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Updated: Dec 12, 2018
3.512 · 21 REVIEWS
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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3.512 · 21 REVIEWS
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Prague, Czech Republic and Philippines,
Jul 3, 2012,

Please see my previous report, where i praised Forex Atom. In the meantime, and especially since March 2012, Forex Atom has turned into a completely disaster. I WITHDRAW ALL MY PREVIOUS RECOMENDATIONS. The signals basically turned into heavy losses since March, and again in April and May. That is why they stopped updating their Webpage. I contacted them by phone and realized that a important person has left the company, and everything was now going into a big mess. Because i have payed 6 in advance, i asked for a part-refound. Never heard anything from them. From all my experience in both buiness and especially in Forex, i feel absolutely convinced that Forex Atom will be out of business in a very short time. Again, STAY AWAY.

2011-12-06 5 Stars I have been using ForexAtom for some time now. When i chose a SignalProvider i normally follow there performance for a longer period on the web, before i subscribe. If there performance seems good, and honest, and the updates follow immediately after weeks/end or months-end (depending on their policy of course), - i could give them a try. In Phase 2, i want to be sure that they are (in real) professional, honest, and that you can rely on their prices, times of signals etc. (i have seen all kinds of manipulation). In the case with AtomForex, i will say that they are one of the best and most reliable i have seen. Their signals comes on the minute (set&forget), and is followed up the next day. Their results are 100% honest and can be followed. But of course to obtain their excellent results, you must comply 100% as well. Only challenge for me is that their signals is form a completely other timezone (NZ), but i have solved that issue. BIG thump up for ForexAtom.
London, United Kingdom,
Jun 7, 2012,

One of the traders for one of the managed accounts at Forex atom is Andrew Mitchem (The forextradingcoach.com), so you should be getting good results.
, New Zealand,
May 20, 2012,

Good people but not best traders. Lost some money with them
, Germany,
Dec 27, 2011,

We've been using it for a few months now and had good results. I would recommend them.
Tagaytay, Philippines,
Dec 11, 2011,

I'm impressed with ForexAtom signals. They are very good in risk management. I've profited a lot using their signal service.
I treat my trading as a business. I prepared for it the way I prepared for my other businesses. That's why I focus on yearly profits, not on a daily or weekly basis.
, New Zealand,
Dec 6, 2011,

Started off with 20k in mid Jan 2011, pulled out 18k at the beginning of march 2011. These guys have no idea about forex trading, your better off going to the casino. However they seem like nice guys but unfortunatly that does not make you money
Sep 30, 2011,


in June 2010 you wrote that you were satisfied. As a German investor myself I would appreciate if you could tell me if you have continued using the managed account / signal system and how you did until now. Gibt es Probleme mit der Verfügung über das Konto?

Thank you
Sush Wood,
Lincoln, NZ,
Aug 31, 2011,

I have been Using ForexAtom Signal service for the last 6 months. In short it Excellent.
The trades comes out once a day at 10.30 GMT. They are clear and easy to follow but more importantly they make money up our 1100 pips for August.

Jeff Weller,
Dunnellon, Florida USA,
Aug 21, 2011,

Nice people, friendly enough, but clearly there is some signficant disconnect between what they claim they can achieve and their results in the last few months. Beginning in April 2011 starting with $20,000 they reached a 3% total return. From the high water mark of $20,600 the account is now negative about 5.5% or $1100 with a remaining balance of about $18,900 and effective today I have closed it out. Not very impressive and certainly not a firm I would use again or recommend. The only reason I don't rate them as TERRIBLE is that I don't believe there is anything unethical about their operating methods - but who really knows???
Jun 28, 2011,

I would like to update the review. No progresses in the last 45 days. My NAV drop down around 4% since start. I've closed the account because the won trades rate is very poor and the program is high frequency trading. The strategy as it now can produce only bad results. Data they pubblish are gross and far from the true.

2011-05-13 3 Stars I've been trying their managed account service. After two months the balance is around zero but was down -1.8 % . I dont complain about this because the volatility is pretty high and many others managed accounts are deep in red. They are gentle, onest and professionals. I like their risk management and hope in better result.
I could rate 5 star for the company and management skill.