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Updated: Mar 27, 2024

What is FXA Systems?

FXA Systems (also knows as FX-Agency) is a Forex software developing company, offering trading software for MetaTrader 4 platform.

FXASystems offers trading indicators like FX Agency Advisor 2, FX Agency Advisor 3 and Dream Signals 3 at a monthly subscription fee.

Please read FXA Systmes Reviews below and share your trading experiences with this software company.

3.901 • 38 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of FXA Systems

Devon Golding
St Louis, USA,
Mar 25, 2024,
Registered user

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Hi Richard,
Thank you for the white glove treatment. You and your company are awesome
Unlike other companies they take a couple days to respond. You were prompt and thorough. The Fx A-2 has been a good fit, I had 5 /0 successful trade so far.The signals are accurate and all that is required is patience and follow the instructions that is a part of the strategy. This is the best tool It works. Thanks again.
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 28, 2021,
Registered user

Simply the best

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
The customer and support service is top notch. If you want reliability and efficient service choose the software. I have Fx Agency advisor II and Fx agency advisor 3 and i cannot fault any of the software plus they frequently update the software.
I want to take this opportunity to thank "Richard" who has always been helpful whenever i experienced glitches with the software.
Lynwood, Australia,
Mar 21, 2020,

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
FX Agency Advisor3 is one of the best software that I have ever purchased. I find It has an accurate entry and exit points by simply following the "Look to Buy" or "Look to Sell" on the penal, thus giving me an advantage in trading forex to win 1,600 pips in 7 trades last week. My reason for giving this testimonial is that it will help forex "newbies."--Jeffrey
Nov 28, 2018,

Nice profitable signals. I love how you can drag the dashboard just by clicking it. Accurate and reliable. Friendly customer desk.
Apr 12, 2018,
Registered user

Elegant Inside Bar Indicator is all it is.

In my experience this indicator did not do well. From what I can tell, it's just a very elegant inside bar indicator. If you look at the dashboard you can see the yellow Wait Get Ready to Buy At: such and such a price, or Sell At: such and such a price. You'll notice that those two prices are very close together. That's because those prices are merely bracketing the high and low of the inside bar. When a trade is initiated at one of those prices, the other price becomes the Stop Loss. So, often when I initiated a trade in one direction, the price would quickly swing back to the Stop Loss, causing an end to that trade. Then the Stop Loss would be the new entry signal. Others have said that it works well on H4 and Daily charts, but the indicator suggests a Stop Loss of 15 pips, or usually less. I don't know of anyone who is successful with those time frames having such a tight Stop Loss. And the alert with this indicator is absurd. It rings when one price on one side of the bracket has been hit, and then rings when the other bracketed price has been hit; often within minutes of each other. One nice thing is that you only have to load this onto one chart in order to trade as many pairs as you like. I won't go into the battle I had to get a refund, which I never received. But since I'd still like to be successful with this indicator, any guidance from readers would be appreciated.
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Reply by FXA Trade submitted May 26, 2018:
Dear Sir,

Sorry to hear about your feelings but your statements are NOT TRUE. Firstly, you requested a refund SEVERAL MONTHS after your purchase and your refund period expired. You purchased the product on 09/29/2015 and you asked for a refund on 1/25/2016!! This is totally unacceptible and no service would grant a refund after such a late request, not even mainstream corporations. We take customer support very seriously and always honor refunds providing they comply with the terms MENTIONED ON OUR SITE. For years you have been complaining about the same problem that does NOT exist. We have gone out of our way and spent countless hours providing you with the best support possible and explaining to you how to use the software properly but it just does not seem to get through you. As mentioned, 80-91% of the trades minimum will be SUCCESSFUL and the rest may reach SL. Majority of trades will go into profit before retracing(if at all) and there is a lot of time for you to either exit with a profit or ride the trade. Once again we have explained to you how to manage the trades. And this will apply to all time frames. The Alert does exactly what is mentioned. When the market hits the buy or sell entry, it rings. That is what its meant to do. And no, the SL is NOT usually less than 15 pips on the H4 and D1. Even if it was, you have the option of skipping that trade and waiting for the next one. The PDF manual explained this. Thousands of our customers use the exact same software and do not have the complaints that you have. If they are successful there should be no reason why you can't be. If you use a system incorrectly, it is not the fault of the system. We have been in this business for years and are the top rated leading MT4 Forex Software development company for a reason and the large majority of our clients come back to us and buy our other products because we care for our customers and provide solid quality. Our forex products work perfectly and till today are performing great.

Despite this unfair negative review that you have left us and all the explaining that we have already given you, we would still like to help you somehow and you are welcome to contact us anytime.

FXA Trade Team
josh cormier
, Canada,
Dec 27, 2015,

I continue to have a great experience with their systems. I also get stellar support from them when or if required. They are real pro's and solve matters within minutes. Although I have not had one issue, the only time I needed them was to install it on my VPS. I have the Advisor 2 and my next aim is Dream Signals for my scalping. Their systems perform nicely in any market condition. Their system and service went beyond my expectations. When you buy something from a company that specializes and knows everything in and out really makes all the difference. Fxa systems get my vote.
Mohammad Hasan
, Bangladesh,
Oct 27, 2015,

I have all three systems of FXA Trade.
1. FX agency 2
2. FX agency 3
3. Dream Signals

In a word, all the systems are fantastic. Not based on silly calculations or algorithms but on Market Levels. Their indicator is not just based on Stoch, Moving Average or anything. Its based on Market Levels. I cant say that it dont repaint at all but it repaints when market is volatile. Even Price Action Candles also change with news or events so why wont a calculation. But as far i got the system, their systems based on 3 things.

1. Trend
2. Price Action
3. Levels

And all these things are pretty important. As a professional trader i know what it means like. Its not a system where u will be told how to trade and when to open an order. You need to understand the depth behind it. Practice it well, and understand the price action behind this. I run an investment firm and FXA is not paying me for promoting them but what i felt is what i am expressing here.

One stop service, which is i think best service ever in this world. I love their experience and customer support. Did not wanted a refund cause i understand the system, i read the manual and tested the systems properly for almost 2 years now and making good profits with them i can say.

Things that i suggest when trying to follow any systems of FXA

1. Money Management that is lot size, its very important.
2. Timing, entering on the right moment as given on the manual. If you are a day trader follow the daily chart for less amount of trades or big trades.
3. Understand the signal. Only blindly depending on any system is not good. Whether its pure price action or these FXA systems. Understand the fact and use FXA tools to guide you and support your decisions.

Thats all from me. I could have written more but thats enough. I see many bad reviews, which i cant tolerate about this company. As a loyal customer, this was something i think i owed to them. Nice work FXA. Keep it up. And guys try updating the systems and make it much better for learners or beginners.
, Germany,
Aug 14, 2015,

Ok, after massive complaints and pressure, I just received a refund from:
FXA Trade Customer Support Team
that's ok, but I don't like the text of their email:
You have been refunded. This is out of good faith only. But please know that there is nothing illegal or fraudulent about or offer. If you misread the refund policy, that is not our fault but anyway, you got what you want and hope you are happy and find something that works for you.
If you have any more questions or require help, feel free to contact us again anytime.
Kind regards,
Richard M
Floor 9
Quote End
Thanks to the Floor 9 wherever, but who will compensate me for all the hours in 7 days only to find out, that I wasted my time?

Buy their "Advisor 3" and prove me wrong!

2015-08-12 1 Star They have a product called "FXA-Trade Advisor 3". There are two different salespages:

http://www.fxatrade.com/fxa3jv.html (on JVZOO, Money Back Guarantee: We offer a FULL 7 day money back guarantee if you receive the wrong item or our server crashes. If you are not satisfied with our software, contact us within 7 days and we will refund your price in FULL.)


http://www.fxatrade.com/tradingsoftware/fxa3cb (on CLICKBANK, Money Back Guarantee:
We offer a FULL 60 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with our software, contact us within 60 days and we will refund your price in FULL.)

I bought through JVZOO with PAYPAL. Installation instructions were wrong, but I ignored them and installed it my way flawlessly. The .pdf manual contains the same information only as the salespage hype, some examples, but most features not even mentioned or explained.

It took me some time to find out, that the signals and data the software produces are illogical and worthless. This nonsense can't be explained in a manual, that's why there is nothing written.

E. g. there is a databox with trends in 4 timeframes, uptrends marked green, downtrends marked red. When trends are mixed there is shown: DONT TRADE. At the same time "buy/sell level touched" show up in an alarm box and green or red arrows on the chart telling you to buy or sell.

When all trends are up (green) it says: "look to buy", at the same time there shows up a red arrow telling you to sell, and vice versa nonsense.

There are lots of data numbers on the panel with the trends, but nowhere explained, what they mean and are good for.

Of course I asked support about this, the answers were kind but not helpful at all. Because this crap just does not work, I'm sure.

After wasting 7 days I ordered a refund, because in the "JVZOO Money Back Guarantee" there is:
"If you are not satisfied with our software, contact us within 7 days and we will refund your price in FULL."

The refund was refused! They told me, that a refund is only given, "if you receive the wrong item or our server crashes."

This Money Back Guarantee on the JVZOO salespage is fraudulent and deceptive! These fraudsters only can do that, because JVZOO can't refund, unlike CLICKBANK.

Now I don't know about the other products of FXA-Trade, and I never will, after this experience. Strange, that this "Advisor 3" crap is nowhere on their main site.
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Victor Gordon
, Canada,
Jul 25, 2015,

These guys are a pure example of what you call quality with a price. Their software's are not the cheapest but for the extra money you pay, you are definitely getting something of good quality. Its similar to mercedez benz, you pay more but also get luxury. I purchased two of ther systems fx-agency advisor v2 and their alphon-omega package and I really love them both. Fx-agency advisor two is a price action based signal system that gives signals in real time. It does not lag and for price action traders this one is worth it. I have tried all time frames except m1 and it works really well. The second major plus point i would like to say is their support team. I am not sure if I have had dealings with a support staff as helpful and professional is theirs. I contacted richard who works at fxa trade and I asked him to help me install an indicator which I downloaded which has no affiliation with their system but he still agreed to take the time and help me. They say that they look out for the well being of traders I believe that 100%. They are so kind to their customers and give a great system.
pindal kapoor
, India,
Dec 7, 2014,

for traders that are looking for a more "premium package" of trading systems, Fxa trade has these types of well built and good written software. Also the customer service is very nice. FXA2 was too expensive for me so they suggested their cheaper signal system that would fit my needs. They helped me install the dream signals on my laptop. I have been using their program for 4 months on my live account and the results so far are great. I actually am more than satisfied dealing with this company.