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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.564 · 4 REVIEWS
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SureForexSignals.com (Tibor Varga)

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3.564 · 4 REVIEWS
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May 18, 2011,

Not really happy with this service. I was prepared for a long term strategy and followed all the money management rules that Tibor has given. The risk and drawdown is to extreme (over 60% in March, April 2011) Even if they advertise with a latest-generation, powerful Neural Network software they/Tibor are/is not able to predict the market like all the other wanna-be guru Experts. Most important thing is that a lot of trades that hit StopLoss are not recorded on his performance page. 3 Stars only because Tibor tries to be honest but sometimes can´t because of bad performance!
May 17, 2011,

I want to warn people about Tibor and all his services: Sureforexsignals.com, Midas.com and his new one forextraderswanted.com.
I was a member from July 2010 and have lost 80% of my money with Tibor's Sureforexsignals.com service. His original money managment broke almost everyone account back in September and the first 1/2 of Oct. 2010. Many had to close their account due to margin calls. Tibor promised to tweak the system and had one good Nov. 2010 month, followed by a -5000 December month. Anyone still left from September's disaster, did not have any money left in their account to take advantage of the positive November 2010. And most lost huge in December 2010. In Jan 2011, the money managment and rules were updated, however Tibor's signals had been on the wrong side on the market in March and April and had a total of minus -11,000 pips. Anyone following his system in those two months had their account damaged to the point there would be a fraction of the money in the account to trade May 2011.
Tibor has misrepresented his pip gains on his webpage, although the running total may be correct it does not reflect real life trading where anyone trading his rules in Sept. 2010 had lost 70- 99% of their invest regardless on how many previous positive monthsThis was due to increasing lot size as were the rules for trading with Tibor's system.
In addition, Tibor had been wrong on his market prediction from August 2010 to May 2011, and all though his system is suppose to be separate from his market bias, it was clear that it was not. He had 18 failed silver and gold shorts from August 2010 to May 1 2011.
In addition, Gabriel, who gave a rave review here of his service, had not been trading his signals since Oct. 2010 and is due to summit a correction post.
Stay clear of Tibor, you will loose all your money in his crazy system. Although not a Scam, it is dangerous.
Gabriel (Maui),
Maui, Hawaii, USA,
Dec 4, 2010,

Back in June, a friend of mine who works for a professional fund showed me his personal account statement for May saying "you gotta see this". As I took a look- I was completely shocked that he had amassed 34,000 pips that month. Of course my next question was- "how did you make so many pips!?" More surprisingly was that he told me he had placed all of those trades from a signal service he's been following for nearly a year. Well, knowing that I trusted this guy, it definitely sparked a huge bout of curiosity. I spent the next 6 hours mesmerized, reading every scrap of the site's rules, past performance, and the forum that was all public info even to non-paying members. I noticed that the 34k pips in May was the biggest gainer by far (big yen moves), but there were quite a few 10,000 pip months (average is around 6,000), and there was never a single losing month in 3 years! As a manual trader, I have never been interested in signals or EA's or anything else, but this was far more than I could ever make on my own and I decided it was worth signing up to test out for myself. I found out it was a longer term trading style (trades average 2-4 weeks often making over 1000 pips per signal), and money management was quite important because it did encounter some sizeable drawdowns for days or even weeks at a time. I have been a member now for over 5 months, and I can testify that the results in the performance section are true and correct. Tibor has been great in answering any of my questions and seems generally interested in the success of his subscribers. The forum is un-moderated, and all posts good bad or ugly are addressed and not erased. So I feel it is quite honest, and an excellent performing service. I did not ever think anything like this could exist.
Apparently Tibor has spent a lot of time putting together a neural network system combined with a disease algorithm (probably borrowed from his wife who is an epidemiologist in the EU) that analyzes patterns and is pretty adept at finding key reversal points. Although very important to understand and follow the system's rules, it is fairly simple -taking about 10 minutes per day to check your email and enter the entry and exit signals on your account. I set up my yahoomail to automatically forward them to my cell phone so I would know of each signal right away, but it's not really necessary -just check your mailbox once per day since the signals are long term and if you don't get the exact entry, it will not largely affect the bottom line at the end of the month. I had to ask why he would bother with the trouble of a signal service considering he could be quite well off from just following his own system and he told me that his real dream was to start a hedge fund based off of trading the signals (midastrading.com just started up and is still in beta testing phase) and that the signal site was necessary to build a publicly verifiable track record for his trading to gain people's trust, so it all started making more sense.
Although I've never tried any others, I think this must be the best signal service out there, and the owner is a very honest guy. I would not hesitate to recommend people check it out. The best part is that there is a 30 day free trial where you do not have to give a credit card and will not be automatically signed up after the month is over. Everything points out to this being that one in a million service people are always searching for and usually never find. At the time of writing this, there are a few different packages depending on how many pairs you want signals on and if you want gold/silver signals as well. The prices range from only $20 USD up to $99 USD per month, but it quite easily pays for itself. I do highly recommend trading the free month trial on demo. The system is quite different than what most people are used to, and takes some time to adjust, no need to risk real money on a learning period where you are likely to have questions and make mistakes. Anyway this is the best thing I have ever found in forex hands down. I would like to see FPA run an official test of the service, because I know there are a lot of scam sites out there and I'd hope people could skip over all the junk and have access to knowledge of a service such as this.
Final Note: Since joining in May, I was around for the system's first losing month ever in September, but Tibor had warned us that it was statistically inevitable for months prior, reminding not count on always winning every month (it has since resumed it's past profability, we just closed Novemebr +7,000 pips). He actually was kind enough to give a year's free membership to any members that had just signed up and suffered a loss of their original capital due to September's performance, I was pretty impressed.

Nov 30, 2010,

If anyone is looking for a signal service that is legitimate and profitable, Look no further. I have been a member of over a year now and Developer by all accounts is legitimate and most importantly his system is highly profitable. Just be sure to practice good money management and you will acheive some great results. You can get a free trial too. But all in all, by far best value for money product out there. Actually, its the best service I have seen regardless of price and I have seen some $997 p/month losing services in my time. Give it a try or at least have a look at the site. Cheers