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Updated: Sep 26, 2016
4.158 · 11 REVIEWS
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4.158 · 11 REVIEWS
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Sep 23, 2016,

Great System

I had bought the srs trend rider 2.0 and it really work. Believe the what the system tell you. Trade on bigger time frame such as 1hr, 4hr or Daily. Make sure all the time frame give the same signal the srs. Now all my trades profitable. No loss so far. Thanks Vladimir for the outstanding SRS EA and indicator.
Adelaide, Australia,
May 16, 2013,

The indicator at the heart of this system is simply an indicator version of the Doda-Donchian which can be downloaded free. I think it is more confusing in this form and easier to trade when marked on the chart as per the original. The only redeeming grace for this system is the trade monitoring robot.
Rizal Masian Akbar,
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Feb 28, 2012,

Dear Mr. Vladinir Rubakov.

Thank you for your email,My Bank Payment already successfull to you, I had received your license code now: BBMETXWP but I DO NOT RECEIVED YET The sRs Trend Rider System/Programe, I did checked all email you have sent to me I found only FAQ.pdf that is it. How come I should install to my MT4 chart because the programe nothing send to me yet. OK please find out your problem and pls. sent the srs trendrider to me ASAP. For your cooperation thank a lot I am waiting?????

CLICKBANK Order Confirmation -This is payment evident from Clickbank VISA CARD.
Order Number: BBMETXWP
Order Date: 02/26/2012 5:35 PM PST
Customer Name: Rizal Masian Akbar
Customer Email: rizalmas@gmail.com
Product: Vladimirs sRs Trend Rider
Product ID: 1
Vendor’s Site: http://www.srstrendrider.com/

Payment Method: VISA 3493
Subtotal: $97.00
Tax: VAT (EU826000301) $0.00
Total: $97.00


Rizal Masian Akbar
, Brunei Darussalam,
Feb 20, 2012,

I purchsed this sRs Trend Rider on the 21 Jan 2012. Exactly one month which was on 20 Feb 2012, when i opened up my trading platform, i received a pop-up message with the title 'Retry License Update?' the content..."Your license for sRs_Trade_Management_Robot needs updating, but the system was unable to validate your license on the server. The problem which occured was as follows: An error occured while trying to communicate with th license sever. Do you want to update again?" then i clicked 'YES'...the same message popped-up again. I tried reinstalling, the same message popped-up. Suprisingly, the 10,000 level window also disappeared from my chart. I already contacted Vladimir yesterday with the contact email address in sRs Trend Rider' website. On this 2nd day from yesterday, i haven't received a reply from him yet. So got to wait on this 2nd day and 3rd day tomorrow. Performance wise, this software looks promising. At this moment, due to the problem the software gave me, i rated it with 2 star. This will up unless the problem has been solved.
Jul 6, 2011,

I used this system for a week now and I just can not seem to get the results that they claim. I do exactly as instructed but as soon as I enter a trade the trend retraces. I am trying it on 1H to H4...Lower TF seems to give me a 50/50 result. I don't know what to do more!?
Portland Or,
Dec 14, 2010,

This is one of the best systems out there. I have bought this system, used it on my live account, it works wonders. Vlad is a genius forex trader. I think every body must have this system. It is easy to use and understand. So get your copy today
Oct 22, 2010,

Hi , I had a hard time getting good result vis 15min as much time is required to stay and monitor the market.It seemed working better with higher time frams such as H1 and H4 on any time frames. Wondering anyone had a 90% successfully with software ,do let me know
My email ' emailtothomas78@gmx.com "
Thank once again.
Vishal Bhardwaj,
Mississauga, Canada,
Oct 8, 2010,

I have bought it 2 days ago and have done only 2 trades. It looks good. But the only problem is that It gives alert when i am sleeping :)..not its fault but i am working from 9 to 5 and then 5 to 12 there might be 2 alerts but it gives more in night...i wish there was an alert system for phone or email for this :(
Zulkifli bin Ayob,
May 14, 2010,

I've been using this system since a couple of days ago on demo and no doubt jump into real account. Its works as they claimed, just pay a bit attention on whipsaw/flat during Asian Session. Now I have big smile for this coming weekend.
May 6, 2010,

I had bought this system few weeks before , tried testing it on m5 and m15 , i found it works awesome on m15 bez the trend id more stronger in that TF.

I did a demo test for a weak 95% results and than i planed to go with live account.

three days as of now and 100% results, not a single trade in loss .
works well with UC and GJ and EJ.

EA is fantastic , i am sure will post you more on it later bez three days too early to be that sure , but its really simple , major of the conditions are taken care by the alert you need to just look for highs and lows which is very simple.

great system after black dog....