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Updated: Jan 25, 2020
Gain Capital
1.981 · 274 REVIEWS
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About are forex brokers. offers the MetaTrader4 and GTX-Forex ECN top forex trading platforms. offers over 40 currency pairs, gold, and silver for your personal investment and trading options.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size:0.01
Maximum Leverage:200:1
Minimum to Open Live:$50
Address:Bedminster One 135 US Highway 202/206 Suite 11 Bedminster, NJ 07921, United States, 1.877.367.3946
Regional offices:
Regulators: CIPF #, CIMA #25033, FFAJ #1539, FCA #113942, NFA #0339826
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms:MT4, MT5, WebTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Cryptocurrencies:(5+) Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD:(25+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Bonds, Oil, Other Commodities
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods:VISA, MasterCard, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro
Withdrawal Methods:VISA, MasterCard, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro

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1.981 · 274 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Boston, USA,
Feb 7, 2019,

I have been pleased with them.

I have been using for about a year. Though I am not doing heavy trading, I have had only good experiences with them. When you withdraw funds, they hit your bank account right away.
Jul 29, 2007,

2007 - so, that's my second attempt to try FX. I also recieved a nice brochure from GainCapital in 2001. And now in 2007 I decided to try (in 2000 I tryed with Real SCAM and bustard -

And I checked out that - is fully automated dealer, with useful platforms, so they use most market quotes. Now I continue trying their MINI's, still with a succsses of 200 pips last month. So = gain capital, and they are a lot more respectable than I tryed before :)
Tomas, USA,
Dec 8, 2017,
Guest is a great brokerage!

I started out with a Demo account for 30 days and now I'm trading Forex live. I absolutely love this company! I previously had no knowledge of this type of trading and would only trade stocks. The App works fine for me so I rarely log onto a computer. Actually, I prefer the app. sets you up with a free 45-day account from Faraday Research as well. I wouldn't recommend signing up with Faraday after the free trial.

The only reason I won't give 5-stars is because I've noticed that some of my stops don't actually get stopped where I set them. Good thing i'm an obsessed newbie and consistently check my account. Also, I keep a trade journal so I can review every trade I place. I haven't attempted to withdraw any money yet, but hopefully that will be a smooth transaction.
Andrew Marshall,
Knoxville, TN, USA,
Aug 12, 2015,

I see a lot of people on here leaving bad feedback concerning, and for good reason. Most people fail to realize one important aspect, however, and that is's GTX network is their ECN branch. They aren't trying to hide the fact that if you don't meet the minimum, then you'll be thrown do the dogs on the dealing desk. I have absolutely no experience on the dealing desk branch of business, but have traded on the their GTX network, and must say that it is right on par with the rest of the industry's ECNs. ATCBrokers is still my favorite US regulated broker to deal with, but if you have the funds to open on's GTX, then you will get to experience a much more "trader friendly" atmosphere.
Steamboat Springs, Colorado,
Jan 17, 2008,

I have no idea why Gain's reviews are so poor. I've had a good experience with them for two years - although they are not my primary broker. Customer care is great, platform is decent. Fills are what you get with a Market Maker. I would (and have) felt comfortable putting *real* money with Gain. I could not get their API to do anything meaningful although support was excellent and they tried as best they could. It may be - reason for so many poor reviews - that the Big-3 (FXCM, GFT, Gain) attract a large percentage of newbies who don't know the ropes and squeal when they get smacked.
Sep 19, 2011,

At this point I'm going to give them a Good rating. Spreads and execution times have been very good. Also, I've withdrawn my entire balance previously and they cut a check no questions asked and I received it very quickly. Will update my rating as time goes on.
Miami, USA,
Jul 25, 2019,
Guest is a Great Broker

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Let me tell you this. They are many Brokers who can tell you beautiful things and promise you a great bonus if you deposit some big amount. One thing you must know, you have to educate and learn about the broker before you start trading.

I've been with for about 2 years, I have never get any problem with trading, Also I have never got any problem withdrawing money.

And when I have a problem I talk to support and they give me the right explanation.

Also you got to understand when you a pending trading between 5:00pm and 5:01,pm EST you will get a swap charge.

So I can say they are good brokers.
Jan 27, 2007,

I have been with them for the past 2 years now on live. I have never had any problems with them, yes the spreads are a bit high, but i don't trade everyday my trades are usually long. I was making losses for the first 9 months while with them (this was of course a learning period for me). Later last 6 months have been real good for me making 200-300 pips a month. Any how when i started making money with them, even the withdrawals were instand no problems at all. Customer support is also good, can chat with them anytime or give a call, lastly there platform also works via wap so if i am mobile staying in touch with my trades isn't a problem.
Aug 13, 2011,


This is my first broker as I only started with FX trading a couple of months ago. After using the demo account for a couple of weeks with success I then opened a live account. A good first week there, but then some losses (my own fault) so have gone back to the demo account to get more experience. I think I have been the victim of stop hunting a few times, but I don't think you will ever get away from this anywhere -- it's part of the industry. "Beat the forex dealer" is a great book to read to find some strategies to trade with the dealer, not against them, re stop hunting.

My only negative experience so far has been in terms of potential mis-information about live account inactivity policy that I got from the live support chat. The policy reads that they can start charging inactivity fees after 30 days, but support were saying that they only start charging for accounts under £100 balance, and only after 180 days. They kept side-stepping my questions about why the terms do not say that in the 'real' policy. I saved the text of the chat and said I'd keep that as an ammendment to the policy.

So just a warning to others I guess that they will start taking money from your account when it's inactive without warning.

Also the 'live' news feed in the platform seems random at best with the price action from the charts, so don't base your trading decisions on that.

Otherwise, execution is fast, slippage non existent for me so far and flexible order entry types. I'm using the UK version regulated by the FSA.

I just need to become a better, disciplined trader now! Looking to review some other dealers over the next few weeks though to see what I might be missing out on.

Cheers, Jared.
Jan 9, 2017,
Registered user

good company

No problems, rec'd. withdrawals fast. Only problem was huge spreads during rollover. I trade an EA that can't stand a 25 pip spread at 5:00 PM on pairs like gbp/jpy, gbp/chf, etc.

Otherwise, manual trading no problems, bone, good company. I have been trading for 10 yrs.