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ForexAccumulator.com (Paul Liburd ) Review

Updated: Dec 11, 2018
2.282 · 4 REVIEWS
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ForexAccumulator.com (Paul Liburd )

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2.282 · 4 REVIEWS
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dennis bakelite,
Jan 10, 2010,

never received product having difficulty retreiving money
Jeffrey Bruce,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,
Sep 24, 2009,

After 5 weeks of giving this EA an honest try....I can say I love the Accumulator. After adjusting the settings (consulted Paul L) I have this thing "singing" making trade after trade etc... Here is how it is set up. Use the Accumulator 3. This was the latest upgrade and has the ability to run 24 hrs. No way would I do that...I kept the original 18 to 24 Start and End Hour settings. This Accumulator runs during the quiet times (mid day and after the markets are closed). When there are news releases and the currencies are volatile the Accumulator does not trade. This is great and makes me feel safe while I am working. I run the Accumulator on 3 pairs. You can run it on 4 but I am using the GBP/USD for manual trading. So I have it on the USD/JPY EUR/USD and the USD/CHF. Most of the EA settings I leave at default. I have MM = true and Micro = true. If your account trades micro-lots such as .02 then you should set your "Micro" setting to true. While my account was tiny ($700 etc) I had the Risk Percent set at .5 (that's a half percent) The "Lots" is set at "1". (Paul told me to set it at 1 [one]). At present I have the Risk Percent at 3 and the days that the Accumulator trades I profit from $60 to $115 depending how many pairs make trades (balance of around $1400) I did some dumb mistakes manual trading and my account went from 1600 to 1070. I patiently let the accumulator do it's thing and I was up to like 1550 from 1070 when I just got stopped out on a manual trade and lost another 300 plus. I honestly think this accumulator is a 5 star but I want to see the Accumulator rescue me again from my draw-down (stupid mistakes) and get over the 1600 mark. If my account reaches over 2K I will leave another revised review and change the rating to 5 star. If you have around a thousand in an account I would say to use 2 or 3 Risk percent along with the Lots setting at 1 It is such a joy to come home from work to see what the Accumulator did every day. The Accumulator will only take trades from 11.00am to 5.00pm CST but it is normal for the trades to drift on til 10.00pm or near midnight before they close. I am getting tired of the headaches of manual trading. My wife and I both loose sleep while I am up during the Europe open. I am a driver for occupation and it is too dangerous to drive tired. At this time the Accumulator is my primary way of trading. My family thinks I'm smart when I keep telling them I made 65 bucks or 92 bucks today in the FOREX I'll keep you posted when the Accumulator takes me to my $2000 target. Almost forgot...As precaution, I do not let the Accumulator run on Fridays. This was not in the manual but if a trade is left open after the close on Friday, any bad news over the weekend could cause a large gap and any trade could get stopped out at open on Sunday afternoon.

2009-08-12 No rating I have run Accumulator 2 days (the manual says trade for 2 months before judgment) and I have had 3 trades with the USD/CHF and all 3 were losses. Thank God I used 1 percent risk percent settings. The Accumulator advertisement claims 95 percent successful trades. I will watch and see. I have 100 percent loosing trades so far. I got an email from Accumulator telling me the best currency to use is the EUR/USD I will no longer use the USD/CHF with Accumulator. I will keep all my risk percent at 1 percent for I am "scared" at present. One uncertainty/concern when I looked at the sales page was that it looked like the same graphics as the Forex Trading Manuals advertisements. I am wondering if Accumulator is a product of Forex Trading Manuals under a different name. (I had two systems from Fx Trading Manuals and and I went for 2 weeks with no trades at all) One point which BOILED MY BLOOD ANGRY with Accumulator is immediately after payment another page comes up for the ADVANCED ACCUMULATOR for $77.00 I have used Accumulator only a short time. It may be a very good EA that has consistency. I'll let it run non-stop for a few more weeks and see how goes? I am pleased that the response time is very fast for email questions. For now I am unqualified to give an actual rating. Stay tuned.
Rami ,
Aug 26, 2009,

So far, Accumulator II is the best EA I have tested.
Operating on a demo since August 10. Performed a total of 53 trades, lost only on one. Profit in 17 days is 60% (starting balance $10,000, present balance $16,240). Since results are too good to be true, I will continue testing it for several more weeks before going live.
Support is also good, questions are answered promptly.
I have installed Accumlator III on another demo yesterday. Too early to form an opinion.

Review Moderation Team Note: The rating was removed. Please leave a followup with a rating after trading live for a few weeks.
Peter Triska,
Aug 13, 2009,

i have this runing on several demos, over last week,none of which have produced a trade to date. could ,and may be should have, traded the manual system as seems to be indicating trades.
have corresponded with service and quick responce, but of no help.
will test for another week.
Aug 13, 2009,

I bought this EA on release with a view to test it as it is a clickbank product. I left it running as advised in the manual with recommended settings. All I will say is I would not put this on a live account and have since received a refund. I take the stance if you cannot get your initial stake back in two weeks it aint worth the hassle.
Colorado Springs,
Aug 13, 2009,

Update. It seems Accumulator II will not trade with 5-digit accounts at present. Three times I started Accumulator II during its normal trading period. All three times it entered bad trades. It seems Accumulator II must be started at least 2 hours before normal trading hours (1600Z to 2200Z).

It would be nice to have more control over the size and frequency of trades along with support for 5-digit trading.

2009-08-05 No rating I purchased Forex Accumulator on a whim. It seems a little simplistic compared to MegaDroid; no .dll and no info on the chart. It does not automatically adjust for the time offset. They have sent the first update already. I almost did not give the product a try due to the EXTREME amount of hype on every web page and in every e-mail. Normally, only scams have this amount of hype and BS. No robot can ever be perfect; the market changes, throws everything off and the robot will post a loss. I do believe that these are real people wanting to have fun, make money, and help others. The product is real and does work. However, I was very upset that they wanted to sell me a $77 upgrade before I had even downloaded the one I paid for.

I am trading Accumulator II in four demo accounts at the present time. Almost instantly, in one account, Accumulator II posted two big losses. All other trades in all accounts have been positive. But, this is only from one day. I will post a rating when I trade Accumulator II on a live account.
City Trader,
Aug 13, 2009,

I was reading what Jeffrey and Bill have to say about Forex Accumulator; and I felt obliged to add my voice.
Forex Accumulator and Forex Vengeance are owned and marketed by the same guy. I bought Forex Vengeance many months ago, had it for 8 weeks and no trade. Went and got my refund.
Read FPA review on Forex Vengeance and judge if Forex Accumulator will be any different. It looks very much a rebrand of Forex Vengeance.
This guy releases quite a few EA every other month