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Finotec Trading UK Limited
Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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Finotec is a forex broker. Finotec offers the MT4 and Web XTrader forex trading top platform. offers a number of forex currency pairs, cfds, oil and metals for your personal investment and trading options. is part of Finotec Trading UK Limited group. Known members of this group include,,
1.986 • 15 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Tel Aviv, Israel,
Oct 5, 2013,

I trade their institutional platform and didn't have any issues, generally, I'm happy with the prices and the platform.
, Belgium,
Jun 6, 2013,

Finotec works with MT4 and in their website, you can see that they work with another platform as well. In some older reviews (from 2011 and before), there were some issues with the older web-based platform. Looks like they have fixed that problem. Also, the website has changed a lot. It would be interesting to read from newer traders how they experience these improvements now.
Gent, Belgium,
Nov 3, 2011,

Hello, nothing to complain, excellent spreads (among the best I found) better than IB, Oanda, Interactive. Good execution. FSA regulated, so no worries for the first 50k :)
Apr 29, 2011,

I tried this broker a few years ago. The platform is very different from MT4 for example, and is suitable for beginners, but also for people who like to experiment. There are lot of graphical possibilities and yet it is simple. There is a short explanation for each indicator. They also have some different pairs, additionally, like USDCZK, USDNOK, GBPILS. I worked with a web-based platform, so I could login from any computer. That was interesting because I was traveling at that time. Very often I could not login during busy times. Fridays, sometimes I had trouble to login, to handle some positions, so I had to fix it Monday early at night. Although I liked the possibilities of the platform, it was an unstable connection. The communication by telephone was good. A lot of basic things are explained on the website. Sometimes they were calling me to give some advice. I hope they have improved the stability of the connection, because that was the weak point. Nevertheless I am glad that I didn´t start with the most sophisticated platform. It´s original anyway, but in their own advantage, to improve the internet connection.
Mar 31, 2011,

Their website wasn't working last week, now it's working however it took around 2 minutes for the website to load. I cliked on a menu button and that takes another 2 minutes to load.

Something is wrong with their server. There's no way they can be doing business with this crappy server, no new customers will sign up.

Does anyone have any insight into what's going on there. Are they shutting down?
Oct 28, 2010,

Company has closed down its office in Cyprus.
middle east,
Feb 8, 2010,

spread is reasonable,customer service is good, people are very nice, and they are honnest.
London, UK,
Jan 5, 2010,

I know from inside knowledge of this company that they are total idiots and also very unpleasant. They launched a spread betting platform and put all the decimal points in the wrong place so when you traded 1 lot of FTSE at 1 pound per point if it moved a point you were either up or down 100 pounds..the CEOs reaction was that he wouldnt take the platform offline and didnt see the problem !! hilarious when added to the fact they wanted
Nov 24, 2009,

The website was shut down overnight. No answer to emails or calls!
E. B.
Tokyo, Japan,
Jun 7, 2009,

I tried this broker a couple of months.
Everything was fine until I got some problems of reliability with their trading platform (closing orders at values well above/below - about 200 pips - the market price).
They payed me back the loss but if you cannot trust the trading platform...
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