session
they are refusing to let me trade on my account also
they did not let me to withdraw from my account
they are thief
forexgen stolen my very very hard earned money
winston hall,
Oct 22, 2008,

All of you traders who have been frauded should get in touch with okokrim (www.okokrim.no) and write a letter to oslo police district financial intelligence group box 8101 dep 0032 oslo with your fraud amount and ask them to take legal actions I have been frauded aswell ..
phone 004722669050
Oct 22, 2008,


Forexgen is a scam. We have same bad experienced with them.
All of its victims give us your email and contact no. We are hiring
a lawyer and prepare a case against them. We need your support
to make our case strong therefore any info you can provide will be
helpful. Please send me your contact information and summary of
what happened to you at nobee@live.com

Looking forward from all of you!

Thank you!
Aug 21, 2008,

hi forexgen is a scam
i have deposit money with them few months ago after doing some highly successful demo trades and was attracted by their 20% additional bonus.......sad to say, somethings are too good to be true. when i tried to withdraw my money later, they gave all kinds of excuses......it's been 3 months now and they do not even reply my email or talk to me. please warn others about them!!!