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Updated: Mar 27, 2018
3.243 · 20 REVIEWS
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3.243 · 20 REVIEWS
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Dean Lyon,
Aug 24, 2017,

MT Programmers provided quality,timely, cost effective service that went above and beyond my expectations. I intend to use them for future projects. I highly recommend their service. D. Lyon

Aug 16, 2017 - 5 Stars MT programmers went above and beyond, providing expedient,quality service at a reasonable price. Making all necessary corrections and revisions in a timely fashion to insure the proper functioning of the program and quick turn around time. They even enhanced the program with additional features beyond what was required at no extra cost. I highly recommend their services! D. Lyon
Florida, USA,
Jul 17, 2017,
Registered user

Great Experience! Highly recommended.

My assigned Project Manager / Head Developer (Phillip) was top notch.

Communications skills and knowledge of the Forex Market are excellent.

Very reasonable pricing and good customer service.

I will continue to utilize their services.
Prince Victor,
Feb 8, 2017,
Registered user

They respond quickly to queries . They are very good! Recommended no doubt!
I have worked with them , still working with them and very likely going to continue working with them.
Bucharest, Romania,
Dec 1, 2016,

Will definitely use in the future to build and test more EAs

Decent programming service, with on time delivery and EA beyond expectations. I definitely recommend you go to to them if you need to have some EA or indicator designed.
Rob Nilson,
cape town, South Africa,
Feb 29, 2016,

I ordered a new Indicator I need to add to my current working EA, and also added some adjustments to it - from MTprogramming team.
There are a lot of pros working for them.
They have great communication tool in their website, aside from the fact they deliver on time they actually gave me a great tip to my strategy.

In conclusion I had a very good buying experience and got all what I aimed for.
I got to meet some wise and helpful people.
Frankfurt, Germany,
Jun 24, 2014,

It was the first time I want to automate my own strategy with an customised indicator. And I was very happy with the service of mtprogramming.

The proposal clarification was very uncomplicated. The delivery of the software was very fast and the software works perfect.

I can only recommend this service and would use it again.
Nice, France,
May 25, 2014,

I'm a developer working as freelancer. I've worked on several MT programming projects and I can only give positive words :

- Nice relationship.
- Clear specifications (otherwise we wouldn't work together).
- They listen to my comments and advices.
- I am fastly paid for my job.
- No bad story and no surprises.

About other posts, I consider it is okay if the final customer does not have my contacts. Otherwise a non serious developer could keep the customers for himself. I would work in the same way.

From my point of view, they're doing their job (find new customers) and they do it well. That is fine.
eabuilder, MQL4 freelancer,
Cluj, Romania,
May 22, 2014,

As a freelancer, my experience with this service provider has been highly satisfactory. The commissions charged are their business, as long as the work flow goes nicely, the clients get their custom EAs and indicator as per the requirements and everybody is happy. The reliability and quality of work is out of question.
, Spain,
May 18, 2014,

I've coded some work for them, as freelance.

'forex', USA said: "..they knows nothing about what I was asking,"

Certainly, Exactly. They (He) practically know nothing about programming MT4. It is simply a person without knowledge of MT4, receives orders, and sends it to external programmers. But he does not allow the client and the developer can communicate directly. (To prevent agreements between them, logically).
And his fee/commission is about triple! than the price charged by the developer.

In short.
- His lack of knowledge, and the difficult and indirect communication client-developer does the work cumbersome.
- From my point of view, his fee/commission, regarding the price charged by the developer, seems excessive. ( price multiplied by three, by example)
- Beyond that is a good guy:)

If any of the clients for which I coded something in that site, need upgrade or fix, my email is REMOVED

Review Moderation Team Note: It has been brought to the FPA's attention that posting the contact information here may be a violation of the contract between MTProgramming and Fer137. The information has been removed for now. The FPA is open to communication with both parties involved in this dispute.

Reply by Stav Zilbershtein submitted May 21, 2014:
This programmer was removed from our team due to repeated violations of our terms of services, the violations included: 1. addressing customers and trying to get them over to his side. 2. being late in fixing bugs for customers and becoming non responsive. 3. communicating in a non respective way with our team and customers. as for his comments: 1. yes , "we" are a team and not one person. there are 3 people managing this project except for our programmers. 2. no, our prices are not triple of the programmer request, and luckily for our clients, they only pay once for a project. when this happens and a programmer messes up a project, the client is safely navigated to the completion of their project free of extra costs and hassle. with MTprogramming you can rest assure not to have to deal with disappearing programmers in the middle of your project as what can commonly happen when working alone with freelancers. our prices are also our guarantees and the customers know that. most of them come back for a second and third project. We have many happy, real customers from 2014 ever since our team took over since we are experts in giving service for over 10 years. Feel free to contact me for any questions, we have full contact details on our website.
Melbourne, Australia,
Apr 20, 2014,

Hi guys,

I don't know what the service was like before the new owners took over but I'm currently working on my second project with MT Programming and would like to add that my experience has been great.

They have a great project structure in place and they have been fair courteous and honest in their approach. There are no unreasonable additional charges as with some companies I've dealt with.

They try very hard to accommodate the customer and are proactive. The programmers give some great common sense feedback on the logic and can handle some pretty complex coding projects.

I'm very happy with the work that these guys are doing for me.

In summary, very fair, professional and capable in my opinion.

Sincerely, Silvio.