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Updated: Mar 9, 2017
2.336 · 30 REVIEWS
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Spring 2012-December 2015:  Numerous fake positive reviews submitted.

Same ownership as ForexSignalsProvider.com


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2.336 · 30 REVIEWS
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Omar ruiz,
Aragua, Venezuela,
Mar 7, 2017,

Good platform to get started with FX trading

Their system is easy-to-understand and it took me only a couple of weeks of consistent trading to get the hang of it. Needless to say, I am earning good set of pips per month and can only commend the simplistic trading approach of this platform as well as the patient support team behind it. I recommended it to my friends.
arkansas, USA,
Feb 9, 2014,

I ordered their service last week, after receiving there information that you had to start trading at 5am et which is 4 am here I sent them a email befor I even got the first trade asking for a refund , They offered me another service which I refused and told them I just wanted a refund they refused saying that I had to wait out their refund policy of 21 days first. What difference does 21 days make if I don't intend to use this service it's a scam file complain with paypal for a refund. Scam stay away not a honest company to deal with.
Zafar Iqbal Mughal,
Multan, Pakistan,
Oct 15, 2013,

In the start of this year i signup with broker you trade just to get his service free in fact it's him who advice your trade and signup. After that i start receiving his signals and and in forty five days lose nearly 300$ after that he cancel my subscription and the reason that he provide me was "you trade is not paying his commissions" Many time i ask him for the same but he start marketing new broker and a lot of mail i receive from him to come with new broker.

The broker that he left with me (you trade) was really a bad broker they charge huge spreads and swaps was really his as compare to any other broker. I try to recover that account but did not succeeded.

The real thing is today i again receive a mail from him to open a account with youtrade and get life time membership free against the deposit of 3000$.

So he is ready to scam again i am writing this because now it's clear for me that he is only scam.

Please stay away from this provider.
, United Kingdom,
Jun 23, 2013,

do not touch . scam. I requested a refund with so many emails and they have not even acknowledged let alone a refund.
brampton, Canada,
Jun 11, 2013,

Terrible, extremely bad performance. It is scam. Beware of buyforexsignals.com
Pornsiri Thammarasat,
Chonburi, Thailand,
May 19, 2013,

Their service is great, specially last month was amazing. I am using their signals for 2 months already. I recommend to install their EA you can download from members area. Thank you.
Kajang, Malaysia,
Feb 3, 2013,

That is a Scam! they won't response for your loss, their 30days return money just fake, and all the result they post on their webside was just fake, they got 3 different webside, DON'T TRUST THEM!
Utah, USA,
Dec 18, 2012,

The company is a forex signal provider www.buyforexsignals.com. I purchased a lifetime contract for $1299.00 to receive daily signals indicating the direction of the market on EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCHF. Their site claims to have only had one negative month on their results since 2003. Their site also says that they have addresses in New York and London with a 30 day money back guarantee. I figured I had nothing to lose with all the hype on their site. I went ahead and purchased their service knowing that I could get my money back if I wasn't satisfied.

Well, it turns out that they won't honor their 30 day money back guarantee and refuse to refund my money. Their terms claim that I must use their service for 21 days and provide proof of trades. I complied with both and they still don't refund my money. In the three week period, I lost 158 pips that they claim is inaccurate according to their records. I had detailed proof attached indicating all the transactions in the time period. His strategy is also very easy to implement that I was able to write a program on an EA to backtest his performance on metatrader. The results are way off with several negative months since 2003. They won't send me any evidence of their trades except an xml document with daily profit. There is no detailed proof of their profit with ticket numbers, entry and exit times, price entry and exit, etc.

They are scammers preying on the ignorant public including myself. The owners name is Mauro Sciaccaluga. He is also the owner of forexsignalsprovider.com and gainprice.com known to be scams as well. I have written Mauro several emails trying to have my refund issued, but he is very stubborn full of excuses and lies.
Singapore, Singapore,
Oct 26, 2012,

Just to update everybody, I started a court case against HFS, and esellerate (the ecommerce payment provider) has graciously helped me to refund my subscription. Do note that esellerate DOES NOT handled refunds and that refunds and refunds policy/regulation is clearly stated on esellerate website as vendor's responsibilities.

For those who can't get your refund, if it is within 30days of subscription, I urged you as a last resort to email esellerate and to CANCEL your recurring subscription with haste at esellerate.net site. Just create an userid, then login with userid+order# to cancel. The order# can be viewed via esellerate site by entering your email id.

Hope this helps.

2012-10-22 1Star I am escalating this to the courts. They are purposely blocking my refunds, now refused to even answer the email. A person named Mark Jobs replied that if after using their signals for 21days I am still not happy, they will refund, but they have refused to answer my refund request for 4days.

2012-09-28 1 Star They are FAKERS. Now they REFUSED my refund, their own records SHOWED they are losing $, They also offer 2 other FAKE signals sites, with FAKE signals performance to me for free. This is DONE to BLOCK my claim for refund. They REFUSED and kept saying its my fault. I sent MT4 statements just now and I WONT be surprised they again want to push the blame to me!
I asked them to send their 4days trading results. ALL signals are losing trades except 2 by their OWN records as well!

I am now very disappointed that I have been cheated, have to work with the bank to block their claims, may end up that they refused to pay and I would have lost USD1299 for the yearly subscription. I wished I had come to this site to read the reviews before signing on!

Please STAY AWAY from these guys, they are giving LOUSY losing signals, over 4 days I lost 600+ pips.
, Saudi Arabia,
Oct 13, 2012,

I got an interesting promotion for signal services , It was well presented web site , new to me ,I liked it and paid for a month subscription to find out later that I have subscribed to an old failed service after they moved me to there old web page, and guess what , they got my money and left me without any signal services , I have contacted them and they thought they are dealing with a child by asking me and insisting to check my emails both inbox and junk , then they say they well fix the problem , a whole 10 days run out but received nothing .
Wawwwwwww they are really scam as everybody say, DON’T even think of subscribing with them. You better keep your money to you . I well get back my money in a way or another I am sure of this. They well not get away with that .