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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.877 · 6 REVIEWS
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1.877 · 6 REVIEWS
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Mar 1, 2010,

My first SCAM. This product does
East Coast USA,
Feb 20, 2010,

What a joke! I bought it and sent a dozen emails to receive my product. When he finally sent the products link, he misspelled "neutrino" and I figured out that was the reason why the link did not work. I changed the spelling in the link and then downloaded my product. It's a garbage system. The signals alerted to sell when the market was bullish, and buy when the market tanked. I deleted the system fast and got my money back. You can find free systems online that work better. Somebody recently bought this to my attention: look at the Forex Neutrino sales page. They deposited $3000, show a profit of $706 and show a balance of $66,706. Get real...$3000 + $706 do not equal $66,706. Scam!! They should be ashamed of their behavior!!
Feb 18, 2010,

bougt the basic system. you can get the indicator for free on metatrader or several forums! most signals on short time frames came much too early. better you find support and resistance self an trade them. positive: is you can get a refund first 60 days!
Wayne Lamplough,
New Zealand,
Feb 12, 2010,

I bought Forex Nuetrino 3 weeks ago. What an absolute scam and piece of c***. The signals are based on indicators which as we all know mean very little. Try and get your money back under the guarantee. I can assure you it will not happen. 80% of my trades were losses. I went back to my standard EA which is Forex twister, and got my money back in 2 nights. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF Mr Richard Samuels for scamming people like this. You are the only bugger getting rich out of that c****y system.
Tony B,
Jan 30, 2010,

I purchased the system about a week ago. The system which they advertise is made up of four modules which you have to purchase separately as you check out in the shopping cart, which I hate becasue one would think that you only have to make one purchase to get the whole system. The whole system which they adertise is well over $200, but again you can purchase in modules.
I purchased the basic system plus Booster - $97 + $47.
The basic system is very easy to download and can be applied and start trading within 15 minitues. Very easy system for beginners. The trading signals are very easy to understand, however gives many short trading signals which one would have to analyize before entering a trade. Over the week have made about 10 trades using only the basic system, and 7 out of 10 were winners, but you have to add a trailing stop loss to insure your profits.
Regarding the Booster system, I still having issues installing all the indicators and getting the system set up correctly. Numerous emails have not helped to correct the problems.
Overall the basic system is good for beginners and easy to use for anyone, but don't think it's worth the $97, as there are other systems out there for less which do much more.
I give them an average rating becasue of the Marketing tactics they use to have a person buy the whole system in modules as you check out for payment. And also the manuals leave allot to be desired
I recommend, if you want to purchase, only purchase the first basic module as the rest are all over priced and do not lead to a good overall system
Good Trading
Jan 28, 2010,

I bought this to see what it was about. I bought both the basic system and the "advanced" system. The advanced system is nothing but a standard deviagtion channel with a zig zag you can get for free on forexfactory.com. It uses a fib extension to project likely turning points for profit. The market info is a lot of useless information. It does nothing to help trade. The Trend indicator is just a basic indicator to tell you if the trend it up or down. I am not really sure what the FXSuperProfit indicator does. The Market hour just shows when the asian, london and US markets are open.

The Turbo trading system is based on support and resistance lines. Again, you can get these for free. The target lines are generated from some formula the author thinks is once it hits a blue line, it is going to the green line for profit. It uses a red/blue indicator to tell you if you have a uptrend or downtrend. These have to match the particular blue line to take a trade.

His basic system is just a fractal and if you got the Neutrin Trader idicator, it just puts a red or blue arrow for up or down where to trade. It only works on long timeframes. Stops are large and not suitable for a new trader with a small amount of equity.

Overall, if you are an experienced trader, you won't need this system. The basic is ok for a beginner, however the manuals are not very good. You should know the bacis of trading.