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Updated: Feb 8, 2024
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2.667 • 2 REVIEWS

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Michael Royston Gamble
United Kingdom,
Jun 18, 2017,

A very poor trial

Doesn't seem to give out too many signals and all I seem to be able to get are modified stops constantly, no real signals of any real substance all seem to be EUR/USD nothing else I have taken the $1 trial but will not be parting with any more money . It's a very poor trial and I can't see that this sort of performance is going to attract customers. I mean please try it for yourselves, it's only a dollar.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Jun 11, 2017,
Registered user

Kept promise but the service guy does not seems knowledgeable on the MT4.

He kept his promise when giving away his printed book (real paper book) with USD 8 posting fee payment.

On the signal service, the trial period offer for USD 1.00 for the first 30 days without automatic renewal (if wanting to continue, need to do self-activated membership under the member area) I still could not evaluate during the first 30 day trial as it only gave very few signals in a month according to an email responder on the technical problem that his signal requiring kernal32.dll to be found by the indicator (which relays the trade signals to you) but he did not answer how to solve the problem of the indy being unable to get kernal32.dll which in fact is in the dll folder already.
John D'Cruz
Dec 23, 2009,

I found this website extremely interesting and thought it was a worthwhile to make a purchase . However prior to doing so I tried to find out if there were any supporting evidence as to the credible existance of a person by the name advertised , Kumar Kaushal. I checked the CNN Money and FOX NEWS websites only to learn that neither the name Kumar Kaushal nor the system he was offering was not in their databases . The advertisment states Forex TRADING AS SEEN on these networks. But non of these networks carry any information on this !!

Elsewhere on another advert mention is made of his appearing in three other places ,namely FXSTREET.COM, TRADINGMARKETS.COM & The Street .com . I checked into FXSTREET .COM and again they say they have no information regarding this person.I did not check the remaining websites as I had already wasted a lot of time

All this is very interesting and puzzling . The question is whether this peson who is purported to be able to produce such amzing results does really exist . I wish he does really exist so we can make use of his extraordinary tallent. But as for now I don't know so it would be wise to keep our money until we know for sure . Kind Regards John