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Andrew Mitchem
Updated: Feb 21, 2024

5 star review by Chris Delaney, Australia

I have now been a subscriber with The Forex Trading Coach for over 12 months and... I could not be more impressed with Andrew Mitchem, Paul, Mhel and the team at I have learned an incredible amount of detailed information over the last 12 months which has taken me from a losing trader to a consistently profitable trader inside 12 months. Trading is not an easy pursuit but Andrew's system works if you are prepared to apply yourself. The level of ongoing support is exceptional.

Who is Andrew Mitchem - the Forex Trading Coach?

Andrew Mitchem is full time Forex trader, Forex Coach, father, and helicopter pilot who lives near Nelson, New Zealand.

Andrew has been trading the Forex markets since 2004 and in 2009 he created an education company called The Forex Trading Coach. He tells us that over 3500 people from 101 Countries have now been through the course and the success rate of clients who take his course is very high. Andrew also says several are now trading full time and many are creating additional income by trading for prop firms as the low risk and high reward:risk strategy that he teaches is perfect for these firms.

Andrew Mitchem is posting on a daily basis his currency strength and weakness analysis based on the close of day candle at 5pm New York Time.

Andrew also wrote a book about how he went from being a dairy farmer to becoming a forex trader.

Please read The Forex Trading Coach Reviews below and share your training experience with Andrew Mitchem.


Established: 2009
Contact:, +64 21 121 6268
4.652 • 170 REVIEWS

The Forex Trading Coach Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Azores, Portugal,
May 20, 2022,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I trade forex for years part time because i`m fishermen and don`t have to much time to trade.
I trade only a few days a week like 2 or 3 days max. I join Andrews course for 2 weaks by now i made the video course at weekend ahead, on first 2 weeks in a 1200$ account I have made 130$ mostly trading in H4 charts and D1 charts. Every day Andrew publishes daily directions and on forum he posts his trades, you don`t need to much time to learn his system just need to follow the rules and you will succeed.

if you like to trade and make a living or simply make some extra money to the end of the month, this is the exact course that you can't miss.
Thanks Andrew for everything you are teaching me.
Sydney, Australia,
Feb 1, 2022,
Registered user

5 star review for Andrew the forex Trading coach

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I have been with Andrew now for 12 months and have learnt so much about trading I never knew.

Personally I had been on and off with trading for about 6 years but would never be consistent. Andrew's course has really helped me develop a profitable strategy!

Been a company owner myself I can tell Andrew care's about his clients and wants to see everyone that joins succeed would highly recommend his course and strategy.
Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Feb 8, 2022:
Hi Ben,

Thanks for your review and it's great to see that we have helped you to become a successful trader. Keep up the good work and happy trading!
london, United Kingdom,
Oct 9, 2021,
Registered user

world class forex education

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I started trading 13 months ago and 7months in I was pretty much going sideways in till I came across Andrews forex course. Andrew is the most genuine mentor I have come across in this industry and by a long way. I feel Andrews course is different than others as he really wants you to succeed as long as you want to and are willing to put the work in yourself. Paul is also a class mentor who shares the webinars with Andrew.

The course is suitable to every level of trader if you know all the basics but haven't found an edge or don't know anything the course has everything you need to become a success providing you put the work in too. with a great forum site and weekly webinars you will quickly learn the strategy

For me as soon as I had trained my eye to see the pattern there was almost no work involved to find setups on a regular basis as the pattern becomes imbedded in your head, its ether there or its not, and with very little trade management needed, 90% of the time you can set the trade and forget about it. You don't need to sit watching the charts all day, you just pick what time of day suits you and check the charts at that time or times each day.

It took me a couple of months to really be confident trading the strategy on my own. But from going sideways, 6months after joining Andrew I have am now managing a 6figue account of a firms money. with the potential to earn way more than the job I'm working.

so just a big thankyou to Andrew and Paul for the work they do which they don't have to.
Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Oct 17, 2021:
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your review about our coaching course. It's really good to see how you have quickly turned your trading around since joining us. Now that you can see the patterns we trade and understand the risk management techniques we teach, taking that knowledge forward to trading some large funds will be a breeze for you. You'll soon be earning way more than you'll earn from your job. Awesome work Tom!
Tbilisi, Georgia,
Oct 3, 2021,
Registered user

What you put in, is what you will get out!

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I put off writing this review until I had a better understanding of the strategy and a bit more experience in developing my own trading plan.

I have no financial background, and with this course it is certainly not a requirement. It is a comprehensive and well-designed course that you are able to complete in your own time and repeat as often as you would like (I went through it twice).

After 17 months of being a part of The Forex Trading coach (For various reasons I was not able to commit a lot of time initially), I feel that I have made really good progress and producing positive results. Last month producing a 40% account gain. This is not the norm by any stretch of the imagination, but it proves what you are able to do with a little bit of application. Due to work commitments I am only able to trade a maximum of twice per day.

The support you get from the membership site from the staff as well as the Forum site is invaluable. Possible trades are discussed, you are able to ask questions etc. With everyone trading the same strategy, the feedback will always grow your understanding of the strategy and help you to develop your own trading plan. No matter what the question is or how silly they may be (I know from person experience), you are never made to feel stupid or have people talk down to you. The range of active members on the forum site really helps you develop as a trader.

One of the key aspects of this strategy is managing risk. In general, I will risk 0.25% to 0.50% per trade taken. Identifying A+ plus set-ups, managing risk, and being consistent (The power of compounding) all contributes to being a profitable trader.

Overall, I am more than satisfied with my investment in The Forex Trading Coach course and would be happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a successful, realistic and profitable strategy.
Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Oct 4, 2021:
Hi Brett,

Thanks for taking the time to compile your review of the course. Making a 40% gain in September with the low risk you're using and by trading just on the W1, D1 and H12 charts is an amazing effort. Keep up the great trading and it's fantastic to see your efforts have been rewarded by now having the knowledge to be able to trade successfully by yourself.
Chris Delaney
Sydney, Australia,
Jul 12, 2021,

An Updated Review 12 Months Later

Service use: Demo Length of use: over 1 Year
I have now been a subscriber with The Forex Trading Coach for over 12 months and thought it would be appropriate to give an honest update of my experience with this service. I could not be more impressed with Andrew Mitchem, Paul, Mhel and the team at I have learned an incredible amount of detailed information over the last 12 months which has taken me from a losing trader to a consistently profitable trader inside 12 months. Trading is not an easy pursuit but Andrew's system works if you are prepared to apply yourself. The level of ongoing support is exceptional. The team is always on hand to assist with very quick response times to any trading related questions. I have learn't a great deal from the weekly webinars and the online forum provides a community of traders all at differing stages of their trading journey who assist each other and provide support and discussion with any trading related topics. It is a great culture that has lead to consistent monthly profitablilty. In summary The Forex Trading Coach delivers everything they claim to and more. If you are an aspiring or frustrated trader looking for some guidance and you are prepared to work hard you will not be disappointed. Congratulations to Andrew and the team

May 3, 2020 - 5 Stars Wow...I honestly have tears of joy.
I am embarrassed to say that I have spent 20 years trying to work this out on and off. I had quit trading many times and spent a pile of money with multiple different people. Some were just average and some were scams. All of them lacking something that I could never put my finger on. Luckily I discovered Andrew Mitchem and joining the program was my last roll of dice. I could not be more impressed with every detail. It is just so comprehensive and delivered so professionally with all the ongoing support anyone could ask for from a team of real traders who genuinely want to assist you to become profitable.
Thank you Andrew and team. I would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in improving their trading.

Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted May 5, 2020 Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for your review. It is so good to know that taking my coaching course has helped you this much. We all work hard to make this work for our clients and it's great to see you benefit from this. Thanks again, good trading and we all look forward to your contributions and questions on the forum site and the live weekly webinars.
Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Jul 14, 2021:
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your update and for your kind comments. It's great to see that 14 months after writing your first review here that your trading continues to be profitable. It's awesome to see and your efforts have paid off well. Congratulations on achieving something that 95% of all traders fail to do, and that is to be profitable over a long stretch of time. Good job!

Recent User Reviews of The Forex Trading Coach

Perth, Australia,
Feb 20, 2024,
Registered user

10yrs Plus And The Forex Trading Coach Strategy Continues To Work

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I've been using the TFTC Strategy for over 10yrs and still trading consistently with profit. Andrew's course is not the only course that I have paid for, but it was the one that turned my trading around. Not all strategies work for everyone and I found that the past courses and strategies didn't fit my trading style even though they are still available and work well for others. For me, the TFTC strategy gave me clear analysis of where to place entries, stop loss and targets once the price action developed into a higher probability opportunity. You don't or can't always get a winning trade but by following a well-structured plan of a tried and tested strategy, you are trading with the flow of the market and market price action.

Andrew's strategy has enabled me to become a Prop Trader and I have scaled my funded account 3 times and heading for a new level in the not-too-distant future. Since trading with a Prop Firm, I have had to make a few adjustments with position sizing as Prop Firms have strict rules and requirements with tighter money management, but by following my trading plan I am able to trade successfully.

With my personal account I trade with a 0.5% risk and last year I gained a 32.03% return with having fantastic Jan, Feb and Mar earning 20.19%. The rest of the year was very topsy turvy with only being able to generate the remaining 12%. That is what happens in trading and using great money management is key to keeping consistent. Over the same period with my Prop Firm Funding, I was able to earn 16.98% using smaller risk % going right down to 0.10% at times when having a run of losing trades. Again, money management was key to keeping me in the business. Not all years have been successful as last year, and I did have a losing year early on, but my trading journey has been an enjoyable one once I found Andrews TFTC strategy.

As I've mentioned above, not all strategies work for everyone but if you are looking for a strategy/system to help with analyzing the forex market charts with clear rules of what to look for when searching for a trading position, then I recommend that you contact Andrew and find out if the TFTC is what will work for you.

Thank you... John

Oct 7, 2017 - 5 Stars Andrew Mitchem's, The Forex Trading Coach course is the best forex course that I have done, and I have done 2 other courses that were way more expensive than Andrew's.
I have used the strategies and systems for over 3 years and all have been profitable years. The strategies and systems are tech based with explanations on where and how to place entries, targets and exits based on price action and chart patterns which is taught in depth on the course. Easy to follow for newbies or struggling traders that just can't get it right in this exciting industry of FX.
I can only speak highly of Andrew's very hands on approach of helping all members new and old with constant encouragement and ongoing training in his webinars which he now holds weekly as his members base has grown since I did the course. It was every bi-weekly when I did the course but now weekly.
Andrew is regarded as a Giant on FPA and to be called a Giant you must have a decent reputation as FPA doesn't give these out easily.
If you are considering wanting to learn the proper, safer way to learn to trade FX then I recommend that you contact Andrew and see for yourself what he has to offer and then you will understand why he is regarded as a Giant by FPA.

John, a now successful trader after trading for more than 8 years.
1 trader has found this review helpful
New Hamshire, USA,
Feb 17, 2024,
Registered user

update to my update

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I don't think it's fair to Forex Peace Army for us to continue to go back and forth so this will be my final update. If you read my updated review word for word, then Andrew's response only verifies exactly what I said. Berated for asking for the 12-month Broker Trade History. It took him longer to reply to my review then it would of to produce the numbers to back up what he is marketing, selling, and saying he is doing. This review has nothing to do with keeping one person happy and all to do with transparency and being an honest Coach and Mentor. To come on here and say you put so much time and effort into me and I am unthankful is appalling. Most elaborate schemes to extract money from victims takes a lot of time and effort. I only asked for an industry standard 12-month broker trade history to verify that possibly I was wrong in my math versus yours, but you continue to adamantly refuse to produce it which says more than I could ever say. To make sure I was not out of line, I went online and researched 5 other people who provide Coaching and mentorship and asked them to send me a 12-month broker trade history and 4 out of 5 not only provided it almost immediately, but also provided me free access to their private forums/discords where I could see that they had posted the trades historically before they were taken. Again, an industry standard for professional traders. Just the amount of effort you have taken to not provide such a simple request that would only take 5 minutes now leaves me to never trust you if you did produce one down the road as you have had way too much time to doctor one up. I did my due diligence and hopefully everyone else will do the same.

Feb 13, 2024 - 1 Star This is an update to my previous review.
Don’t make the same mistake myself and what he claims is over 3,900 other students have made, and ask him this simple request: Please provide me with a 12 month Broker Trade History where I can see that all the numbers (Wins and Losses) are listed in order/all together, and I can verify that not only are you taking all the trades that you say you are taking, but that shows the system is profitable long term. If he allows you to access his forum, we all used for a limited time for free (Which he does as part of his sales pitch), you will see that I (djblevins78 on January 28/29) asked 2 times on the public chatbox. If this has been deleted, then I have taken screen shots (PM me if you want these). Now the first time I was given a generic response that was trying to again run me in circles, and the second time was not answered at all. I also followed up VIA private email, only to be berated for telling me he was offended after all the hard work he puts into the coaching. Why, after having so many good reviews, including my own original good review would I end up asking for this you might ask?
Well, this ended up being one of the most elaborate, misleading, marketing schemes I have ever come across. From start to finish, they put an immense amount of work into making sure you are so “entertained” that you will feel too guilty, or ashamed, to ask some simple questions. Andrew markets himself as a very down to earth guy. He is extremely engaging and personable. He is extremely active on the forum and makes you feel like he is truly doing everything in his power to make sure you can figure out the strategy. If entertainment is what you are looking for then you definitely have found the right spot. I had a great time from the start. I was up every day at 5AM interacting on the forum as well as at the 5PM changeover. I did all this while working 12 hours a day. I made 5% gain in like the first 3 weeks on my prop firm challenge. Everything I felt was going good but as the months rolled on, I realized that the system was what I call a YO-YO system and left me doing nothing but going up and down. After 6 months of getting really no where I decided to start reviewing all my trades and data. 100’s of hours of review. Now since the beginning I had many red flags pop up, but being blinded by the dream he sold me on his weekly You Tube podcasts, I chose to ignore them and give the system a fair try. This was my big mistake. Once I paid for the course and gained access to the forum, I started clicking on the names of the members where it would show me how long they have been active members. There were very few who were not new. I started asking if there was anyone on the forum who traded full time for a living, as well as I seen other members ask, No one responded to any of us which told me almost all where new. I messaged some of the members whose profiles showed me they had been members since 2021 or 2019 asking if they were long term profitable. All stated they had purchased the course way back when but had only been on and off trying out the strategy. This should have been huge red flag #1. If you have trained over 3,900 students and they were making money using the strategy, then there would be at least a handful of members on the forum. Why do I say this? Because I have only been trading for 1 year and I still remain active on a couple of free forums/discords that I started on and if I did find success with a group of like-minded traders, then why would I leave. Any successful trader says that having a good community is key because trading is a lonely occupation. Now don’t fall for the old, Hey, I will give you the contact info of some of my clients and you can contact them directly line either, because I to was one of those die hard members who would have went to bat for Andrew, but it would not have been out of trying to mislead you, but I was sucked into the whole marketing scheme. Red Flag #2 was how he will post some screen shots showing winning trades and some screenshots that show losing trades, but in the end, it is the old B.S. Baffles Brains trick and he will never compile all the data together in one place. How did this become apparent? When we were having bad weeks/months, yet he would post such positive you tube podcasts marketing a 30 minute a day can lead to becoming a full time trader mentality, then reference only some winning trades and possibly a losing trade but say the high RR left him overall in profit while meanwhile I know for a fact we all lost. Don’t confuse this for thinking that I am saying that a trading strategy can’t have some bad weeks or a bad month and not still be profitable long term because they can. Just not this one. Red Flag #3- When I posted my Forex Peace Army Review (Which you can read for yourself below) they sent out an email to all the members referencing my review stating that I got funded in only 2 months and that I am taking home around $20,000 from using their system and 30 minutes of trading a day. They then went on to try and sell a +/-$1,000 private coaching package which could then make their dreams a reality. No where in my review did I state I was funded and I clearly stated I had just started the second prop firm and the first one in July. Red Flag #4-When they began telling everyone if using prop firms you should lower your risk to ¼%. Now the system is taught to take split entries so that would mean taking to trades at 1/8%. Why would they do this? Is this good teaching good risk management? No. A good teacher would tell you to stay on demo until you can successfully trade 1% risk under prop firm conditions. A really good teacher would tell you to be conservative and reduce your risk to ½% when you first start out, but a Misleading Marketing teacher, who gets bombarded with students who are blowing up accounts consistently will tell you to reduce to ¼ which means 1/8% split, so you will delay the inevitable crash at the end and not fix whatever is causing all the losses in the first place. Just last week they finally had a profitable week for the first time in a long time. What happened? A webinar was quickly recorded with The 5 ers to help students achieve prop firm success while being able to show his one week account growth. This is so shady it turns my stomach. I have had weeks in my journey where I made trades over $20,000 profit and a weekly profit of over $30,000. For me to go post this would be nothing more than a sham and I would not be able to sleep at night. I have uncovered so much more but I don’t have the time to write a book. I do however want to save any other people falling victim to this misleading marketing scheme. Here is a summary of how it is portrayed:
You will be marketed to have the opportunity to become a full time trader by only trading 30 minutes a day. He will call you personally, he will let you contact his current or past students and he will show guarantee you that his daily trades are all listed for the last over 10 years and the results are available for all past performance for “Easy Review”. You will then pay and gain access to all the course materials as well as the forum. Within the first week or two you will start getting emails to please post a review on Forex Peace Army. You will then begin demo trading along with the group and will achieve some wins that will keep you blinded to all the losses you have incurred as he has convinced you to keep them small. You might even have a good first week or first month but I promise you this is pure luck and has nothing to do with Higher Probability. When things start going wrong, he will start saying the market has not been favorable or let me see your trades to see what you are doing wrong etc.……. They are so engaging you would feel uncomfortable to ask the real industry simple question of showing you a 12 month trade history that shows it all works. You will continue on and eventually fall off and the next group will then begin cycling through the forum. Do some quit too soon before giving it a fair try for any length of time? Yes. And in most instances in life this can lead to giving up too quick, but in this case you are the lucky ones. The daily trades you will see are often exotic pairs with high spreads that you can’t even trade on a prop firm. The reason these trades are not screenshot and posted in the daily trade section is because if he were to actually execute them all then the results would not be as he types into word format. You will take so many trades that your commission will be more than the profits you make in the long run. He will again ask to see your trades to point out on a case-by-case basis where you went wrong. He is posting his trades on the daily trades posting as well as at the 5AM changeover with entries, stop losses and take profits. As long as you just enter exactly as he is posting them then where could you be going wrong right? The only way you could be going wrong is if you are trying to spot the setups on your own. Again, he will post screen shots of some wins that show some losses but will never show you the big picture. I posted along with some of the students, our entire trade histories on threads inside the forum (Prop Firm Thread). Not until I started asking for his detailed history did a student start popping up on the forum claiming to be funded and profitable but not a full-time trader. This student also posted a trade history of one successful week but would not show a 12-month history. At this point I would not trust any of the profiles popping up that were not active prior to me asking for his trade history as he has control of the platform. There are so many great dedicated students on the forum. If they are happy with learning to get some wins and learn about Fib’s and Bollinger bands and daily pivot points and Stochastic Divergence and what a continuation and reversal pattern looks like for $2,500 when you can learn all this on you tube for free, then I am not here to undermine their dedication. But in the end that is all you will gain as well as the huge “Entertainment” factor. I have recorded screen videos of the forum posting I have made as well as numerous screenshots. I have the email that was sent out where my name became part of the marketing ploy. I have hundreds of screenshots. I am not on here to be malicious. I have nothing to gain from writing this. My money was refunded quickly to make me go away as all my postings on the forum were professional yet informative to new traders and was starting to make members ask too many questions. I just can’t sit back in good conscious knowing that good hearted new traders will be taken advantage of going forward. I am not the type to ever write a review ever. I am not a content creator, nor do I have anything to sell. What I have is a big heart and a transparent trading journey and I want to do my part to help people avoid these major delays/roadblocks in being able to find success. I hurts me to think out of the 3,900 students, how many gave up after trying this system, from feeling incompetent, when had they have put their efforts elsewhere, might have gone on to become successful traders. If you have questions or want to see screenshots I have, PM me in the forums. I live a very busy life but will try and respond to any further questions. One day when I get time, I will make a YouTube review as this is clearly how most of us were marketed to in the first place.

Oct 15, 2023 - 5 Stars I have been trading forex since January 2023. I went through the ups and downs of trying a bunch of different strategies I learned off You Tube as I was hesitant to purchase any type of course because I was warned of there being so many scams out there. I had come across Andrew on a Podcast and researched him in my earlier days but just didn't have the money at the time for his course. In May 2023 I decided to purchase his course, and this has by far been the best decision I could have made. When you purchase the course, you don't just get the valuable step by step schooling to learn a profitable strategy but in my opinion, you get the more valuable membership to a whole group of traders from all across the world who are working together along with Andrew, Paul and the whole team to search out the best setups and help each other all become better traders. Andrew has been at this for 20 years, but I can promise you this is not something he takes for granted and every day he is live on the forum with us answering our questions and helping us along the way. I took the months of May - September and cut back my hours at work to really learn this strategy and started July 1 on a prop firm using strictly what I was learning and have been profitable since. I have since added a Second Prop firm with the same success. Thanks Andrew Paul and the whole Team!!

Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Nov 12, 2023 Hi David,

Thank you for your review. It's great to see you doing so well so quickly after joining us. Congratulations on your prop firm success too. Keep up the great work and dedication to your trading.

Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Feb 14, 2024 It is incredibly disappointing to read about David's latest comment.
After all of the time and effort myself and the team have put into helping him. After all of the many comments and chats on our forum site from other clients trying to help him.
After our 1 hour zoom call before he even decided to join. After the multiple emails. After 9 months of being on the course, learning my strategy, being on our live webinars, viewing our trades we post daily.
We have a 20% return guarantee on the course which David was entitled to if our daily chart trades did not make a 20% return in the 12 months since he joined in May 2023 (they're on track for a much higher return).
After all of that, it was clear that for some reason it was still our fault. Therefore, I made the decision to refund his course fee which I had no obligation to do (he paid $797 from a sale and I even gave him 2 additional months for free for Christmas) and he still comes out with these comments.
It goes to show you cannot please all of the people all of the time, even if your aim is to do so!
I'm speechless really.
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England, United Kingdom,
Jul 29, 2023,
Registered user

The best trading group!!!

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I have been interested in the financial markets since 2015 and I have tried many training courses and expert advisors but I've always failed miserably. I have spent £1000's exploring forex but not made much profit if any at all over the years.

With training courses, I've always found that discretion has rocked my coincidence, along with losing trades. I've always felt like every position I take will lose or I'll win a few positions, but lose one and that would wipe some of the money I'd made, then my trading account would stagnate and I'll end up giving up. The biggest common issue I've found is not really fully understanding what I'd be taught and why I was taught to trade in a certain way, the trading strategies normally lacked logic. So I ended up taking a trade, but not quite knowing if it was a good trade or a bad trade.

I have been aware of Andrew's course for a couple of years but the price put me off as it is a big investment. But I recently joined mid May in my last attempt to try and create some success from forex. When I joined I was a little dubious about using some well known indicators, but I watched the training videos, joined the weekly Zoom calls and started getting involved in the community forum.

During my first couple of weeks there were winning trades and also losing trades. I decided at that point to do my own backtesting to try and find my feet with the strategy, so I spent a fair amount of time focusing on this to train my mind on what to look for. Following on from this I decided to solely focus on continuations and shaped a trading plan around my daily commitments. Since then my weeks have been getting better and better. I'm currently just over 2 months in and getting decent results, but the main point here is that I'm now actually reading the markets like a book, looking for confluences that Andrew teaches that make logical sense. I'm starting to learn exactly when to trade and when not to trade.

For the first time, I feel confident and know what I'm doing, what to look for. And when I make a call, even if I get stopped out, the market normally ends up going in the direction I anticipated, which isn't all that bad considering I used to take a trade and it would reverse on me straight away. My win rate is improving and is already over 50% along with risk to reward normally between 2 and 3 to 1.

I hold a lot of respect for Andrew along with his team and the other traders in the forum group, they are always active and contributing throughout the day. I've wanted to get to a point where I can complete a prop firm challenge and I feel I'm well on my way to achieving this over the next few months.

If anyone is serious about learning to trade then I 100% recommend joining this group. It's taking me 8 years to get as far as I have in just 2 months with Andrew.
Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Aug 2, 2023:
Hi Shane,

Thank you for your review. It's great to see how much your trading has improved since you joined us. It'll be great to help get you profitable on the prop firms as I know that's the direction you are wanting to head. Your trade picks on the forum site have been excellent. Keep up the excellent results.
LakeTahoe, USA,
Jul 5, 2023,
Registered user

Do you have a six star option?

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I joined TFTC in 2021. My experience with the total program was excellent. I'm the one who failed the program, Andrew has been polite and responsive, he seems to actually care about the members. After no contact on my side for over two years they picked back up with the full support. The company's USA based partner was even going to meet with me while on his vacation just last week. Amazing.
Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Aug 2, 2023:
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your update. We do everything we can to look after our clients and to help them to become successful. Paul looking to meet with you even while on his vacation is all part of the service.
Trint Castle
Phoenix, USA,
Jun 20, 2023,
Registered user

Overhyped, Overpriced, Underwhelming Inconsistent Signals

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I have been a member for several months and I would say that this service is not nearly worth the $2,500 I spent on it. The staff is responsive and transparent but the daily trade signals have been 50/50 at BEST and usually right at 1:1 RR. I have not made any profits using their strategy and there is really nothing special about this service. Risk management is good, but otherwise I think the membership is way overpriced.
Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Jun 22, 2023:
Hi Trint,

It's a real shame to read your review. Unfortunately, we've not received any emails from you since you joined, either showing us some of your own trades, nor expressing any concerns you have. It doesn't look like you've been on or watched the recordings of any of the weekly webinars and there are just 4 posts from you on the forum site. You have not mentioned the live webinar trades or the multiple trades posted daily on the forum site here?
Your comment about the daily trades at 1:1 R:R is very strange (and far from correct). Due to the way we trade, every single one of the daily trades would have a reward:risk between 2:1 - 4:1 R:R
As you would see, many of the W1 and MN1 trades we post have a R;R even higher.
Don't forget that you also have our 20% return guarantee. Every year since we started in 2010, the daily trades have been profitable, but if they don't make a 20% return or higher, from just 0.5% risk per trade, then you are entitled to a full refund. I can't be fairer than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TheForexTradingCoach a good company?

Unbiased users reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best resource to provide you with a good knowledge on if TheForexTradingCoach is a good company.

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What is TheForexTradingCoach?

The Forex Trading Coach Ltd is a forex education company that provides online forex trading courses, and mentorship.

What kind of training does TheForexTradingCoach offer?

TheForexTradingCoach offers 3 different training courses for you to choose.
  • Online forex video course
  • One on one coaching in person
  • One on one coaching online

What do I get from TheForexTradingCoach's online course?

TheForexTradingCoach's online forex video course includes:
  • Training Videos
  • Daily Trading Recommendations & Market Analysis. 
  • Weekly Live Trading Room Webinars
  • Custom Built Software
  • Access to Membership
  • Access to Clients Only Forums
  • Follow up Support and Help