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Updated: Feb 8, 2020
4.436 · 25 REVIEWS
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4.436 · 25 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Utah, USA,
Oct 1, 2016,
Registered user

No complaints so far!

Ultimately legitimate and totally exceeded my expectations. Simple yet on point and I've made money consistently which I think is what we are all looking to get! No complaints so far!
Osama Shaban,
Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,
May 30, 2015,

!MinuteDaily is the best system I ever seen and tested. I actually coded it into an EA with few changes like adding Trailing Stop and.
Traded it for a month. Made 40.48% with DD of only 10.54%. 42 win trades out of 44. Actually, they are 43/44. Trailing stop give me the chance to get profitable trades sooner and protecting my trades to go to the stop loss. I know this is not the 100% 1Minute Daily system, but the principle of the system is really works very well. Thanks 1MD for your Great System.
Jan 13, 2011,

After 8 months of trading live, unfortunately it's time to shelve this system. I believe this system is (or was) a great one and I have manually checked the results provided by the developer. Until mid 2009 it performed really well, however, market conditions have changed it has had its day and is no longer profitable. Fortunately after the 8 months of trading the GBPUSD and USDJPY live, I have made only a small loss, but it's just not worth the time and effort to continue trading.
Oct 23, 2010,

I have used this for about 3 months on cable only live - started great, but when you hit double losses after doubles losses it does take some time to recover.....Markets change and I think this has had its day. i have now stopped trading it :(
Claire Sarason,
West Midlands, UK.,
Oct 4, 2010,

I've been trading this system since February this year (so 8 months), it started out well then slowed to a nice confident steady pace.
I grew so much confidence, I religiously put the trades on each day as prescribed, then walked away to let it do its thing.

The only trouble is the draw down, currently my drawdown means I'm now lower in my account than when I started. Yes that's right, 8 months later I'm lower, it's started to slowing pick up again, but its got me thinking over the trades that got me to this point, I'm now not sure I agree risk the system puts you in each day. I mean a 1:1 risk, but some days you can lose twice as much as your risk and when that happens several times in a row I've now experienced nearly 13 in a row bang goes your account. This is what happened recently and I'm not confident it won't happen again, so I'm paper trading it until I can find something to keep me out of these areas.

Good in practice when you take a snapshot of the system running between the drawdown's, but overall not a good system at all. I've seen better systems of similar (1 trade per day) styles.
Karl Tayfoor,
Sep 26, 2010,

Both the basic system and the recently released EA are excellent.

I have putchased and tested more than 50 EA's. The DailyEA has performe best, over one year, though the Drawdown is on the high side..

It should be noted, however, that optimising the parameters made a significant difference. The best parameters were 5 and 5 for the start time and period. This is best for the most active London market on GBP/USD.

Also setting the (Stop at latest high/low) to False and no trailing stop, could result in significant improvements.

I highly recommend this system and rate it as excellent, with 5 Stars.

Many thanks to the developers.

2010-01-29 06:44 5 Stars Much to my surprise, this system performed well. I have over 25 years experience in Technical Analysis, and I am familiar with many popular trading systems in the market. I was astonished when I tested this system for several weeks and compared its performance with five other leading systems. This system has come first, and outperformed others by a significant margin.

I shoud say , however, that the system performed best with the GBPUSD currency pair. I also had to alter the time parameters recommended by obseving the chart behaviour over a few days.

Well, congratulation to the developers for producing an excellent system which is based on a simple concept. I rate this system as excellent without any doubt.
South Africa,
Sep 6, 2010,

I traded this system on demo before I went live and on demo the results were quite good. I went live and I did not do to well. For best results trade this system the way the manual describes it. I got nervous and exited trades before I should have. Just follow the rules and stick with it. I'm also using the EA and back tests have been good. I started trading the EA live and it's very up and down. This system works well when markets are trending but when they range, it's a different story. I'll give it 4 stars, but I don't think it's excellent.
Tim Morrow,
Clovis, CA,
Aug 12, 2010,

I have been trading FULL time for over a year. I really have tried everything. Bought so many EA's and webinars, etc..... So what do I think about this product? It is RARE, it actually works! It works consistantly! It was not overhyped. I find the team running this product to be responsive to questions and offer help when you ask. Again, sounds so simple, but rare to find in this industry. I provide private coaching and typically advise student to stay far away from products on the market. THIS product I am fully recommending.

Cheers to the 1MinuteDaily Team!!!
Aug 4, 2010,

I used this system for 3 months (May, JUne, July). I have to say that the system works theoretically but not in practice. The winning ratio is about 43 - 57 % as I expreienced but the losses are always higher due to the nature of the system, the spread.

Additionally in everyday life it is not possible to sit at the computer every day exactly at 10, 12 and 8pm. And If you miss the time, you can easily miss some pip profit or gain some extra pip losses, but it is sure that you can not gain some profit with missing the right time. So in this system the time is your enemy.

Due to these I have to say that this system does not work in practice.

I forgot to mention the worst thing in the system. With risking 5% each trade as the author suggests, you will experiance 20 - 40% drawdowns very often and the system had 75% DD the highest and several times about 50% DD.

So, how can you calculate how much money you will have next month??? With such a huge DD the calculation is impossible.
Aug 3, 2010,

i have this program
what i confuse is
must we wait until 9:00GMT?

if the range is break can,t we trade?

i try to refund but there,s no respond