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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.071 · 3 REVIEWS
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2.071 · 3 REVIEWS
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Arizona USA,
Mar 4, 2010,

I have used Sorcerer in live accounts for 2 1/2 months (since mid-Dec 2009). It has performed very well. I have limited trades to either long or short only (short since early January) to go with the fundamental trend. I think that improves its performance dramatically. With that provision, it's an EA I don't worry about. I don't know what strategy it uses but it selects open positions very well compared to some other well known EAs. I sometimes close the trade early with a good profit just to lock in the profit.
South Africa,
Feb 23, 2010,

Forex Sorcerer provide you with a link to download after you have made your purchase - then the fun starts!

If you were an ID10T like me, you have fallen for the trick to buy the super duper "extra" Forex Cash Generator EA that will make you millions!

OK, first things first. You try the software on back test - BOTH not working! You check the Journal tab and there is the problem: Sorcerer 0.ex4 cannot be loaded.

I have send support an e-mail, asking for the missing indicator - they send me an "updated" version of their robot. The time stamp on the downloaded file shows February 2010, the "updated file" shows January 2010 ???? In back test the equity curve does not even resemble the one they display on their website!

When I demanded a refund, they stated that they do not support Forex Cash Generator - Duh? I downloaded both from the same website link they provided.

In my opinion - amateurs and you should stay away from this one!

I send them a formal mail with Clickbank numbers for a refund - still waiting for this to happen ...
Carlo Colombo,
Dec 23, 2009,

I purchased today a license of this S C A M package.
The only reason was due I read an italian name in developers.
It's obvious that an EA can't give results like these advertised in the site, but I desired to test the EA.
Backtesting is terrible, works better the "macd sample" given with Metatrader.
What I can't undestand is why this website give a space to this EA.
I read that you have the EA working on a your computer.
Why you didn't a simple backtest of this EA?
Request a refund, obviously.