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Updated: Apr 19, 2022
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Forex-Goldmine develops automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform. Forex-Goldmine's MT4 EAs include Pip Strider II and Forex Cantata for online currency trading. Some of the forex robots from have been forward tested on live and demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™

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4.429 • 7 REVIEWS
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England, United Kingdom,
Oct 19, 2012,

I have been using Pipstrider for some years now. This is for three main reasons; 1. The support is excellent, 2. You can trial it first and 3. It makes money. I've tried it on every currency pair known to man and with recommended and proprietary settings. It struggles with highly trending markets and currencies so some management is necessary, I use hedging. Best results come on GJ which is not a recommended pair. If you stick to small lot sizes and conservative settings, and you're patient, then your equity will undoubtedly grow. I only give them 4 stars because I've spent a fortune on rental and they wont let me have a concession on the price!
Melbourne, Australia,
Feb 24, 2012,

Pip strider is a good EA, if you do not trade very aggressively. It i s dangerous if you select a large lot to trade with. I would love to hear from others who use it, what settings they have found work best on the AUD/USD. I read PETROB's review, and would love to hear from him about hte settings he is using.

Review Moderation Team Note: Settings and strategies can be shared in the discussion thread linked to this review page.
Sep 14, 2011,

This is my 3rd review for the Pip Strider EA, and, as mentioned before, I have bought 2 of the EAs for my own use. I have been demoing this EA now for over 4 months now and on multiple brokers, both in the US and abroad. After performing a number of backtests, and using different settings, I have found that the default settings provided appear to consisyently offer the best a returns at the safest levels. Additionally, I found that the AUDNZD was not the best pair for me, but rather the AUDUSD (along with the AUDCAD). I run both pairs with the same settings and am getting consistently good results. I strongly recommend that serious traders download a demo copy for themselves (another real plus for the EA Forex Goldmine that they allow you to test their products at no cost) and try it out. My plan for the near future is to select a broker or 2 to try this EA out live.

2011-06-26 5Star As a followup to my 1st review, I have purchased 2 lic. for PipStrider to use on 2 different live accounts. My continuous demo account usage across 5+ different brokers (both US and Non-US) has shown that PipStrider is a good solid EA that brings continuous positive results (please refer to my 1st review). I have communicated numerous times with Jerry B. and the guys at Forex Goldmine, and they are very quick to respond and extremely helpful. I also subscribe to Jerry's PipStrider Tips Newsletter which I find very helpful. I would suggest that anyone who has serious interest in using a great product try the PipStrider for free (on Demos) and try it on several of your favorite brokers. I believe that you will be impressed. Good luck !!

2011-05-22 No Rating I have to say that I have been demo-ing Forex Goldmine's newest edition of Pipstrider (1.28) and it has consistently made good money on multiple broker MT4 platforms. I have optimized the main pair (auscad) while finding that the ausnzd pair is not particularly a good one to use right now. Instead, I have been using the aususd pair quite nicely (which I have also optimized).
By the way, what is good money? Well, I have been using 25K accounts on my non-US brokers that are either ECN or STP, and 50K on my CitiFX Pro demo account (which would be a ECN account). And, yes, I understand that comparing demo accounts to live ones can be a tricky proposition.
To date, I am averaging between $1,500/wk - $2,500/wk (4-5 days) per non-US broker, and approx. $750-$850/wk (4-5 days) on CitiFX Pro. Non-US brokers would make this between 6% - 10% per week, and 1.2% - 2% on CitiFX Pro, which still isn't a bad money return compared to any kind of bank instrument, etc.
Additionally, I have found Forex Goldmine's customer service to be both quick and courteous....a good combination for any forex-based company these days.
Texas, USA,
Apr 16, 2011,

I have demoed Gap Magic for a number of weeks, but for one reason or another I have not been able to get it to trade or back-test. The customer support has been very helpful and understanding and even offered me a refund when I ran into problems. I will give the customer support at Goldmine 5 stars. Thanks Guys;)

2011-04-08 Not rating I have been using Gap Magic for 3 weeks on a demo account. It has only opened one order, and it won.While this is fine, my results have been far different from the results that have been recorded on the FPA website. It has been very disappointing. While the folks at Goldmine have been quick to respond to my questions, they have not had any answers to why my demo account will not trade or back-test. I have demoed over 20 EA, but I can not get this one to back-test correctly. While I was eager to give this rather expensive EA a try, it has not lived up to my expectations. .
Nov 16, 2010,

We use the pip-strider EA. Started with $16,000.00 the middle of Aug. 2010 now its middle of Nov. up just over $8,000.00 very happy with the results
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Oct 20, 2010,

You will only blow out your account if you don't follow the rules! This applies to any method of trading. I have been trading Robominer for over a year now, and it is very profitable. However, you won't make much money unless you have a sizable account, because it is not a "get rich quick" system with boom & bust cycles like most robots.
Dan Lewis
Florida, USA,
Jul 9, 2010,

This is a dangerous robot because it runs with no S/L. They used to recommend running two pair (EUR/CHF and AUD/NZD), EUR/CHF was removed from the list as it recently crashed down through the bottom of the grid, wiping out large sums of money for people trading it. AUD/NZD recently blew through the top of the grid, wiping out accounts of anyone that traded more than the bare minimum recommended risk. So what do they do, just re-release the robot with a bigger grid and tell you it's safe. If you do take a chance on this, try to get an account with no swap (recent trading shows it will hurt you on AUD/NZD) and trade LESS than the recommended risk. And keep money in reserve for when price moves out of the grid again.
mike donovan
new zealand,
May 30, 2010,

I have run the Robominer Pro since the 1st week of december 09. I am currently up over 50% ROI. in 25 weeks. So whilst it won't make u a millionair over night its a good steady earner that will more than double your investment each year.
Sean Berks
Apr 28, 2010,

Forex-Goldmine offers 5 grid trading EA's, the RoboMiner EA, RoboMiner Pro EA, GT-Shadow EA, Forex Prospector EA and PipStrider EA.

They offer great customer support and quality EA's, which make it possible for anybody to successfully trade the forex market.