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ForexDynamite.com Review

Updated: Nov 30, 2018
4.478 · 7 REVIEWS
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4.478 · 7 REVIEWS
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Jul 9, 2011,

Hello Tim, I think you are using it with Live account, becuase brother to increase spread of hunt stoploss. use the system on demo account, and trade live at another accounts. by the way, I have analayse it, use it only 4 HOURS as 1 HOUR has too much noise. This system is not 100%, but i think it has 70% accuracy , I add other indicator which can avoid those bad signals...it's good if you know how to use it.
Tim W.,
North Carolina,
Feb 17, 2011,

I tried this software for nearly 3 weeks full-time, unlike many who post reviews of various products / services at FPA after only a couple days. Forex Dynamite is nothing more than another colorful set of lagging indicators with arrows. The history looks great, but once you start trading the bars at the bottom of the screen will often REPAINT a couple bars later after you have already entered the trade. I sent several emails to their so-called 'support' and never got one reply. It's supposed to have an unconditional 30-day refund policy. After no response from writing 'support', I contact Pay Dot Com to get a refund (the vendor's payment processor). It's been nothing but a pain. I had to set up an account just to submit a ticket. I'm saving my documentation so I can dispute it with my credit card if no refund is processed.

I sent several emails to the address advertised at the website- support@forexdynamite.com, but never received any reply. I then contacted the vendor on the terms page- Pay Dot Com. They wrote back: "Please let me know this vendors user name as he is abusing the PayDotCom marketplace and as soon as I find him/her, they will be terminated." So, in other words, they broke contract and used Pay Pal. I have these emails and can send them to FPA. The person that owns this website is Antonietta M Giampapa. He has no intentions of honoring the 30 day unconditional money back guarantee that is located on this terms page: http://www.forexdynamite.com/terms.html

If you buy this software thinking it will produce long-term results, you are fooling yourself. If you buy this software thinking you can get a refund when it doesn't work long-term, you will be working with your credit card company and Pay Pal in order to get your money back. Or, you will simply lose your money. You've been warned.
Hong Kong,
May 28, 2010,

This system seems to do everything it suggests on the vendors website. The system works best on finding longer term trends, so I use it on currencies which trend a lot eg aud/usd, and by doing this have made some great trades.
Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia,
May 26, 2010,

I have used this set-up for 2 months and it is a great piece of trading software, and well worth the money.
Focus on long-term 1hr+ time frames and its great.
Redwood, CA,
Mar 25, 2010,

This is a great piece of kit. I have bought loads of EAs, systems before and my trading account has suffered.
I bought the dynamite system from a recommendation from my news trading buddy, and I have caught good trends when I havent been news trading.
I put my stops at the end of the bar, and I've been hit a few times, but mostly I win, which is great.
São Paulo, Brazil,
Mar 18, 2010,

This was a great investment to my forextrading. Sometimes, I was stuck about whether to buy/sell/do nothing. But this system gave the guidance I needed to make good trades.
London, UK,
Mar 8, 2010,

This is a pretty cool trading system. I thought there would be a review on this already, so thats why i'm adding it.
This works well in a trading environment, and manages to get you in trades pretty early.
Its not automatic, so you have to monitor when the trades come in. But so far, so good. 5 stars.